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new products at michaels


If you follow me on social media you’ve already seen glimpses of what’s now in many Michaels store locations. We’re really excited about these new items and wanted to take this opportunity to share all of those product images with you so that you can know what to expect. Here are some important things to note:

  • Michaels already carries Project Life®. The products featured in this post are in addition to what’s already there. These new items can be found on an end cap in the store (for the most part).
  • The exclusive items shown in this post will only be sold at Michaels in the U.S. and Canada. These items are also available to retailers outside of the U.S. and Canada … so if you live outside of the U.S. and Canada and you want access to these items, encourage your favorite retailer to look into this by contacting American Crafts.
  • Not every single item shown here is exclusive. The items available to ALL Project Life retailers include the solid-colored 6×8 albums and the 6×8 Photo Pocket Pages. These items are found in our general catalog of products. Keep in mind that our catalog does not include items that are exclusive for various retailers.
  • This end cap of exclusive Project Life products can be found now at around 700 Michaels locations. There are many more than 700 locations, so if you don’t see it in your local Michaels right now, we are told you can expect to see that end cap sometime in May, which is when these products will be in ALL Michaels locations.

Alright – let’s jump in! This is what’s new from Project Life at Michaels!

core kits + 12×12 albums

Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Edition




Maggie Holmes Edition




themed cards




Home_Travel planner/inspirational

Planner_Inspirational recipe/journal

Recipe_Journal school/tween


6×8 albums

6x8chevron_lattice 6x8reddot_herringbone 6x8ltblue_black


6×8 photo pocket pages


6×8 pages

journal pages



planner pages



recipe pages




91 Responses

  1. Gale says:

    I am going to check my local Michael’s as soon as it open today! WOW!!! So excited!

  2. Lori Faas says:

    That Maggie Holmes kit is cutie cute cute!

  3. Nicol says:

    It was a great day when I walked in and saw the end cap. I love it all. Great job!!!

  4. Valerie says:

    I’m wondering if the pocket pages that would work with 3.5 x 5 pictures are any closer to being released.

  5. My local Michael’s is terrible (both the staff and the stock) so I am sure I won’t be seeing any of this for a very long time :(

  6. Still waiting for my Michael’s to get these in.

  7. Hilda says:

    I bought the recipe pages and the polka dot 6 by 8 album. I already started transferring my handwritten recipes on the pages and I LOVE IT!

    Thanks Becky. This was such a great idea.

  8. Melanie says:

    When & where will Strawberry edition be available; newbie Project Life’er very anxious to get started!

  9. Dietra Kessel says:

    Wow I think that I might have to take a road trip to Michaels.

  10. Jessica says:

    Thrilled that a Michaels nearby had stocked their end cap with these new items! I stocked up!

    I was hoping to see the new mini kits also but haven’t yet… Any idea when they will be out in stores? (Plus One, Daydreamer, and Styleboard) CAN NOT wait for those!!

  11. Carrie says:

    Wishing there was a 100% listing of ALL product exclusive & non exclusive listed by retailer/vender so we could see everything … It gets frustrating to see new product & have to figure out exactly which place I was going to go for it…. Hummmm is that Michael’s, HSN, Hobby Lobby, or was it Amazon. Just an idea ;)

  12. Dina says:

    I have already bought the Maggie Holmes kit and the journal last week but I will be at Michael’s as soon as it opens today…45 min and counting :-)

  13. tracyxo says:

    I’m beyond excited about the 6×8 stuff! I did PL in 12×12 last year but this year decided to do 6×8 and I’m thrilled to be able to continue to use PL branded page protectors! Are these albums the same as the ones seen at CHA? The Michael’s albums don’t come with any page protectors inside, but the albums in the catalogue say they do.

  14. Tracey says:

    I have been stalking the Michaels in the area until they got it in…..Yippee!!!!!! Got a few good pieces and going to a different Michaels to get more.

  15. Susan S says:

    I bought the recipe pages, themed cards and red dotted album this week. We plan to put family recipes in the album as a wedding gift for our son and fiancé. Love this product.

  16. Dee Dee Driver says:

    I went, I saw, I got a cart full of goodness!
    Love all the new products. Love my local Michaels!

  17. Ceri Toleman says:

    Just wanted to know when these will be available in the Uk? So far we only have 4 core kits available in the Hobbycraft stores which are like Michaels in the US.

    • Tracey mason says:

      Ceri there are loads of online scrap stores that have project life hobbycraft is awful :-( but we can get it trust me I have it all lol

  18. Nadz says:

    I hope Scrapbookers inner circle will bring this in too!!

  19. Anika says:

    Omg! I want it all… You simply offered to me, what I just went to plan working on in 2014: Using my huge Dear Lizzy-collection for this year (you gave me two extras today, the cute core kit and the overwhelming album!), then my teenage-fotos, which I see with Maggie Holmes’ Collection and the Nautical-kit plus your practical recipe-items, I can’t resist! So, thanks a lot Becky! I pray everything will be available in Germany…

  20. Patsy Beatty says:

    Love your PL scrapbooking line.Always bought at Archivers(going out of business now);anxious to buy new items at Michaels.Met u in Nashville several years ago–so thrilled that you are doing great in the business

  21. Melinda J. says:

    I love all of it, but when I asked out Michael’s store they said they did not expect to carry any of this. :( Do you have a list of which Michael’s stores are going to carry these?

  22. I found all of these items at the Michaels in my area. I chose the darker blue album ,the recipe pages and some of the pocket pages to to go with it. I have been wanting to put a small cookbook together for my daughter and granddaughters and now I have a simple & easy way of doing so. Once again, thank you Becky and team for making my crafting projects easier for me. The quality of these products are wonderful!

    Mary from NH

  23. Natalie McArthur says:

    I wanted to know if these products will be available online as well?? I know we don’t have a Michael’s here in Hawaii. But I really like the Journal and Recipe ideas.

    • Peggy says:

      Natalie, I agree. Our options here in Hawaii are next to zero. Went to 3 Michael’s in CA last month and 2 of them must have been the worse stores in the Michael’s chain. The third store was having a grand opening so I bought 2 albums ( buy one get one free!) and the recipe cards. Too bad we are missing out on the Michael’s exclusives.

  24. PS. I went back to Michaels the day after my original trip and all of the page protectors and the recipe pages for the 6×8 were all SOLD OUT! :) I will be going back soon.

    Mary From NH

  25. Becky W says:

    I just stumbled across the new merchandise at Michael’s yesterday during a quick stop at lunch time…so I didn’t have time to really look. Thanks for having the blog post up today when I came looking for info! Perfect timing!!!

  26. Nicole says:

    I need that zig zig 6×8 and the planner & recipe sets for sure and I love the Dear Lizzy album too

  27. Lynn Wigren says:

    Been checking my Michaels every 2 days and there is hardly any Project Life items much less new items. Have little hope of seeing these until the next round of new stuff comes out – that seems to be the pattern. I’ve asked the Manager and she told me they never know what they are getting until the truck unloads. She is also commented that she doesn’t understand why they don’t get more of the popular items like Project Life.

  28. Jody M. says:

    Saw all the new product yesterday at my Michaels! Got the blush album and some protectors, but all looks amazing! And like someone else said earlier you need to get an inclusive catalog that lists ALL products. It would be so much easier to see everything in one spot on the website.

  29. Erika Hayes says:

    Do the Core kits have dividers?? I purchased both of them, but did not see any of the dividers… Would love to have dividers for the Dear Lizzy as that is my PL-365 album this year.

  30. Renea says:

    We have them at Michaels, Flowood, MS!

  31. Judi says:

    This is awesome! I love the colors.

  32. Nicole Ver Straten says:

    I bought the 5th and frolic album from michaels and was really disappointed that it was totally empty inside. It was completely sealed, but didn’t even have the page lifter thingy in the front. Is that available to buy because I don’t want my pages to wrap around the rings. Thanks, I love Project Life!!

  33. LB says:

    I got Maggie Holmes and Dear Lizzy core sets plus Animals and Planners so very excited to use them…The Animal ones are all set for my photos form Animal Kingdom at Disney World

  34. Debbie says:

    Wow….This stuff is SO cute!! I’ve been checking our two Michaels weekly waiting for the new kits,smaller albums,page dividers,planner and other goodies.I hope this is really going to happen at ALL Michaels as it says above. I am SO excited!! Super cute stuff,love the new colors and kit.And the new albums! Wahooooo. :)

  35. Joy says:

    I love the new products! I have been to my local Michaels and have been drooling over them! Thanks Becky!

  36. Simone says:

    Is all this going to be on your website when it’s ready ? Cos I live I aus and it would be nice to get the planner recipe stuff

  37. Sue Williams says:

    Cute stuff!!

  38. Becky says:

    Has anyone seen the new products in or around Sacramento??

  39. Jacque says:

    I saw the journal, recipe and planner pages last Sunday in Phoenix, but I was out of coupons, so they will have to wait a while. But I know I will be getting all 3 sets along with albums, which they were completely out of. Thay all look like they will be so much fun! Thank you, Becky, for more wonderful ideas for PL.

  40. Laurie Jones says:

    Will you ever just sell all our product from your own online store. It is so frustrating waiting for the stores to slowly get these items in. I live 3 hours from the nearest Michaels store, my luck runs that what ever I am looking for they either ran out of or have not put out yet. In Canada we can’t always order from Amazon.com and .ca does not carry things either. Trying to keep up with what is available , on line, on QVC (which we don’t have in Canada) or in stores is becoming very frustrating. Love Project Life but other company similar items are becoming easier to find and I hate that. :-(

  41. Elizabeth says:

    I purchased a Dear Lizzy Core Kit from Michaels today. It does not say that it is the Neapolitan edition, the box only says Dear Lizzy. It looks like the kit above. Did I purchase Neapolitan? Thank you

  42. Brooke says:

    I checked the closest Micheal’s last night, but no new products. However, I did get buy one album get one free – and the Project Life albums were included in the sale – so the drive was worth it :)

  43. Irene Gaona says:

    I’m so sad, yesterday I sent to my local Michaels and a lady (reminded me of my grandma) was asking the cashier for the new Becky Higgings project line stuff, and the cashier said they will not be getting the new stuf!!!!! I quickly joined the lady to ask again, and she said that nope, not that store, what they currently have, that all…what??? We both almost cried, we told the cashier, “but we want the 2 exclusive core kits” and the planner pages and mini albums, and….all that new beautiful stuff”…. The cashier just turned and then ignored us…how sad…how I’ m going to get my hand on all that yummines :( so,so sad

  44. Betsy says:

    The Michaels store I go to has the most pathetic collection of your products. It just makes me sick when I know what all is available and to see all the empty shelves and pegs. Hopefully they will have more by May!!

  45. Kimberly says:

    Love, love, love everything!!!!!! Can you please tell me when the strawberry edition will be available for purchase? Thank you-Kimberly

  46. Leslie R. says:

    Just picked up both sets at 40% off! Both are lovely!!! Looking forward to seeing all the new :)

  47. SueTR says:

    The Michaels nearest to me does not have a very good selection of PL products (although they looked stocked up when I bought the Fifth and Frolic Saturday) anyway to know which Michaels has a more comprehensive selection of PL products than others without driving all over town? Some associates don’t even know the product is on the shelves

  48. Kellie says:

    Love these new products! I picked up the recipe set yesterday, and I would love to see some real life examples of how people are using them before I soil them with my pen. : ) I probably could be convinced to buy the other sets if I saw them in action too…

  49. hydeeann says:

    i stumbled across these two weeks ago and bought an album for each of my 6 children (but not for the 2 yr old yet). the oldest two girls got the planners, the little girls got the journals, and my sons just got pocket pages. on sundays, I print off one or two pictures for them for the week, the write about the pictures and/or record other events of the week, and pick decorative cards to go with the photos. one written page, one side of a photo page each week, each child. we are loving it! I’m on my 3rd year of project life for the family, but I love how this gets the kids involved and tells their individual stories. the addition of the photos and fun cards definitely adds to their interest and willingness to journal weekly! thanks so much for the great products. it’s become such a fun sunday tradition in just a few weeks.

  50. Renate Olsen says:

    OOOHHHH!!!!! Fantastic!!!! ♡ ♡
    But…. will this get in sale in online stores?? For those of us that doesn’t have Michaels in our country….. :)

  51. Lisamarie says:

    Becky, it’s all so well done. I’ve read and seen everything you’ve published in print or online for the last ten+ years and it’s meticulous every time. Thanks for doing what you do!

  52. Anna Janise says:

    My Local Micheal’s sucks. they only have a few of the project life albums and kits. plus no new 6×8 albums at all or any of the kits for the 6×8 albums.. I want the Journal pages.. I asked the sales lady if they would be getting any of the new 6×8 albums for project life.. she looked at me like I have no idea what you are speaking of.. Hobby Lobby has more of the project life stuff, but again no new stuff. it is so disappointing when you want something can cannot find it.. If I want project life I will have to order on line. no other choice here..

  53. Colleen says:

    Hi, is there anywhere we can see an “inside view” of the journal and recipe pages? So excited about these products, but live overseas! Thanks so much!

  54. My Michael’s in Phoenix (Agua Fria Freeway) had the recipe and planner kits but… no albums! LOL. I need them both and I must have the albums! The planner will be PERFECT for my blog!

  55. Gwyn Walker says:

    I love them all! I grabbed the journal with the travel and journal themed cards. Two of the albums. And a ton of pocket pages. Thanks so much for all that you do!

  56. Sue M says:

    Love the “Dear Lizzy” products…They’re a must have!

  57. Jean Sword says:

    Love the stuff at Michaels in Columbia MO!

  58. gwyn b says:

    i am very lucky i guess. my 2 close Michaels had all the endcap things 40% off last week. they were very short of the small pages tho. if they have an item in the warehouse, they will let you order the item so when it comes in, its yours.
    we are moving in april and michaels will be like 2 hours away so i am getting all i can now !

  59. Eileen W says:

    Wish you could offer these items online! Michaels is great but they don’t have everything and can’t tell you if they will.

  60. Astrid says:

    I’m interested in the 6×8 albums and refills. None of the Michaels near me (Columbus, OH) carry them. Can they be ordered through the catalog directly? If so, how?

  61. Ashley Carr says:

    I just bought the new recipe pages at michaels and was hoping you had a template to use to print all of my recipes on…. please let me know if you do or I can try to create my own…..

    Thank you!

    Ashley Carr

  62. Sally says:

    Will the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan core kit be available at Michael’s again? Can’t seem to find it anywhere!

  63. Kimberly says:

    I REALLY want the Happy Core Kit. When I read your post last week about it coming to HSN, I planned to buy it on Monday when it was going to be shown. I tuned in, and wouldn’t you know it…IT SOLD OUT within about 10 minutes! I have six boys and am trying to find more boyish-like core editions for each of them. Happy is one of them. Any idea how I can get this edition? Thanks so much!

  64. Michal Lynn says:

    I just saw these items at Michaels today! I missed the post about them, so it was thrilling to say the least. I already have two core kits for future binders but I want to add these to the collection…and I just might have to do a journal just for fun!

  65. Brandie Poulin says:

    Hello Becky!

    Thanks for making such a great product! I heard you are teaming up with Stampin up so as a Demonstrator I am very excited to have coordinating colors and a new product to play around with. As my children have been getting older, I’ve been getting away from the 12X12 scrapbooks and going toward the 8X8 books. I have two questions:

    1-Will you be selling 8×8 books and themed products in the future.

    2- Will you also sell full pages that are 12X12 and 8×8 so I can slip in my own page that I have created into the book. I like the hands on of creating my own pages from scratch but want to encorporate the themed items and pages from project life into the same scrapbook!!

    Thank you and have a great day!
    Brandie Poulin

  66. Taylor B says:

    Toronto, Canada – hi, just got my first PL today at our Michaels {Yonge St.} – bought the Dear Lizzy Neopolitan Core Kit, and one of the regular box sets of 12″ pages “Big Variety Pack 1″…..in addition found “Best of” Dear L’s and Maggie H’s paper packs on sale! Grabbed some grid journal cards! Going back tomorrow {with more coupons} to get the albums!!!! These exclusive core kits were going down fast, so I feel I should grab it all! Plus I bought the matching Dies {Dear L “Daydreamer” and Maggie’s “Storyboard”online but no luck with the stamp sets . Its a bit of a spread trying to get it all rounded up – so acting fast. All of it is sooo cute – we can’t wait to get started!!! Good luck out there!

  67. Megan says:

    Could you show us what the day planner pages look like? I may be interested in something like this next year.

  68. Lizbeth says:

    I wish I could the 616 pack but I can’t afford i try to make some but I don’t have the tools anyways. I really want one

  69. Michelle says:

    Hi, I live in Australia and I cannot find the 6 x 8 anywhere? Can you please tell me where I can purchase these?
    Many thanks Michelle

  70. Michelle says:

    I have not written before .
    Hi, I live in Australia and I cannot find the 6 x 8 anywhere? Can you please tell me where I can purchase these?
    Many thanks Michelle

  71. cori jepsen says:

    So just felt I needed to leave a comment….I got the recipe pack and album for Mother’s Day. I was so happy… until I started to use them. 3 lines is hardly enough space to write out recipe instructions…. might I suggest you lose the fluff and make them more useful……. get rid of the “I rate this” and “best season”…. pretty sure you could condense the fluff and have more space for what is important- how to make the recipe and the ingredients…. just saying…. disappointed they are not as useful as I had hoped and honestly I would have returned them had they not been a Mother’s Day gift.

  72. Leslie C. says:

    As an instructor at Michaels, I am thrilled to see these new products! Way to go, Becky!

  73. Kim says:

    I live in auburn hills michigan. Have been chking my local Micheal’s stores but they still don’t have the planner pages or 6×8 albums. Will they be selling them online at anytime – I would really like to get these products.
    Thanks – kim

  74. Alissa says:

    Wish I could see the journal and planner pages laid out so I could get a better idea of what they contain. I loved it when you did that with the core kits before and since they are all packaged up at Michael’s, too, it’s hard to see which one would be better suited to what I’m looking for. If something like this already exists, sorry! Just point me in the right direction please!

  75. Michelle Pendleton says:

    I got a 6 x 8 binder and a set of journal pages to encourage my son (a very reluctant writer) to do some writing this summer. I thought if he had something fun to make instead of doing a worksheet, he would be more willing to write. He’s very excited to start.

    I’m wondering if you have any color schemes in the 6 x 8 book journal pages that are more in the primary color set that would work more for a boy. He’s found several pages that he likes with what I bought, but anything that had pink on it was set to the side. Fortunately, I can use those for his 3 1/2 year old sister.

    Thanks so much,
    Michelle Pendleton
    Houston TX

  76. Yvonne says:

    Just purchased the rainbow striped album 6×8, my first small album. Can’t wait to start! Looooove the new products!

  77. Ivette says:

    Becky, I just recently purchased all my supplies to start my PL Planner/Journal And now Michael’s wont be selling them anymore, will I still be able to buy the planner journal pages?

  78. Margie says:

    I am new to the planner craze and when i discovered the project life planner pages i went directly to my nearest Michaels! I couldnt find them i called several michaels near me and they didnt have. Im unsure if its sold out, discontinued or if my Michaels in Toronto, Canada ever carried them?? Help! Where can I find them? Or when will Michaels pick up more???

  79. I bought the recipe packet for 6×8 project life album and there were no pages for fruit and vegetables section. None.
    Also shouldn’t there be a Red Tab for the red section at the front?
    Please email answer to my question. Thank you very much.
    Sincerely, Jennifer

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