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road trip journaling

road trip journaling

Summer time often means road trips. On our recent road trip between Arizona and southern California, I found myself completely humored by every other thing Crew said from his 4-year-old perspective. Gone are the days that he even falls asleep for longer than 15 minutes on the road, so we were lucky enough to hear this chatter for the entire 6-hour journey. There and back.

Next time you’re on a road trip, be sure you have your handy Project Life Journaling Cards on-hand (the plain grid cards or designer cards from whichever edition(s) you have). Don’t indicate to your kids that you’re jotting down their quotes, to ensure that everything is totally genuine.

Stuff like this is absolutely golden to slip into their albums.

PS – We currently have the 4×6 size of the Grid Cards on Amazon. We will have the little boxes of plain Grid Cards in the 3×4 size back in stock on Amazon probably next week-ish, which is when we hope to see ALL the new products show up to Amazon. And you’ll be able to find these soon in many retail shops as well.


3 Responses

  1. Katy says:

    Can’t wait to get one of those new YELLOW mini books for my mom for her birthday! WOOT!!!

  2. As Art Linkletter said back in the day, “Kids say the darndest things!”

    I started out well-meaning in recording the little quips, quotes and sincere messages my children had for each other, as well as the rest of the world! I think that I hit overload after giving birth to twins who were babies #5 and #6! Six children times zillions of priceless sayings. I even tried carrying a small spiral notebook for convenience. It was an was an epic fail! However, I am thankful to have the little bits that I do and I completely admire your ability to keep up with your wonderful journaling Becky – KUDOS!

  3. Nancy R says:

    I recently drove from South Carolina back home to Wisconsin with my grown son and daughter and took notes during our 2 day drive – as well as of my son’s and my forever-delayed flights TO South Carolina. Even though it was only a couple of weeks ago, as I look through my small notebook, I see things that I jotted down that I would have already forgotten, such as the sign for “Stinky Creek Road” which cracked me up. I plan to make a separate (from my 2013 Project Life album) scrapbook of our “adventure” using my Kiwi mini-album.
    Thank you Becky for a wonderful way to preserve precious memories.