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The CHA trade show is still going on right now. Our booth has been busy, and we have very much enjoyed visiting with retailers, designers, partners, and industry friends. We realize many of you would love to be there to see everything in person, so we’re trying to bring the show experience to you in a few ways.

  1. Social media. You can catch several fun peeks at our experiences at the show through any of my channels - facebook | twitter | instagram.
  2. Video. Kara was there getting all sorts of footage, so stay tuned for when we let you know that the videos are ready to share.
  3. Catalog. The Project Life product catalog in printed format is only available to retailers … but we know you want access too! We have put our brand-new catalog on our website (there’s a link right from our homepage). Check out the catalog and download it for yourself here.

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  1. Regi Hyik

    Love the themed cards. I would like to add a request for WRESTLING cards. Please , please! Thanks for listening and for making my life and scrapbooking so much easier!

  2. Jennifer Adams

    YAY, thanks for thinking of all us sad folk who can’t be there. Love seeing all the fun through social media.

  3. Jennifer Adams

    P.S. Can we get more video ;)

  4. Judy

    What happened to the travel kit & album? Was supposed to be available @ Michael’s (exclusive), but they never got them? Might there be something in the works? A travel mini kit, maybe?

    • Lynnsey

      Judy- there is a kit available at Michael’s – I got mine last summer.

      It’s called Vintage Travel Edition. Better check with your store!

    • Joelle

      There is actually ANOTHER travel set — I saw it last week in Michael’s — check your local store again!

    • Christina @ The Scrappy Housewife

      Judy, I had the same problem so I emailed Becky’s team. Becky’s assistant Brandi said they were given incorrect information and NOT all Michael’s would receive Vintage Travel after all. There is now a small theme pack in Travel available at Michael’s though. When I talked to the management at my local store they said only “large volume” stores would be receiving the Vintage Travel kit, but I’ve literally checked the stores near me in a three state radius and NONE have gotten it. Super bummed. :-/

  5. Sandy Navlyt

    Thank you! Love the Catalog (browsing the downloaded version)

  6. Jenny B.

    How fun is that catalog?! Love it! :)

  7. Enid

    Thanks for the catalog. Now I can circle all the things I want ;-)

  8. Kerry Ledbetter

    Ah! I am going away to Lancaster, PA for my annual scrapbooking weekend the last weekend in January with 30 women. I’ve bought 12 (ye gads) PL kits in the last few months off Amazon and HSN (when they were half off) … I was hoping to order the storage tote to organize all my cards to make it faster to crank out my albums that weekend. Notice: I said albums … I have high hopes of getting past the summer in more than one album this year during my weekend away! At least I have something to look forward to in May! Maybe I will be restocking by then. Ha Ha! LOVE the catalog, Becky, and all your products! I will be sharing and recommending all of your products to my fellow scrapbookers when I see them in a few weeks. Everyone I am going away with has the common denominator of being avid fans of a scrapbooking company that sadly recently went bankrupt and stopped selling their supplies. I know a lot of them are at a loss of how to continue on with their process. I think PL is the answer! Thanks for everything … I have been a fan of yours since the beginning!!!!

  9. Sue Alg

    Becky, Oh Becky. Thanks for giving us the catalog, so I can get my list ready. Over the last hour I’ve been drooling over all the new theme cards, albums, etc.

    Can’t wait.

  10. Vicki A

    Oh my gosh, I am dying over the themed card sets!! When and where can we get those?????? Love the catalog! :)

  11. Sue Wood

    Love the overlay cards! Softball cards would also be great!

  12. Penny

    Did I miss the planner, recipe and journal products with the new 6×8 binders that are patterned? I’ve seen them around online and can’t wait for my Michaels’s to get them.

  13. Dee Dee Driver

    Thank you for sharing the catalog. So much to look forward too.
    My Michael’s (Corvallis, Or.) has the planners, Journals & recipe books. Also the note books. They are way cool.

  14. Veronica Padilla

    I’m having trouble downloading the catalog!

  15. Vanessa

    I want to know when the new digital core kits will be available.

  16. Mary Cardini-Anderson

    Thank you for sharing the new catalog. I am waiting patiently for the new die set that will be available soon. :) Love all of your products Becky.

    Mary from NH

  17. Stacy S

    Beautiful sets to choose from. Please consider adding softball to your sports section. My daughter plays and I have so many photos. There’s not enough softball scrap stuff and the girls get mad if you use baseball. Softballs are YELLOW!
    Can’t wait until I can get my hands on the sets.

  18. Nicole

    Love the catalog! One suggestion would be that you get a printer who can give more accuracy to your brilliant kit colors.

    A lot of your colors pictured are brighter than in real life: for example, the rain kit isn’t that bright, it is more jewel tones. Also, in the azure kit, the red looks pink. Most the kits are pictured brighter than they really are.

    Just a thought. Love the products, and am so excited to get strawberry and azure when they are in stores :)

    • Amy CrazyCroppingChick

      I agree, that is my one big pet peeve with PL the colors on the box and online are NOT TRUE !!!! I bought the midnight kit online cause black and white would go with anything but when I got it the black looks more grayish. If you compare the saying card on the from to the one in the kit, it’s not even close. Black should be black !
      I actually have 2 pet peeves….don’t care of so many of the same cards over and over in core it. Even if you only use one kit all year who wants to see the same cards over and over :(

    • Rachel L

      I think the issue is that the designer has not converted the CMYK print file to RGB, which is the colour profile needed for web. I noticed the same issue with the previous catalogue. I’m sure the printed version looks fine.

  19. Nicole

    As for suggestions for product: I would love to see a Kelly green and navy core kit–maybe with orange and white as complimentary colors.

    I would also love to see a Girl Scout kit and a Boy Scout kit (I personally would love a GS one, but I know others would love the BSA one). I understand that there might be licensing so you can’t do specifics, but I imagine that you could make something for each if those scouting programs.

    A core kit with bright pinks, whites, yellows and teals as it’s main color scheme would be lovely too…with splashes of light pink, orange, and a light green.

    • Nicole

      Another kit that would be lovely: teals, golds (a warmer yellow, as opposed to a brighter one), chocolates, slate/dusty blues, cream and a hint of a litigated green to pull it all together. So lovely!

  20. detoxshop

    I like the new catalog, i want to see the video too.

  21. Joanne T

    Great catalog & beautiful products! Would LOVE to see a 3×4 punch! :)

  22. Erika Hayes

    So I have a question. I bought the Weekly Planner, the Journal I am going back for the recipe binder and theme cards and two other new core kits why are they not in the catalog? I got the Maggie Holmes and Dear Lizzy kits that are full core kits… So what’s up??!

  23. Wendy

    Silly question (I’m sure it’s posted somewhere), but when will we be able to purchase these new products?

  24. Alison

    Hi Becky! So excited about all the new product and core edition launches. When should we expect the new items to be available on Amazon? Thanks! Can’t wait!

  25. Jan

    Will you continue to offer the full baby kits on Amazon? They are so awesome and the mini kits are not large enough for a full first-year album. Thanks!

  26. Kristi

    Becky and team, absolutely love all the products that is Project Life! I am awaiting to see if the local Michaels’ carry the exclusive items. I know that you are getting all kinds of hints on further ideas so I decided to hint three more 8) : beach themed cards and swimming (general and swim team) and track. Thank you to you and your team for doing such a wonderful job with ways to preserve memories!

  27. Cathy Tamez

    Becky, finally ck out you Project Life material and love it. Scrapbooking has always been a challenge to me because Im so OCD, but with your system life has just got a whole lot easier to preserve. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  28. Angi

    Love the new theme cards! Would love to see softball, cheer and dance/dance team.

  29. Tracy

    I too love it all except for the fact that NONE of the Michael’s in my driving radius has even heard of the exclusive products. First time I’ve regretted living in this area since I can’t even order these online. Sigh… Thanks for making a scrapbooker out of me though :=)

  30. Darcie

    Where can I go to buy 7 Cherry Mini Albums? Do I need to go to different retailers until I find the amount I need or buy them from Amazon? Amazon only has 2 in stock. Can I buy them directly from Project Life somehow?

  31. Katie

    Hi Becky – Just a heads up, there’s a typo on page 73. It says “Day Dreamer: Maggie Holmes” when the page above says “Day Dreamer: Dear Lizzy” and Page 73 is talking about the storyboard mini kit; Just incase you didn’t know :)

  32. LB

    so fun to look at the catalog…when with the dies be in stores???

  33. Joy

    Loving the catalog!!! I can’t wait to start another album!

  34. Ann Rathbone

    The new Project Life products look wonderful! I love, love, love PL and can’t wait to add the Strawberry Edition and several of the themed kits to my collection. We have 22 albums on our shelves of pictures taken when our children were young. They are not in archival safe albums and need to be changed. I tried using current PL page pockets but all the pictures are 3.5 by 5 and just slide right out. Is there any way you might make a page that could accommodate that size photograph? I would imagine there a many people that have ones that size and would love to be able to use PL to redo old albums.

  35. Heather

    I would love to get my hands on a Vintage Travel version. I have a lot of international travel photos and need a place to put them all. Would anyone that could pick one up at a Michael’s be willing to purchase one and ship it to me? My e-mail address is


  36. M Lyn Carr

    Why are there no theme cards for journal, inspiration or journal anymore? Did she get rid of them already, just in three months