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new products Q+A

First, a quick note to say HELLO!! to all newbies here on my site. I know most of you are long-time readers but we’re seeing a huge influx of blog visitors recently so welcome, welcome to all of you who are new to my site, my products, my brand. Please note that right now on my blog it’s so much about product, product, product because of everything going on with new releases. With a little time, that will calm back down and I’ll be right back to more “content-rich” blogging that I hope you will find to be useful and inspiring.  : )


On Monday I announced all the new stuff we’ve been working on that is being released at the CHA trade show this weekend. So many new Project Life editions, Mini Kits, a full line of Classic Albums, even Project Life pens for journaling! Thank you for SO much for your enthusiasm about the products, the designs, the catalog, everything. We love our customers so much and are super grateful for your support. And holy moly, you guys did some serious shopping this week on Amazon!

I know you want a closer look at more of the cards from each of the editions in that catalog from Monday’s post. Below are some links to the designers behind each edition. As a reminder these are all newly-announced and we are launching them at CHA this weekend. These editions will actually become available for purchase (online + in stores) May 2013. Until then, we have plenty of editions available and you can see everything on our Products page.

Check out more of the Honey Edition on Lori’s blog.

Check out more of the Cinnamon Edition on Kerri’s blog.

Check out more of the Rain Edition on Nisa’s blog.

Check out more of the Midnight Edition on Liz’s blog.

Check out more of the Wedding Mini Kit on Kimberly’s blog.

There aren’t specific blog posts for every single edition, but here are a few more graphics to show you more from a few others:

Seasons Mini Kit by Lili Niclass


Jade Edition by Lili Niclass


Kraft Edition by Tiffani Smith


questions | answers

Along with any announcements and introductions, come many questions.

Q: Oh wow! I love them all. Will any of them be available in digital format? Including your new coordinating 12×12 designer paper?

A: Everything we release as physical products will also be made available in digital format, yes! This is what we’ve always done and what we will continue to do. All of our digi designs can be found on ACDigitals.com. The timing of when these newly-announced editions will become available in digi format is not yet confirmed but I don’t think you’ll have to wait until May.  : )


Q: Will your catalog be available in physical format?

A: We will have printed catalogs at the Craft + Hobby Association (CHA) trade show this weekend. Our booth is #2628 for anyone who happens to be there. Sorry, we don’t have printed catalogs that go out to consumers. But you can view the catalog anytime online, and that will be on our Products page soon.


Q: Will your new products only be available in stores or Amazon too?

A: The new stuff is heading to retail stores AND it will be available online as well. Most products will be available through both avenues but there may be a few items that are exclusively online or exclusively in stores. For example, the Olive Edition and Seafoam Edition will not be in stores. Online only.


Q: Will any of these new designs be available on Shutterfly?

A: Shutterfly picks and chooses which editions to include on their site. Around May, the Olive Edition and 2 of the Childhood Editions will become available on Shutterfly in the form of a pre-designed photo book. They do not have plans at this point to add more editions in 2013 beyond that because of their huge line-up of design options across the Shutterfly website. However, here’s a tip: You can certainly whip up digital pages in Photoshop (Don’t know how? Check out this class from Jessica Sprague.) and then import those into a Shutterfly photo book for printing. That way you can use any designs you want!


Q: What stores will carry your products? I don’t live by a scrapbook store.

A: Our products will be carried by most independent scrapbook retailers as well as larger chain stores. It’s too soon to confirm exactly which stores will carry what, but as we get closer to May, that information will become more available. Anyone who wants their local shop to carry Project Life should definitely encourage them to contact us.


Q: How often will new core kits be released?

A: To be determined. We started this company 3.5 years ago thinking we would offer 2 editions of Project Life per year. Boy, has that idea evolved! And clearly we continue to evolve in order to meet the demands while still maintaining integrity with the ultra-simple, solution-based system. That said, I really can’t say for sure but after the editions that come out in May, it’s still possible we’ll release a couple more toward the end of the year. But even if we don’t there are SO many editions to choose from!


Q: You only have 1 Childhood kit and no Neutral Baby kit in your catalog. Does this mean they will be discontinued once they sell out?

A: The reason for that is because American Crafts, who is making it possible for our products to go into the retail scene, has decided to only offer the Wellington Edition (of the 3 Childhood Mini Kit options) for retailers at this time. Likewise, they have chosen to not make full Baby Core Kits available for retailers right now, but just do a couple of the Mini Kit options (For Him + For Her). Don’t worry though, because we are still offering those online, direct-to-consumer.


Q: For the 12×12 Classic Albums it says the colors are Cherry, Cobalt, Clementine, etc. Does this mean these will match your existing 5 kits?

A: Yes, color names will obviously coordinate with Project Life editions. But they are not limited by any means. We are launching with 12 yummy colors (available in May) and no matter which edition of Project Life you’re using, there will be a few album color options that will be just perfect for that edition’s color palette.


Q: Do you still have a 3×4 punch in the works?

A: Quite a while back, I asked We R Memory Keepers to develop a 3×4 punch for Project Life, to which they agreed. The development period was so much longer than we were all hoping, but they now are officially launching that 3×4 punch at CHA, in fact. It’s under their name – not Becky Higgins or Project Life. It’s our idea, but technically it’s their product. From what I understand, the punch is coming to stores this Spring but I really don’t more than that.


Q: Will you be including ‘idea pages’ for combining multiple kits into 1 album?

A: I know it’s so hard to choose between so many fun editions! Our amazing Creative Team will be sharing lots and lots and lots of page ideas throughout the year and I’m confident you’ll be inspired by their simple use of product … and the way they document life.


Q: How much will everything cost?

A: Wholesale prices are available for retailers but actual retail prices for customers will become known closer to the time the products are in stores and online.


Q: Are these albums made by American Crafts? Why did you switch from We R Memory Keepers?

A: Everything we produce from now on is made by us and/or American Crafts. In the very, very first run of Project Life (2009) we were in a mad dash to get production done in time so we weren’t able to focus on making the album really amazing because all of our focus went to the “innards”. From that we learned some hard but valuable lessons. For our next run, we decided to go straight to someone who had way more experience making quality albums. American Crafts and WRMK both came to mind. Both are top manufacturers in this industry.

Because I had more personal experience with WRMK albums, I flipped a coin and went that direction. They’ve done a terrific job with our Project Life albums. As of October 2012, we have chosen to partner up with American Crafts to open the wholesale division of our company (read about that here). They are making it possible to get Project Life in stores, and we love working together! American Crafts has been a very loved scrapbooking manufacturer for many, many reasons and there’s no mystery about that. They’re awesome.

As we move forward and make products together, we are thrilled that American Crafts is making our albums. In fact, they were the first ones to introduce the interlocking rings that prevent snagging (thank goodness for that feature!).


loving your enthusiasm

These are a few of our favorite comments after Monday’s big announcement.  : )

Sweet fancy Moses, I might need to go lay down. These are phenomenal.  – Marie

Oh I am so glad to see a catalog with all the neat stuff. The collections are wonderful. Love the mini collections, love the mini albums, love everything.  – Sue

I am dying! Love all these new editions. I was expecting a few mini kits, maybe some albums, but this is over the top. Can’t wait to get my hands on so much of this stuff.  – Jennifer L.

Amazing! Just Amazing! Once again you’ve hit it out of the ballpark, Becky! So excited for you and your little company (which isn’t going to stay little for long).  – Tiffany H.

New pens, albums & kits – OH MY!  – Erin

I see how much thought your team has put into our (the customers’ feedback). There are several things I have seen mentioned multiple times (holiday, wedding, seasons, neutrals) that you are debuting this year. Thank you for always taking the time to listen.  – Jacquline



59 Responses

  1. Janelle says:

    Ahhh, all the answers to all the questions! Thank you :)

  2. Kristine says:

    Order alot of MIDNIGHT–its a hit!

  3. Anna Vollmer says:

    Are you ever going to offer small packs of the 3×4 cards from the kits (kind of like the grid cards, but packages of the kit themed cards) for those of us who love to mix and match the cards, and use them in other projects?

  4. Brandi says:

    I’m not sure when this happened but I know it was recently because just a couple months ago (or so) I ordered the core Amber Edition on Amazon for $24.99 and now they are all $29.99.

    I love the concept of PL and have just started organizing and preparing for putting numerous albums together. It was very discouraging to see the increase.

    Why has the price jumped 20%?

  5. Veronica says:

    Really hoping that changing the manufacturer of the albums did not change the size.
    There was a year when you changed once before and now all the albums fit on the IKeA shelves. I even upgraded the older versions of project life bindeds to the new WRMK ones (so now I have empty older versions of the albums) so I am really hoping that the size (even by a few mm) does not change.

    • Jennifer says:

      I didn’t think of this, but I also hope the size of the albums has not changed. I finally have the Expedit shelves and the current albums fit perfectly. If the size changes, I don’t know where I will fit the binders!

  6. Christine says:

    Thanks for answering so many questions.
    Congrats to Elise and her Seafoam design for currently being #2 best seller on Amazon.

  7. Karen J says:

    Would LOVE to see the Core kits in a Mini-version, for those of us who want to utilize more than one kit within the same year of PL. The new designs are just AWESOME. PL has inspired me so much in the past two years I’ve been doing it. I had not scrapbooked in over 2 years. This year I kept up w/2012 PL and also about 12 regular layouts. Thank you, Becky for “re-inspiring” us!

  8. Marie says:

    Hello Becky! Thank you for all the answers to ALL (or almost all) the questions that have been asked on Monday. However, and I’m really sorry to insist, I did have a question but don’t have the answer. Will the new editions (presented on Monday) be also available in May for non US-residents? And may I take the opportunity to ask one more question: will Project Life still be sold through Scrapbookers Inner Circle (which is a really great online shop, but has really unsane shipping fees to speak honestly) and/or through local retail stores selling American Craft products?
    Sorry again to ask, but non US-residents also LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Project Life! :-)

  9. EmmaJ says:

    Thank you for answering so many questions! I am so excited for you and where Project Life is going. Have fun at CHA. I wish I could go.

  10. Carol says:

    Becky ~ I hope you are enjoying this week as much as your customers are! All these new releases are making us so happy! I have a question about the 3×4 cards in the new kits. The picture of the Honey cards looks like they are half journalling cards and half filler cards. Are these fronts and backs (journalling on one side and filler on the other) or is each card the same on both sides (the same graphics but horizontal on one side and vertical on the other)?

  11. Nicole says:

    Congratulations, Becky on all of your success! Everything is just awesome! I also want to say how wonderful it is to see how you always handle yourself with such dignity and grace in the not always so wonderful world of business. That punch was sneakily stolen from underneath you and that is really unfortunate. I hope you and American Crafts can whip one up soon, too, so I can be sure to buy THAT one. I love to see how you march on with your beautiful spirit no matter what. You’re a role model and an inspiration.
    Have fun this weekend!! :)

  12. mary says:

    first – thank you so much for answering these burning questions! i really appreciate your responsiveness and efforts at keeping your customers informed. it’s very professional, so thank you, thank you!

    second – please DO make sure you order a LOT of the midnight kit – it is indeed striking a chord around the scrappy internet world!

    third – so eager to get my hands on that wrmk 3×4 punch – thank you for getting that process started and please keep us posted if you have any inside info on when, where we can lay our hands on it;)

    have fun at cha!


  13. Pheeebzzz says:

    >> The timing of when these newly-announced editions will become available in digi format is not yet confirmed but I don’t think you’ll have to wait until May. : )

    OOOOOooohhh ! How Exciting !!

    The cost (+shipping to Europe) is the main reason why I don’t do a “physical” PL this year and decided to stick to digital, but I find myself really wanting more and more each day to go back to paper scrapping, at least with PL. Your beautiful products are to blame for that, I so want to touch the cards for real and flip through pages of a real album without having to wait until it’s printed…
    I wish ordering through local branches of amazon was possible, even if it meant the kits would be a little more expensive.

    • Melissa says:

      Not sure if you have the ability but I print the digital cards myself, round the corners, and use them just like the physical kits. Just if you really, really wanted to have them in your hands :)

    • Pheeebzzz says:

      Thanks Melissa. I was thinking about that too (and I love what you do :D, you’re such an inspiration), but I’d still have to buy the protectors and maybe binders if the ring spacing is not the same as in the binders I can find here. But I’ll let the idea work its way… I’ll find a solution, I’m sure (or win the lottery and then money won’t be an issue :D).

  14. Melinda Higgins says:

    Oh, Becky! Congratulations on all the wonderful success! We are really proud of you guys– excited for your success of course, but mostly how you run your company and the obvious impact for good your efforts give. Thinking of y’all during these exciting and crazy busy times! Good luck at CHA, I know it will go fantastically! :)

    Love you and your family much, we miss you!

    melinda & Dustin & boys :)

  15. roberta says:

    just received my wellington and olive kits! super excited to use them :) great job!

  16. Shannon Cucksey says:

    So excited about all of the great things happening with PL! I am so so so happy to hear that you will continue direct-to-consumer but hope that you will keep in mind that one of the beautiful things about Amazon is shipping cost is great! (Free with a Prime membership!) They have also had great customer service on my few returns. Part of the beauty here is that as a working mother of two who travels for a living, I don’t have to spend my time hunting and pecking around for deals or feel obligated to spend $50 for free shipping when all I have budgeted is $30. I get to spend my time cultivating and recording my great life! :) Thanks for hearing us out, answering our questions, and have fun at CHA!!

  17. Alison says:

    If you scroll down on this link it shows 3×4 punch…cant wait for that to be available


  18. Stacy says:

    So glad you took the time to upload some samples of the new kits here on your blog because due to some glitch, I have not been successful with opening the entire PDF catalog file. I love the seasons, holiday, and jade kits (among others). I sure wish these were available now. All the best!

  19. Melissa says:

    THE NON-SNAGGING RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the original Cherry PL (completed a photo/journaling for EVERY DAY in 2009 – yay!!) and the rings snag horribly. I put Scotch tape on them to fix it – didn’t work. Right now they have duct tape, but you can’t turn the pages past the center. UGH. Definitely gonna have to invest in another album for those pages and that kinda bums me out, but I can understand that it was a “growing pain”.

  20. Felicia Young says:

    WOW! All I can say right now is WOW!

  21. Beth R says:

    Todays mail brought me the monthly dividers for last years Turquoise edition. I am currently waiting for my beautiful Seafoam kit to arrive (not very patiently either) stalking amazon, this blog and FB for the Seafoam binder & monthly dividers and now ….. Kraft is amazing !
    I must own this one, the colors, the graphics, the trendy phrases are simply perfect.
    I will be saving my fun money for PL products and counting the days until May :)
    Congratulations on your success Becky your hard work and love for memory keeping shows in every piece you provide.

  22. Pat N says:

    I received the Olive Edition in the mail today and I Love It! The colors are so beautiful as well as the designs on the cards. I can’t wait to start playing with them. Thanks to you and your design team for all the new products. I can’t wait to get the Rain mini album. Thanks again!

  23. Jenny B. says:

    I am SO excited about all the new editions. I will be purchasing several in the digital versions, and I love combining them all in one album! :) I do have a nit-picky thing, though… I wish the digital versions of the cards did not have rounded corners. It makes it tricky to get them aligned and “clipped” to the corresponding layer on the templates. If they were just rectangles, slightly larger than the template spots, it would be less tedious. It would be great if the part of the design on the card that is supposed to appear would be the same size as the paper versions with some extra “bleed” around the edges. Does that make sense? :) Also, I love the new childhood kits, but I’m noticing that a LOT of those cards have a border or keyline that goes all the way around the card. That also makes using them digitally more difficult. The cards that have a border on only one or two sides are much easier to work with on the digital templates. Again, I am so impressed with all the new stuff, and I am amazed at all the work that has gone into making Project Life the awesomeness that it is! Thank you! :)

    • Jenny B. says:

      OK, I feel like I need to write a retraction! :) I just bought the Bridgeport Childhood Mini Kit after writing my comment above, and the card sizes are a little different, and they work GREAT with the templates — even the ones with the borders all the way around! :) So, cue angel choir – Lahhh! YAY! :) Thanks again!

  24. Natasha says:

    I’ve just stumbled upon Project Life – and while I love the idea, I’m wondering how I can embark on this ‘new’ approach while still being able to use my existing stash (it’s taken many years of diligent acquisition and I would hate to see it go to waste). Any ideas on this?

    • Carol says:

      Natasha ~ I still scrapbook traditionally (using my diligently acquired stash!). I use Project Life to document our every day life with one picture a day in one album and in another album I use traditional scrapbooking for the big events (birthday parties, holidays, trips, and anything else worthy of more than a single photo). Some people combine both approaches into a single album but I like the idea of having one album that is just pure Project Life – sort of yearbook for our family.

  25. Alison says:

    Wow! You have been so busy Becky!! Congratulations on everything. I love seeing your enthusiasm and excitement about everything come through so clearly in all your videos and posts. I think that is a big contributing factor to your success. Apart fromt he fact your stuff is aweome :) I am currently a bit obsessed with working on my 2013 album while also trying to catch up on my 2010 and 2012 albums!!
    Quick qu as I know you get heaps of them…I LOVE that you can see all the cards in the “Kraft” edition above! Any chance this could happen for every edition? I just had the idea that this could be super helpful to have in a core kit as a quick reference card..ie you could see at a glance every card in the kit in order to choose right away the best card for the page you are working on, rather than having to flick through them all searching for a good fit. I got so excited about this idea I had to write and suggest it :)
    Love from Aus x

  26. Kris says:

    Love midnight, and now that Ali has adored it — please order plenty!

  27. Mickee says:

    I hope you can create a mini travel/vacation kit so we could use it with the mini albums. Thanks.

  28. Mickee says:

    I also hope you can consider offering just the journaling cards of each of the core kit so we could use it on the mini albums. Thanks!

  29. Marisela says:

    Is there any recommended edition to document my pregnancy?
    Thanks!! :)

    • Jacqueline R says:

      I have the baby kit and it has plenty of extra cards, so you could document both the pregnancy and baby’s first year. This kit is truly gorgeous in person! The Clementine kit also has beautiful, soft colors that would work. Honestly, any of the core kits are flexible enough to use for whatever you want. So, I would just pick the one with the colors/designs you like best.

    • Marisela says:

      Thanks Jacqueline!! I will go for the baby kit.. I’m excited to start my album :)

  30. Kim says:

    Im sorry you’ve switched to AC for albums. Although I love the look of their albums, I’ve not been happy with the ones I’ve bought. The insides sag when the book is upright – it may be because of their page protectors. They are flimsy and not as sturdy as the ones from WRMK. I switched all my page protectors to WRMK a few years back and have been much happier. I love WRMK albums except for that ugly silver-colored, too small label holder on the spine. The AC albums I had didn’t hold up to occasional handling by adults, so I switched those to WRMK as well – the WRMK linen albums are gorgeous. Is AC making your page protectors are they heavy and more like the WRMK ones?

  31. hydeeann says:

    oh goodness, becky! i just looked at the catalouge. how on earth are we supposed to pick just one a year? i think all 7 of my kids just might need a PL annual album of their own so i can used them all. it is rather hard telling the stories of 9 intertwined lives on just one spread per week. lol. i can dream, right? and i am loving my studio calico PL monthly kit, too. PL + SC was a match made in heaven. thanks for thinking of it!

  32. Emma says:

    I am super excited about the 3×4 punch!! PLEASE!!!!

  33. Carol W. says:

    Love all the new kits out this year especially the midnight collection and Season & Holidays mini kits! DO you know when they will be available for purchase or if they are already available where? Thanks!

  34. Ann Marie says:

    Hi Becky! I just wanted to say that I got my Seafoam edition PL kit yesterday from Amazon and it is sooooo amazing! The colors and design are awesome and I’m so looking forward to using it all year! Thank you and Elise for all your hard work! :)

  35. Nicole says:

    I received the Seafoam kit today and it’s really nice, I was just wondering if anyone else is thinking that possibly there could be more designs and less of the same ones repeatedly. A lot of them say similar things, too. I guess that’s what is going to be so awesome about having such a variety coming out in May, although I still think that it would be nice if there weren’t so many of the same exact cards.

  36. […] has been been all over scrap-a-land for a week now and I have had my share of drooling over all the new kits debuting this May at retail craft stores near you! I hope and pray my local scrapbook store picks […]

  37. Krista says:

    Seriously loving all the new stuff!!!

    I think you should come up with some more “boy” friendly kits. You’ve got girly and cutesy down, and they are lovely! But I’m the only girl in my house and I’d love to have something more boyish :)

    Love ALL that you do!!

  38. […] наборы для Project Life от Becky Higgins (будут также и в цифровом варианте): Albums Made Easy от We R […]

  39. […] Life presented at CHA earlier this month, "my" premade kit has finally arrived – helloooo Rain! Kraft is pretty great, too. Next year is going to be considerably more straightforward, I'm guessing.] [Or not, 'cause I'm […]

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  42. Susanna says:

    Love this blog! Looking for some help re a post from around June 2012 from beckys blog….. It’s a DIY for creating a doc that displays 2×2 prints on a poster sized white frame…. I need help! The orig link I saved says the page no longer exists….. Thanks for such net ideas! – Susanna

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