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project life on american airlines


Hello – and happy September! Something pretty exciting is happening today and every single day throughout this whole month. Project Life® will featured be on American Airlines!

Say what?! 

What does our little scrapbooking company have anything to do with one of the world’s biggest airline companies? I’ll explain. A while back, American Airlines reached out and expressed interest in featuring our small business on their in-flight TV show called ExecTV. This is a hip, cutting-edge business and lifestyle program which airs exclusively on American Airlines. This informative and entertaining program is heavily promoted through the CNN Airport Network and covers topics such as innovation, corporate sustainability, CEO spotlights, new product launches, business solutions, and travel ideas.

To say that we are honored would be an understatement! More like … shocked, really. You know the TV screen on the back of every seat on a lot of those planes? Right. That’s where we’ll be featured.

So what does all of this mean? We were totally up to the challenge of producing a video about Project Life and that’s exactly what our little team did. Under Kara’s direction as the Visual Director and project manager on this one, we produced a very short video (less than four minutes), handed it over to American Airlines, and starting today it will air on ALL of those American Airlines TVs throughout the entire month of September! All sorts of travelers will stumble upon our video and hear about Project Life for the first time.

So — if you happen to be flying on American anytime this month, find the show … check it out … shoot us an email and tell us what you think! In fact, it would be so cool if some of you emailed us a picture of you watching the show in-flight! You can send it to submissions@beckyhiggins.com. Or … share on social media and use the hashtag #BHintheSky. I’ll be sharing some behind-the-scenes glimpses of this video production on social media, so watch for that, too.

One more note: This video was a very special project for many reasons. So special that we knew we didn’t want to limit it to just an airline and for just one month. So we’re pleased to let you know that everyone will be able to see this production right here on BeckyHiggins.com in about a month. We’re holding off sharing it online because it is an integral part of another very special project called … a brand-new re-design of our entire website and shop! Yep. Get excited. It’s going to get all sorts of beautiful and inspiring around here. Our shopping cart will be pretty fantastic – functionally, aesthetically, more photos of the product … everything!

Thank you American Airlines for taking interest in our little company and featuring what is near and dear to our hearts. And if any of you are brand new to our site because you’ve just heard about Project Life through seeing that video in the air? Well then … welcome, new friends.


19 Responses

  1. Dawn Wade says:

    WOW!! That is WAY AWESOME!! Congrats you guys!! I will actually pay attention to those in flight shows now :)



  3. Jennifer says:

    How unusual and amazing. Congratulations! What exposure :)

  4. Nannys says:

    WOOOw Becky! great news, congrats!

  5. Alisa Sutherland says:

    Wow, I work for American Airlines in Dallas so exciting to see PL in a partnership with AA! That’s awesome, I’ve introduced several friends and coworkers to PL and now they are doing it with me. Becky next time you’re at AA headquarters look me up, I’d love to meet you.

  6. Betsy says:

    What an honor to be contacted by AA. That is GREAT!

  7. Laura Turcotte says:

    That is so awesome! Congrats! Hopefully, one day, Air Canada will have this!

  8. Holly Corbett says:

    I am a Delta Flight Attendant. Bring it to Delta! We could use something new on our flights!

  9. That is so cool. Wish I was flying on American later this month…but I’ll be on Jet blue headed to SLC….the last weekend of September. Maybe you’ll be there too??

  10. Carol Stevenson says:

    Makes me want to book a trip! That is wonderful…Go Becky! The sky is “not” the limit after all.

  11. Mary says:

    Congrats Becky!
    Can’t wait to see the video. I was thinking Project Life is one of the few scrapbooking projects you could actually do on a plane!

  12. Angelia says:

    Will you be able to share the clip since some of us do not fly that much? Congratulations, you guys are doing awesome things!

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  19. Michele says:

    hi!!! I was wondering if you would post the American Airlines project life video? I don’t think it’s been shown but I could be mistaken.