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new value kits in the shop!


Happy Monday! This is our last week of birthday month celebrations, and what’s a celebration without new product releases, right? Today we’re sharing all-new Project Life® VALUE KITS! Most of these new Value Kits were seen a few weeks ago when they debuted on HSN, but today we’re thrilled to let you know they are now available in our shop! You can find all of them in the New Products section.

Christmas Wishes Value Kit


Love Notes Value Kit


Lucky Charm Value Kit


Notes & Things Value Kit


They’re available right NOW in our shop (!!) and also coming to a retailer near you. We’re not able to specify which stores are carrying which products because there are literally thousands of stores that carry Project Life. So if you’re wondering about your local retailer, please check with them directly. If you find they’re not carrying what you want, you’re more than welcome to encourage them to keep stock of your favorites. In the meantime, we have a very healthy collection of Project Life in our shop at all times.



19 Responses

  1. Janice Roberts says:

    these are just darling… too bad we cant get these in Canada

  2. Nicole says:

    Love the lucky charm kit <3. So perfect!

  3. Anika says:

    I got the lucky charm and it’s amazing… These days I collect every kit with a touch of Gold foil that Becky offers us to have a collection for PL 2015 – thanks so much – your products are perfect!!

  4. Caitlin says:

    Will the other things from HSN be available too? Like the my story kit? I would love to get one of those

  5. Kimberly Warnick says:

    I LOVE Project Life and have now started to change over to all Project Life for all 8 of my children as well as our family albums! I have bought a core kit for each of my children. But I am starting to get a little overwhelmed with all these wonderful products. Could someone explain all the kits? What is the difference between the core kits, the mini kits, and the value kits? Could you please share how you use each of them?

    • Sue WNY says:

      Hi! Good for you on documenting your children’s lives in their own albums to be able to enjoy some future day! I think I have an idea that will help you make the process easier… first though… wandering around Becky’s website can give you more detailed information of her line of products… the CORE Kits have 616 cards but depending on whether they’re old style/new style determines how many designs are included… the Newer Kits have 50 different 3×4 cards with 10 of each card, the balance are 4×6 Title and Journal Cards… VALUE Kits usually have 180 cards, Value SPECIALTY Kits have a lot less cards BUT they are VERY nice and often include fun tidbits to use… MINI Kits include 100 cards (see any listing for breakdown)… OK… NOW… FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION SOLUTION… I use Pocket Page Protector STYLE F to hold 3 (Three) of each & every 3×4 card included in the Core Kit – you’ll need 5 sheets for each kit (5×8=40/12= 4 pkgs)… and… I use STYLE C to hold 2 or 3 of each 4×6 card… I have six 12×12 Chevron albums filled with my PL cards but I have a general sense of each kit from flipping through them so often that I usually know which album to grab when I’m creating weekly pages… anyway… since you have a separate album for each child, it makes it simple – I suggest you store your cards in the pocket pages I mentioned in the back of each album making it easy to flip through to find what you want – it’s all in one place! Hope that helped… oh… then, you can just store the balance of the cards in their core kit boxes until you need to replenish your pages.

    • Sue WNY says:

      oops… I should have mentioned that when I get a new CORE Kit (or any kit for that matter) I lay out the pocket protectors needed on the table then when I go through the kit to check it out, I place each design on one of the squares of the protectors assigning a color to each page (hard to explain but generally there are about 5 color groups of cards in each kit and pretty equally balanced to be about 10 of each color family… my first page is always my favorite cards which usually include the multicolored cards (wish there were more of them)… after I have them all laid out and am content with the layout of the cards, I count out 3 of them for the album, pull 1 to save =), then stack the others IN ORDER of their page layout for easier retrieval later to store (I used to use the Core Kit boxes but now I use IRIS 4×6 photo storage containers with individual holders – 16 holders per container)… hope I didn’t make it sound more confusing than it is – I LOVE getting a new kit to organize… it’s a fun process!

    • Sue WNY says:

      I used a Baby Boy MINI Kit to create a 8×9 Mini Album (Rain) for my Mom for her great-grandson… Mostly… I tend to like variety so I haven’t used one core kit per annual album but use any and all variations when the mood strikes… I enjoy using a different kit each week for the most part although heavier use with AQUA (my favorite) and HAPPY (my 2nd Favorite)… LET YOUR IMAGINATION SORE! There is NO wrong way to use them!

    • Kimberly Warnick says:

      Thank you, Sue WNY, for your organizational ideas. I may just have to use a few! But, I still want to know the differences between all the different kinds of kits. I have tried to look for this info everywhere. I know they all have different amounts of cards. But what are the purposes for each kit? Are the mini kits and/or value kits meant to do a year’s worth of photos? I think i read the core kits are to last for 4-5 years. Also, it seems like there are a few Christmas kits. What is the difference? I just want to understand all the options. Thank you!

  6. Monica says:

    Will they be available on the app? Also, happy birthday – – we have the same birthday, however….you’re much younger than I :)

  7. Angel Rajewski says:

    Will the Christmas kit be going to HSN with album and page protectors?

  8. Heidi says:

    When will the HSN orders ship? I’ve left several inquiries with HSN and have not gotten a response

    • Heidi says:

      Can someone please explain why these supposed exclusive items are available here before my HSN order even ships? I’m confused…

    • Sue WNY says:

      thanks for the info on the HSN estimated ship date of November 7th… when I called them yesterday the guy seemed clueless and just said they were on ‘back order’ that they had run out of stock on hand – I told him maybe that happens sometimes but in this instance it had said ‘extended delivery’ from the get go… but… they were ‘exclusive’ so I ordered them anyway so that I wouldn’t miss out on them… I should have learned from past experience with the ‘HAPPY” core kit that I was so bummed for weeks that I had missed out on it – then was pleasantly surprised to find it on Becky’s website and at the time gladly paid full price for it – only to then find it on Joann’s website later – and… yep – I ordered an extra kit @ 40% off… so… it’s all a big game of hype sometimes… but… I appreciate knowing NOT to look for a shipment notice for another 10 days! Have a great day! PS… because of the savings on the Value Kits, I probably won’t cancel my HSN orders except on Lucky Charm since I don’t really want the light pink 6×8 album.

  9. Sue WNY says:

    Interesting… within a day of their release on hsn, I ordered ALL of the ‘exclusive’ PL items (three value kits and three 6×8 kits) and at present have not received shipment notification yet… their ‘extended delivery’ date was today, Oct. 27th… I think someone jumped the gun though and I don’t think it was right for them to sell items that they didn’t even have… however… they’re grouped kits were a good savings… hope they ship soon!

    • Heidi says:

      I finally heard back from HSN and the estimated ship date is now November 7th. So much for getting an exclusive set! Thinking I’m going to cancel the whole order!

  10. Sheree says:

    I really want the christmas kit but could not find it in the shop. Did it sell out this week? When will it be available again?

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