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rise. and shine.

Ummmmm. A blog post about a t-shirt? Wait — aren’t we a scrapbooking company? Okay, so yeah. We’re a scrapbooking company. But our tagline — Cultivate a good life and record it — encompasses so much more than pretty pages. We are on a continual quest to inspire more of that cultivating action, and this little t-shirt project is totally in line with that and something near and dear to our hearts.

A t-shirt with a meaningful message

You know how most of us say certain things that have become our “isms”? Or . . . you know how there are just some phrases that truly resonate with us for one reason or another? I’m a big fan of wearing meaningful messages, but it’s not always easy to find ones I just LOVE, you know?

We teamed up with Cents of Style to make a shirt with a SIMPLE message — packed with meaning — to be able to share it with you, too! I’d love to explain what the phrase personally means to me.

Quick side notes about this t-shirt

Talking about THIS ONE. Neutral for the win — of course. Black with white print. Classic. Modern. Simple. It will go with anything! And their shirts are our favorite quality! Several of us on the team have been wearing Cents of Style t-shirts for quite some time and they’re not only a fabulous fit, but the fabric is the perfect blend of sturdy-but-soft. They are durable and yet the cut is feminine. So yeah, we love them mucho much.

Rise. And shine.

As a young girl, my mom woke me up every morning with “Rise and shine!” Sometimes I didn’t want to rise and shine, you know? Sometimes sleeping in sounded way better than rising or shining. My tune has since changed. Now I pretty much love that I have been waking up our children with that sing-song phrase for all these years. I love that I say this thing that my mom said to me. But I love even more what it MEANS. And the older I get, the more significance I feel in this simple phrase.

Rise. Rise above. Of course we all face challenges every single day. Experiences that will knock us around a bit and some that leave us flat on our face. We always, ALWAYS have a choice to rise up. Get back on our feet. Rise above negativity. Rise above the trials and show the universe who’s boss of our decisions. Rise to a higher level of decency and integrity when it’s otherwise tempting to fall into worldly traps.

Indeed, to RISE is a choice.

To SHINE? Well . . . I believe that we each have LIGHT. Even though we are sometimes a bit lost in our way and perhaps the light is dim from time to time, that light is there. So yes — to shine is also a choice. There’s a whole heck of a lot of darkness in this world in a million different ways. But we have opportunities every single day to let our light SHINE!

5 very practical ways that we can rise and shine

1. SMILE MORE. It’s the most ridiculously simple thing you can do that can totally brighten someone’s day and make a lasting impact. I tried this yesterday as I was traveling home from New York City. All through the airport, I just smiled instead of my “usual travel face” and it just felt great, you know?

2. SMALL ACTS OF KINDNESS. Open the door for someone. Grab lunch for your co-worker. Bring treats to a neighbor. (I just shared my freshly opened bag of Flipz with my airplane seat neighbor yesterday.) Text a friend — not with a question or a favor, but to let them know you’re thinking about them. Oh, and those random thoughts that pop into your mind about someone else (like, “She’s so cool” or “Man, I won in the husband department” or “Her way with children is inspiring”)? Those are compliments that should be shared with the person. They’re not meant to just stay stuck in your head, k? 

3. SIMPLE MANNERS. “Please.” “Thank you.” “I appreciate you.” The classics still mean something and having good manners looks really good on you. I promise. 

4. AVOID GOSSIP. When you’re with someone else (or even a group of someones) who tends to get all gossipy, re-direct, change the subject, or shed some positive light on the person(s) being talked about.

5. DO A LITTLE MORE TO SHARE OUR TALENTS. I won’t even start listing examples because there are SO many, but you. have. talents! When we are willing to share these with others without expecting anything in return, well . . . that’s like taking the little flame from our candle and lighting someone else’s wick, right? There’s just no downside.

Alright. So THAT’s what I mean by a meaningful message. This shirt is available NOW and you can find it in ONE place — Cents of Style. Use the code BOLD14 to grab the shirt for only $15.95 + Free Shipping through May 30! (Note: Cents of Style ships to some countries outside of the United States.)

Please pick up the shirt if that message resonates with you and please think about your people too. Your kids. Your sister. Your mom. Your bestie. Your child’s teachers. Your tribe. Heck, these could be excellent Christmas gifts so get a jump start on THAT . . . you know, just in case these sell out or something.  ; )

Go forth. Rise. And shine. 

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