recipes are back!



Sooo … wanna know how I’m now organizing and keeping my recipes these days? With my new 6×8 Project Life® album – of course!


We are pleased to introduce something NEW that we’re doing around here. We’re giving you the digital files for Project Life Recipe Cards! For free. Because we love you. And we selfishly wanted them for ourselves, too. *wink*

You know I’m a fan of dedicated title cards to “announce” the album, so of course we have these for you, too.


Every time I post a new recipe, we’ll share the digital cards in 2 different formats – PDF and JPG. The PDF pages are set up so you can simply print at home (white cardstock is great), trim the cards, and slip them into your album. The JPG files are totally ready to be uploaded to your favorite photo printer, just as you would do with any photos. Then you slip those right into the album (the 3×4 cards are on a single 4×6 print so you simply cut down the middle).


So far in 2014, I’ve shared a few recipes on the blog as part of my resolve to bring more balance back to the blog – Kotleti, Zucchini & Carrots, and just yesterday … Valentine’s Pretzel Hugs. These digital cards are already hanging out on our Freebies page – ready for you to download, print, and enjoy right now!



1. ALBUMS. These 6×8 albums are available in several colors and can now be found in many retail locations (large & small retailers). We’re also getting pretty close to opening our online shop as well and should have all the 6×8 albums and pages available right here, so stay tuned for that.

2. COLOR CODE. You may notice that we have a fun color code in place for these freebie recipe cards. There’s a different color for each of the 4 main categories – Main Dish, Side Dish, Soup & Salad, Dessert.

3. BLANK CARDS. Want to make your own recipe cards that match all of this cuteness? No problem. We’re sharing those digital files, too. So you can either print out the “blank” cards and handwrite on them or you can add your text in your favorite photo-editing software (ex – Photoshop Elements) first, then print them out.

4. PRINTING. I think printing on white cardstock for this project is just great!

5. FONT. Want your font to match the font we used? It’s called Open Sans. It’s open source and free and found right here.

6. MORE RECIPES. I’ve heard some of you are missing the “old” recipes that we took off the site with our recent big website makeover. What if I told you we’ve been working on a very special Valentine’s gift for you? I’m just saying … check back. More love coming right up.



Oh, and one more thing because … have I mentioned we love you? We whipped up a Meal Planner page that coordinates with all of this. It’s found on the Freebies page when you click on “Download Recipe Set”. This PDF all ready to print and trim to be a 6×8 page that slips right into the 6×8 page protector. You might want to keep these in your little album with the recipes. This is so helpful for putting together the general plan of a week’s worth of meals.

weekly meal plan

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92 Responses to “recipes are back!”

  1. Christy

    Oh, I’m really hoping you’ll be sharing all your old recipes….I’ve missed them!!

  2. Pedita

    Thankyou Thankyou! I had made an A5 recipe book along similar lines before, but this system is so much easier to keep up! Can’t wait to be able to get the albums in Australia. And extra thanks for the digi files. That just made my day!


  3. Lori Y

    I love these recipe cards and your idea. Thanks for the digital downloads too!!!

  4. Jennie M

    No way!!! This is awesome Becky, thank you! And I am THRILLED at the possibility that old recipes are coming back too! Yay!

  5. Tiffany

    Thank you, Becky! I was planning on starting a cookbook for my 13 year-old daughter and was planning on getting the 6X8 album to do it. Family recipes will go perfectly in here, using the digital freebies. Thanks so much!

  6. Jennifer


  7. Kim H.

    Wonderful! Thank you for doing this! (By the way, I’m very much looking forward to the return of the old recipes.)

  8. Heidi C

    This could not come at a better time. I sooooo need to organize my recipes so this should help make it pretty simple. Thanks so much!

  9. EmmaJ

    Thanks! Love this. All of it.

  10. Rachel

    Wow!! That looks wonderful.. any chance of an Entree/snacks/ or Baking colours too?

  11. Rachel

    This is awesome! Can’t wait to get started. Could you pleeeease do up a baking one (biscuits, slices, muffins, cakes, etc). Thank you!

  12. marlene

    I LOVE this! Thank you!

  13. Deiga

    Awesome :)

  14. Lesa

    Wow! How generous! This is awesome! Love that you have a creative team coming up with really fresh ideas like this…and giving them away for free! Thank you!!

  15. Sherry Untiedt

    I’m so excited. My old recipe file box broke & I’ve been wanting to get a new file system in place. Thanks for the recipes. I’m always game for trying something new. :)

  16. Pam Dahlin

    I do not have a website but I tried to download some of the fonts for my computer. Can’t figure out if this is even possible. Any suggestions?
    Love the cookbook and recipes ideas!!

    • Brandi Nielsen

      To download a new font, you do not need a website. When you download it, just save it to your “fonts” and you should be able to see it show up automatically in your different programs. Enjoy!

  17. Jolene

    This makes me so happy!! Your mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and your French Dip recipes are two of my go-to favorites! Hope to see all the old recipes soon!

  18. Tricia

    What a fun idea!

  19. pam stewart

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And I can’t wait! Did I say Thank you!
    I also greatly appreciate the opportunity for the blank cards as I have wanted some way to preserve my mother’s recipes for my daughters and this is perfect! I have been a follower since the beginning and have so enjoyed watching your company grow – and I know a big part of it is that you DO love your company and your customers!

  20. Gwen

    Very cool! I’m going to do the album! Will you do the apple pear salad in PL format? Its a favorite at our house, we eat it all the time. The old recipe is taped inside the cupboard.

  21. Jess

    Yay for the old recipes. :)
    Thanks so much for these. Can’t wait til I can get your 6×8 albums.

  22. dawn

    WOW!! Thank you so much, love it!! The colors and format look great, of course the food does too! Can’t wait to see more!

  23. Lisa

    LOVE it all :) I’m particularly grateful that you’re bringing back your recipes! I had printed off most of them a long time ago – so many of them are our family favorites (Garlic Chicken Farfalle, Porcupine Meatballs, O’Henry’s, etc…) – can’t wait to see the rest and everything in the new format. I’m inspired to overhaul my recipe files!!

  24. Rufina Soelistyo

    yayyy!! Thank you, Becky!

  25. Tiffany H

    This is so great; thanks, Becky! I’ve many of your recipes and can’t wait to make a cute cookbook using your products!

  26. Susan

    Wow! Your generosity is overwhelming! Thank you so much!!

  27. Sonia

    I literally just stumbled on the “Project Life” photo albums today and FELL IN LOVE (also just ran out to Michael’s to buy all of the accessories and placed an online order for an album)! Anyway, as I was doing my research on “Project Life,” I now see that you are also introducing a RECIPE ALBUM! I can’t tell you how happy & excited I am to buy and album and start organizing my recipes! I can’t wait!!!! When will the albums be available for purchase on this website?

    • Brandi Nielsen

      These new 6×8 albums will be available very soon on our website! So happy you found us and are loving all of the products.

  28. TulipLaurie

    Ack! This should have come out last August when I started putting together my mom’s old recipes for my sister and brother for Christmas! Well, Michael’s is done . . . I’m going to do this for Karen’s (next year?). I like that I can add my own recipes–BIG plus. Thank you Becky!

  29. Cindy Borcherding

    AWESOME!! My intention of trying a new recipe each week hasn’t gone very far… This is a wonderful incentive.. Thank you!

  30. Tina M

    This is so awesome! Thanks!

  31. Sabrina

    Glad you are bringing the recipes back! I just searched your site yesterday for the oven bacon instructions :-(

    Thanks for the recipe cards. love!

  32. Carolyn


  33. Rosa

    Wow! Totally LOVE and a project I am currently working on… trying to get my recipes organized! YAY for this! Thank you for the freebies to go along with it! I’m motivated even more now! :)

  34. Kathy

    Will these products, the new size in binders and page protectors be available on Amazon too?

    • Brandi Nielsen

      Yes. They will also be available on our new shopping cart that should open very soon!

  35. Michelle Clark

    I’ve been following your work for a long time, and just when I thought Project Life couldn’t get any better, out comes the recipe book! You are awesome! I’ll send you a picture of my Project Life album with my grandmother’s handwritten recipe cards (these are so special to me) when I finish it. Thanks for all that you do,
    Michelle Clark

  36. Jennifer A

    Thanks. I was among those requesting the recipes. Love your blog.

  37. Margie C

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  38. Sheryl Pyle

    I hate to be a bit “stupid” but I downloaded the recipe cards and they are not 6×8 which I thought would fit in the album. Not too techy so how do I reduce the size on my Mac? I bought the recipe binder and inserts at Michaels and I am so excited to be able to put my new book together. Thank you so much.

    • Brandi Nielsen

      The Recipe cards should print out as a 4×6, not 6×8. If you notice in Becky’s pictures, you will cut the first card in half & keep the directions card as a 4×6. Slip them all into the 6×8 photo pocket page & enjoy.

  39. Teresa

    This is a great idea that I am sure someone in my family might try.

  40. Krista

    love these! i’d LOVE to see a couple more categories :) like, “breads”, “beverages”, “breakfast”. this would be super cool!!!

  41. Kari

    I’m in love with this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  42. Nancy Barnes

    These are beautiful! I am excited to use these. Is there any chance of getting a “section set” for sauces and crockpot? I’m looking so forward to seeing your old recipes on these gorgeous cards!

  43. Michelle H

    These look great! So with the online shop opening does this mean Amazon will no longer carry your products? That’s a bummer if that’s true, since we get free 2-day shipping with Prime (the 2 day shipping is the key), and there’s not a single retail store around me that carries the new albums right now (I called 2 Michaels and JoAnns).

    • Joelle

      Becky has commented that Amazon WILL continue to carry her products.

  44. Mary Cardini-Anderson

    I just bought the exact same colored 6×8 book yesterday. And of course I had to buy the recipe pages and cards. Thank you for sharing your recipes and the digital downloads. :)

    Mary from NH

  45. Erika B

    <3 Thank you!

  46. Robyn Larabee

    I am a huge Project Life fan, and am starting Year 3 of actually being able to keep up with my photos. Yay, Becky!!! Thank you so much! This family recipe album is a fantastic idea as well… Can’t wait to get started. :)

  47. Natasha

    You are an absolute DOLL! Thank you so much for sharing these with us!! So kind and generous of you (as always!)

  48. Amy Holloman

    I’m sooooo excited about this!!!!! :)

  49. MichelleB

    Great idea! Thank you for sharing this (and the free cards!)

  50. Michelle T

    Why is every comment on this post showing up as a separate post on my RSS reader??? SO annoying!

  51. Shannon P.

    Thank you SO much! This is such a nice gift.

  52. kat-in-texas

    Awesome!! Thanks, Becky!!!

  53. Joann

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  54. Stefanie

    Thank you!
    But I can’t find the meal planner… It’s not in the .zip that I get from clicking on “Download Recipe Set”

  55. Humphrey

    Looks like will be a delicious. Cook book offering clear and simple recipes with easily obtained ingredients as an antidote to some of what’s out there.

  56. Chirieac Bogdan

    I love them! They look really interesting!

  57. Emily R.

    Thank you so much for the recipe cards! Just perfect. I am helping to host a recipe swap on Saturday. All the ladies sent me their recipes early.I am making little recipe books for everyone as a little gift! Thanks for making my gift giving easier!

  58. Heather

    This is perfect.

  59. Suzy Coborn

    These cards are great. Not only am I using your great recipes, but I am adding a bunch of recipes that I have torn out of magazines. Would it be possible to get more title cards? I would love to have an Appetizer card and also one for Breads.

  60. Rhonda

    LOVE this!

  61. Kelly

    Can the bacon recipe come back? Can’t seem to find it :(

  62. Kristin Hester

    The link for the recipes is not working. I am dying to make the cafe rio pork salad :(

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    Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let
    you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the
    same results.

    • Brandi Nielsen

      Are they from this post? I am seeing all the images load on my end.

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    • Natalie

      The recipes link isn’t work for me either.

      C’mon…I’m a faithful Project Lifer… please fix the recipes link. Please?

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  75. jean smith

    I purchased your Project Life 60 recipe pages (6X8in) and there are no “pages” for the blue checked Fruits & Veggies section? Is there a reason? All the other sections have pages color coded to the heading.

  76. lancaster cattery

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    Welcome back with these recipes. They are so very useful!

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    Wow! Thanks for comming back! I was looking for these recipes as i love them. Very usefull for me!