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Today we are reaching another milestone in Project Life history. Our products are now arriving to all Archiver’s stores across the country! If you don’t know already, Archiver’s is the largest scrapbook retailer with more than 40 locations across the U.S.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 8.33.09 AM

We are thrilled to know that many of you now have another option when it comes to where you can purchase your Project Life goodies. As part of the celebration, Archiver’s will have 3 different promotions available to those purchasing Project Life products in their stores (buyers will be able to combine promotions):

  • Buy any Project Life item and get 10 memory lab prints
  • Buy any Project Life Core Kit, plus one album, and get a free 12-pack of page protectors
  • Pre-order the Archiver’s exclusive Core Kit (Slate Edition) and receive a free 3-pack of Project Life pens


{ exclusive core kit }

We have an extra special sneak peek for you, too! We are pleased to announce yet another edition of Project Life that we designed. The SLATE EDITION is exclusive for Archiver’s and they will be taking pre-orders in their stores beginning this weekend (available in LIMITED quantities). Please note that this is an in-store promotion. By the way, Tiffani Smith is the rock star designer behind this one. We love Tiffani!

Project Life SAMPLING - Slate

{ and then there was rain }

We also wanted to bring to your attention the RAIN EDITION. This is not an exclusive kit, but Archiver’s will be the only large retailer (physical store) carrying the Rain Edition – for a while, anyway. Yes, some independent stores will carry the Rain Edition and yes, we will have the Rain Edition on Amazon also. As early as next week.

Project Life SAMPLING - Rain


{ FAQs }

Q: When will products be arriving to Archivers?

A: Project Life has shipped to all locations and will be in Archiver’s stores beginning today. The company’s goal is to have it in stock and on shelves in EVERY store by Friday at the latest, though some stores may take a bit longer getting the merchandise out on the floor.


Q: Which Archiver’s stores will be carrying Project Life? 

A: All Archiver’s stores will be carrying our products – WOOT! You can visit the store finder on their website to find the location nearest you.


Q: How can I get the Slate Edition that will be exclusive to Archiver’s?

A: They will be taking pre-orders for the Slate Edition beginning tomorrow, June 7th, in stores (you can’t pre-order online). They will have limited quantities, so don’t miss out! We have not been told yet whether or not it will be available online in the future. If/when we do hear anything, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Q: Will the Slate Edition be available in digital format?

A: Absolutely, yes! That will be around November.


Q: What about other retail stores? I don’t have an Archiver’s close to me.

A: Soon you’ll be able to find Project Life products at a variety of retail stores – “big box” stores and independent retailers. You can see a list of Premium Retailers – those who will carry the largest selection of our products – on our Store Finder page. Each of the big box stores at the top of that page have an anticipated arrival date listed under them. We encourage you to contact any of the other stores personally to find out when they expect our products to arrive.


Q: Will your products still be sold through Amazon? When do you expect them to arrive?

A: Absolutely! We are thrilled to be offering our entire product line through Amazon (in the U.S.) and are expecting most products to arrive sometime next week. I will most certainly continue to keep you as well-informed as possible via facebook, twitter, and instagram updates.



21 Responses

  1. Marie says:

    Will the Slate Edition be available as a digital edition?

    • Yes! Thanks for reminding me that we needed to add that to the post, which I have now done.

      Digital version of the Slate Edition coming November. : )

  2. Amber says:

    So, when you say that Archiver’s will be the only large retailer to carry the Rain kit, does that mean it won’t be available on Amazon? (I consider Amazon to be a “large retailer” but I’m not sure if you were referring just to brick-and-mortar stores like Archivers, HL and Michaels! :P) Thanks!

  3. bdaiss says:

    Aw, man. Guess I’ll have to hit up some friends in Chicago to send me the Rain edition. Nearest Archivers is 6 hours away. Bummer.

    • Coming to Amazon – possibly as early as next week. : )

    • bdaiss says:

      Yea! That’d be awesome – it’s perfect for the books I’m putting together of my and my husbands childhood photos! Hey, a bit off topic, but what’s the status on those “vintage” photo dividers? I presume it will be awhile before they hit shelves.

  4. J3SS1C4 says:

    Wow, the slate edition of PL is super cute! I love the bright, happy colours! I bet it goes amazingly with the Honey edition, too :)

  5. Sara says:

    The look of Kraft with colors of Honey? Coordinates beautifully with Seafoam? I think I’m in love! Any chance we could see more of it???

  6. Wendi says:

    What products will Archiver’s carry? Will it be everything (big envelopes, all the mini kits, etc.) or just a few selected items (like what we find at Hobby Lobby)?

    So exciting!

    • Jen Conant says:

      I went to my Archivers in Naperville, IL and they had a lot of product. Lots of different page protectors in ALL sizes, even the 6×12, also had kits, mini kits, pens, dividers, card stock, 12 x 12 pages and more. I love HL, but Archivers had a much bigger selection. They also let me use Monday’s coupon sent out via email if you are on their mailing list.

  7. Archiver's says:

    Hi everyone! If you don’t live near an Archiver’s store, you can still pre-order the exclusive Slate core kit over the phone. Give any Archiver’s store location a call and they’ll be more than happy to help you through the pre-order process.


    Plus, we’ll be carrying Project Life, including the exclusive Slate core kit, on ArchiversAnnex.com a bit later this summer!

    • Julie B says:

      I ordered mine over the phone from the Archiver’s store in Orem, Utah last week. The girl that helped me was SUPER nice and very helpful. I should have caught her name. Wish I lived closer to that store or they had one in Northern Utah. Nice job Archiver’s!! Can’t wait to get my kit.

  8. Becky says:

    Love the Slate edition! Very cute! I actually do not have an Archiver’s in my state, but called one close to family in another state and pre-ordered the Slate core kit AND they are shipping to me when it arrives! The employee was fantastic and I was thrilled they would ship to me. Win win! :)

  9. My Archivers (Franklin TN) said you get a free pen pack and a few free prints with your kit.

    • Jen Conant says:

      This weekend only they are offering bonus free items like a pack of free page protectors, pens, and 10 free prints. The offer is on their website if you want more details. I believe it ends Sunday.

  10. Mendi M says:

    LOVE this! Just pre-ordered mine as the closest is 3 hours away. Can’t wait to see it in person!

  11. Kelly says:

    I just pre- ordered mine over the phone since my closest store is a few hours away. They were delightful. I am so excited! Love the colors in this core kit!!

  12. Krista says:

    Oh wow! Archiver’s is such a great store! I’ve never heard of them til now… And I just realized there is one less than 5 min from my house!! I went to check it out and they had 2 gals greeting me right as I walked through the doors and wanted to introduce to “the new Project Life” products. So cute! Grabbed a few items :) Loved the store, I’ll definitely be back to visit them (plus they are closer to me than Michael’s or Hobby Lobby (both of which are pretty darn close as well…))!

    Thanks for such great products!!!

  13. Sarah says:

    If we preorder the Slate kit, when it will it arrive in our hands?

  14. I love that Slate edition…that would be perfect for my daughter!! I was quite bummed when I saw it was only for Archivers since I don’t live close to one anymore. But if it will eventually be on Amazon I’ll be much happier!!