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new product reveals – supporting products + full summer catalog


Yes, it’s the last day of new product announcements – but NO, this is not the last blog post of the week.  : ) Let’s soak in everything you see here and then … check back later today where we are going to finally SHOW you the 2 exclusive editions we designed for Michaels! *knuckle bump*


Product: Project Life® Corner Rounder

Expected arrival: Late August/early September – in stores everywhere, including online

Notes: It is exactly what you think it is. And it’s about time we bring this classic corner rounder punch to our line of products, right!? I’m always asked where is a good place to get a corner rounder punch that matches the official Project Life corner radius – and now we finally have it! I especially love the way this is designed to put your photo or card in the punch with guidelines to match it up just right … and … rubber-like footing on the bottom so the punch doesn’t slide on your table or surface. Brilliant.



Product: Project Life® Roller Date Stamp

Expected arrival: Late August/early September – in stores everywhere, including online

Notes: Way back when we first started this business, we included EVERYthing in one kit. Great concept, but a bit of a manufacturing and customer service nightmare. It just makes more sense to break things apart. Anyway, somewhere along the way we dropped our Roller Date Stamp out of the kit and now we are bringing it back as a stand-alone product. This time it’s the clean white branding, just like every other Project Life item, AND – I love the clean + simple font. I love using a date stamp to quickly mark my kids’ art and papers as they accumulate so I don’t lose track of when they did them, or how old they were. Know what I mean?



Product: Project Life® Alpha, Arrow, and Day Stickers

Expected arrival: Late August/early September – in stores everywhere, including online

Notes: The Alpha Stickers are designed to be just the right size for customized titles on your cards or photos whenever you want. The Arrow Stickers are brilliant for placing on a Journaling Card and “pointing” to the photo it might be correlated with. And by the way, these are already in stock right this minute on Amazon, but now we’re bringing them to other retail channels as well. You can pick up the Grey Arrow Stickers + the Tan Arrow Stickers right NOW on Amazon. And guess what? We have them 20% off for a limited time!

The Day Stickers are a welcomed sight, I know. You’ve been asking that we bring these back and here they are! They are going to be sooooo nice for adding along the top or edge of a Journaling Card that is specific to a certain day, for those to document that way.

So why Grey? And why Tan? Because every edition of Project Life® that we’ve ever created has either Grey or Tan as the “neutral” in each respective color palette. So no matter which edition(s) you have – either Grey or Tan will be the perfect neutral for these stickers to enhance what you’re doing without “distracting” from your photos and journaling.

AlphaStickers ArrowStickers DayStickers


Product: Project Life® Lined + Ledger Cards

Expected arrival: Late August/early September – in stores everywhere, including online

Notes: These are just how they sound. Lined Cards are printed with simple, subtle horizontal lines on both sides of the card – for both horizonal and vertical format. The Ledger Cards are so fun for that extra flair, for those of us who love the ledger look. I know it’s back-to-school season soon for many, so these are feeling even a bit nostalgic. ALL of these cards are going to be available in both 3×4 and 4×6 sizes, in packs of 100 cards per set. Their purpose? For journaling, of course, or for getting creative – if you want.

We do currently have Grid Cards (3×4 and 4×6) and White Cards (3×4 and 4×6) available on Amazon, if you’re new to Project Life and didn’t already know that.



Product: Project Life® Cloth Albums

Expected arrival: Late August/early September – in stores everywhere, including online

Notes: You may already know that we have a full line of Faux Leather Albums that are on their way to Amazon (and some retail stores) SOON. I’ll keep you posted on the timing of those arrivals, if you’re watching for my facebook, twitter, instagram updates. And now … we are also adding those gorgeous colors in CLOTH for those who prefer that over Faux Leather. It’s simply a personal choice.

Cloth Albums


Well, friends. Every new product I have announced this week will be at the trade show we’ll be attending in a few days. Next week in Las Vegas is the CHA Summer show (now they’re calling it “Create -n- Connect”) and if any of you happen to be there, please stop by and say hi. We’ll be hanging out in Booth #1122, next to American Crafts.

I know most of you will NOT be there, but I want you to have access to the fully updated Project Life® catalog, which has all the new stuff I’ve been announcing this week, and everything else we already have currently. Tons of awesomeness packed into 100+ pages. This is also updated on the PRODUCTS page.

How on earth did this start with one kit less than 4 years ago, and explode into a full line of products that needs a 100-page catalog!? Pinching myself. And feeling so very grateful. I can’t thank you enough for all the enthusiasm you’ve shared over this week’s announcements. We are thrilled to respond to your requests, and I am grateful every day that I get to develop solution-based products that help all of us get our memories into an album – faster, easier, and more fun than ever.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 1.50.41 PM

Click to see the full PDF: Project Life Catalog Summer 2013


If you feel so inclined to share your thoughts, we’d love to hear. Of all the new product announcements from this week, do you have a favorite? We will randomly select 3 of you and will SHIP that item to you when it arrives.  : )  Winners will be added to the bottom of this post on Monday. Open to U.S. only this time (for domestic shipping).

{updated 7.23.13}

Congratulations to the following 3 winners! Please email Kari at kari@beckyhiggins.com to claim your prize!

Kelly – Pickerington, Ohio – Heritage core kit

Emily – Loveland, Colorado – Corner Punch

Debbie Hansen – Woodbury, MN – Small variety pack 6


446 Responses

  1. Mendie says:


  2. Terri Torrez says:

    I absolutely adore the Lufe is Beautiful album.

  3. Jen T says:

    The sunshine core kit looks amazing (well, everything looks amazing, but if I had to choose. . .)

    Jen T
    Iola, KS

  4. brenda says:

    Congratulations on all your wonderful new products. Looking forward to adding some of them to my PL collection – likely some of your digital products since that’s how I’ve been doing most of my scrapbooking lately. With the release of so many plastics incorporating 4×4 I had wondered if today’s product release might include some 4×4 cards. Maybe you could trial adding some square card designs to you digital products (paper PL users could print them off at Persnickety)? And, like someone else commented yesterday, I hope that you’ll be adding digital templates corresponding to all of your new pocket page designs to AC Digitals soon.

    Brenda, Ottawa, ON, Canada

  5. Mendi M says:

    Hands down the new card sets for sports, pets, etc. I can’t wait to incorporate these into my album. I will be ordering nearly all 36 sets! Ouch! But in a good way :)

  6. Diane A. says:

    Love, Love, Love the new ledger 3×4 and 4×6 cards! Would love to win some!

  7. Kendra Haro says:

    Wow! How is someone to choose??? I love the new variety pack 6 protectors. Can’t wait to see the new products in person.

  8. Amy Crist says:

    Absolutely LOVE the new themed small card sets!!!! I can not wait to be able to purchase these little packs of pure greatness :)

  9. Megan says:

    I’m excited about so many of the new products!

    Especially the cloth Rain album! I don’t like the look/feel of leather so I’m very pleased the the cloth versions will exist! Also, the Design W and X page protectors! Perfect!

    I love the idea of the supplementary card packs and I’m looking forward to the autumn and halloween ones in particular.

    Raleigh, NC

  10. Michelle says:

    So many choices!!! I love all of the mini kits but especially the Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party mini kit!

    The supplementary card packs are great as well!!

  11. Carol W. says:

    Awesome corner punch and roller date stamp (I have a slight obsession with roller stamps). Fabulous release!!!

  12. Teri M says:

    I love it all! So many great new items. Can’t wait for the corner rounder! and those sticker letters! My favorites are the Great OUtdoors, Dog and Christian theme kits. Can’t wait to get them all!!

  13. Robyn says:

    Love the Sunshine Kit and of course, the dog one for our Lily!

  14. SamW says:

    Ooh – the Sunshine Core Kit is at the top of my list – so colorful! But I see myself really paring down (“destashing”) the accoutrement I have now to keep.it.simple and many of these new products will replace “the pile”. And boy – do I need the space. I need to document the memories, not accumulate stuff! PS – thanks for all the new plastics configurations – the flexibility is great!!!

  15. Wendy says:

    Gosh, there are sooo many new things on my list it’s hard to choose one! I do love the theme cards, the teen girl, cats, school, music and family are at the top of my list to get first.

    I just want to say thank you for all your hard work in making sure all of us get what we have been asking for. Some of the new items I would have never thought of, but can not wait to use!

    You and your team are truly AWESOME!!! No one deserves all of this more than you!

  16. Janita says:

    So many choices! It really hard to decide…Heritage Kit (Absolutely Stunning!)…..Corner Rounder (Which so many of us have been waiting for a long, long, long time.)….or….the Variety Pack 5. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  17. Bonnie says:

    I also love everything. But my favorite is the corner punch!

  18. Teresa says:

    WOW!!! Great additions this week Becky!!

    I am new to project life because I just don’t have time to keep up with the older way of scrapping .. so it is my goal this summer to start with this past school year!

    To make a choice of what I like best is really really hard!! Since this week is all about surprises with new items in PL .. i’d love to be surprised in receiving any of my “favorites” (you pick if I win :-) ) .. merry & bright mini kit / flea market mini kit / sunshine edition or heritage edition

  19. Cim Allen says:

    I love the Maggie Holmes cards .. anything Maggie Holmes. I’m new to project life and when I saw her collection I was super excited to get started !!

  20. Jennifer K says:

    What a great line-up of new products. I especially love the ledger cards!

  21. Khristina says:

    The Sunshine kit!!! And I love, love, love the ledger cards!

    Phoenix, AZ

  22. Lisa Johnson says:

    I am beyond THRILLED at how successful Project Life has been. It has been so fun to see how it has changed from the brown box that the first Cherry kit came in (http://lisa-marie-johnson.blogspot.com/2011/05/project-life.html) to what it is today. I know that’s b/c of all the HARD WORK & LONG HOURS that you & your team have put in. It is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

    My favorite product that you’ve shown this week is the new LDS Sister Missionary kit. SO FAB-U-LOUS!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ it!!!

  23. Melissa says:

    The mini packs are my favorites but I can’t choose just one. So I have to say, the corner rounder! :) I’m excited to see one that finally carries the Project Life branding. :)

    Billerica, MA

  24. Theresa says:

    Just one? I love the mini packs, and I guess I’d have to pick Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste….

  25. Christen says:

    So many fun new products! I’m excited for so many of them….especially the holiday mini kit and corner rounder.

  26. Theresa F. Miami Florida says:

    seriously hyperventilating!!! love it allllllllllll……

  27. Jessica Andolsen says:

    I am loving so many of the new products! If I had to pick my favorite, I would choose the Sunshine kit!

  28. Nicolle says:

    I love love love the Sunshine Edition kit by Elsie + Emma – SO colorful!

    Nicolle S
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA

  29. Angela says:

    Congratulations on so much PL success! There are so many things to be excited about (and I’m still excited about your old products), but I think my favorite is the Design V page protectors. The small ledger grid cards are a very close second, but visions of favorite photos lined up in that sheet protector nudged that item into my first place. Thanks!

  30. Susan says:

    My absolute favorite is the new heritage core kit. I have a HUGE box of old photos from my husband’s aunt that have been waiting for JUST THIS PRODUCT!

    Other favorites: definitely the themed cards, great outdoors, dogs and baseball for sure, however they’re all great!

  31. Randi says:

    I’d love to use the Heritage kit for doing my mom’s family album. Thanks for expanding the PL line so extensively!

  32. Jessica S says:

    I love everything, but especially the Merry and Bright mini kit. :)

  33. kelly koesters says:

    I love all of it!!! So many choices. Great gift ideas. I think my favorite is the Family History/Heritage kit. I would love to win but I know I will still buy!


    Pickerington, Ohio

  34. Crystal says:

    The corner rounder. Thank you for listening to your customers wishes!

    Simpsonville, SC

  35. Bailey G. says:

    I’m in awe of ALL of the new products, I’ve already made a long list for gift ideas to give to my family members! But my top item that I MUST HAVE is the Sunshine Core Kit!!!!! It’s so yummy!

  36. Bailey G. says:

    Bailey G.
    Waterloo, IA

  37. Amber Tyler says:

    I love it all! Thank you so much for making the importance of documenting of our lives so simple… and cute :)

  38. Jean Snyder says:

    My favorite thing is the Heritage Core Kit…I love working on my family tree and those cards would go great with that.

    Another one of my new favorite things is the football kit since my son will start football in a little over a week.

    Everything is absolutely amazing, as always :)

  39. Jill says:

    Do I really have to pick a favorite? I’m in love with all of the new plastics and many of the themed cards. And I love the sunshine edition album. I’m a sucker for handwriting patterns! But my favorite new kit is the Merry and Bright mini kit which will be perfect for doing a simple December Daily project (in a Cherry mini album of course!). Thank you for the great new products!

    Edmonds, WA

  40. Michelle says:

    I have a bit of OCD especially with scrapping, so to have the corners match exactly I am going to be one happy girl:)

  41. Shelby says:

    The missionary core kits!

    Congrats on all if your hard work and success!

  42. Jennie M says:

    So much fun stuff! I have really enjoyed the reveals this week! My favorite item is the Merry and Bright mini kit. I can’t wait to use that on my holiday pages.
    I am still hoping that you will create a *Story of Us* type mini kit that would be for making an album of a couple’s love story. :) I would love to have a kit to document my husband and my relationship while we were dating and then before kids. Keeping my fingers crossed for that one!!!
    Thanks for all you do Becky!

  43. Shelby says:


    Bountiful, Utah

  44. Rebecca says:

    Love all the new things especially the Instagram/square plastics, the corner rounder and music theme cards. Congrats on all the expansion.

  45. LeAnne B says:

    One product? There seriously are SO many to choose from, my head is spinning. (Good thing!)

    However, if I had to pick one, I’d pick the Christmas Mini-Kit. I love Crystal’s design style and I love the mini kit for just Christmas.

    Thanks for such a selection of product. Scrapbooking has never been easier.

  46. liz hamilton says:

    as someone that has done PL since the beginning Project 365 kit from CK i am not surprised AT ALL that your little company has grown into something big and great! i love that i can easily document my kids day to day lives for them to look back on years from now.
    SO SO SO many items but i am really excited about the xmas mini kit. i just did my 2nd mini album project and can’t wait for christmas to use this kit!
    thanks for all you have done to make us ‘free of guilt’ when it comes to scrapbooking!

  47. Cheryl P says:

    The themed card sets are AWESOME, closely followed by the cloth albums! Super yummy!

    Cheryl P, Union City, CA

  48. Chalese says:

    Everything is amazing as always… but with a missionary leaving in 3 weeks, it would have to be the “Elder” missionary kit.

    Thanks again for all you do!

    Syracuse, UT

  49. Mel says:

    You are amazing! Please add an ice hockey and dance (ballet, tap, jazz, hip hip, lyrical, modern, contemporary) mini card sets please?!

    • Carrie says:

      Yes, I was surprised not to see a mini set for dance/ballet/cheer/gymnastics etc. Definitely needed for so many girls activities.

  50. Heather says:

    So hard to pick just one thing, but I’d have to say I can’t wait to get the digital versions of the mini kits. I love the Cut & Paste mini. As a digi scrapper, I’m so excited that I can get PL goodies in digi form.

  51. Tiffany says:

    I love the letter and arrow stickers!

    I still would LOVE LOVE LOVE a 3×4 punch!?!?!?!?!

    Wichita, KS

  52. Mindy says:

    I have documented life with PL for 3 years now. The new products have me giddy! I can’t wait till this fall!!! I think the item I am most in love with is the Sunshine Edition. Congrats! Everything looks AMAZING!!!

  53. Heather H. says:

    My favorite is all the new pages with Instagram sizes. Especially the variety pack that includes a bunch of new Instagram sizes. I can’t WAIT to get Instagram pictures into 12×12 pages. I’ve been printing more and more pictures in that size. :)

  54. JenniferL says:

    So many new wonderful products to accompany the already great system. My fav of the week was definitely the theme packs, there are at least 5 (school, Christian, theme park, road trip, and soccer) that I must have and will probably end up buying about half of them over time!

  55. Jenny Kingham says:

    So excited!!! Can’t wait to get the corner punch & all the new goodies!!!

  56. Erin Joy says:

    Oh my gosh, how do I pick ONE favorite item out of all ths fabulousness??? The one that stands out to me at this second is the SUNSHINE kit…it’s full of gorgeous!!

  57. Hayley says:

    What an exciting week! I already have the gray arrow stickers, so I was really stoked about the gray alpha letters and day stickers. Would love me some of those, thanks!!!
    Hayley Rocklin CA

  58. Krista says:

    I’m loving everything!!! But I think I’m most excited for the CORNER ROUNDER! I have tried about 5 different ones and not liked any if them for various reasons! Looking forward to this one “completing” my project life tools :)

    Highlands Ranch, CO

  59. Angela H says:

    LOVE ALL the new products but the plastics have to be my fav!! I add an insert to pretty much every spread I do in my album. If I had to choose a favorite I would say small variety pack 6 I love the options for using my 4×6 photos and the 3×4 PL cards.

    That’s not to say I won’t be adding a new core kit and several of the minis to my collection though. So thrilled that you worked with Elisevand Emma I love their Sunshine core kit.

    Thank you for continuing to develop even more great products and listening to what you customers are interested in.

  60. R Metzger says:

    O M Geeee!!! I’m so excited about all the new products!!! Luv that there will be faux leather and cloth albums!!!

  61. Liberty Cameron says:

    I love EVERYTHING about PL. I love the new corner punch and all the new plastic sheet protectors!!! I can’t wait until everything is available!!!

  62. Christine says:

    Wauw! Those are great products. Especially the alfabet stickers and arrows!! Can’t have enough ;-)
    Love to win some!

  63. Danielle says:

    i love the new Beautiful Mess core – so awesome!!

  64. Stephanie Farwell says:

    I love all the new editions especially love that making kits that match other lines of American crafts making it easy to add

  65. Helen B. says:

    I would have to say the Merry & Bright Mini Kit. But I can tell that I am going to need a bunch of the the themed cards–fabulous!!! And I am just starting on PL–my album is waiting for me to start :)

  66. Judy says:

    I love the addition of the cloth albums! Very nice. I gotta have the rain edition for my new grandson. I think he deserves his own PL book, don’t you? Thanks for the chance to win one!

  67. Amanda says:

    Cannot wait for all the new stuff! Love the look of those new ledger cards!

  68. Barb says:

    Lots of favs-like Rain colors and now Sunshine-also date stamp

  69. Meghan says:

    Loving everything! Very excited about the Amy Tangerine mini and all the themed cards!

  70. Amy Mize says:

    I love it all! Elsie and Emma’s Sunshine Kit is my very favorite!
    Amy M.
    Watkinsville, GA

  71. Susan says:

    Love all the new products you’ve announced….thank you! Can’t wait to get the corner punch! I’m most excited for the Elder missionary kit. I’m hoping to give my husband a PL scrapbook of his mission (nearly 15 years ago) for Christmas so this timing is perfect for me!

  72. Julie Johnson says:

    I am most excited about the new plastics although I will surely get a bit of all of the new items!!

  73. Cristina says:

    Wow! So many great things this week. I loved some of the new page protectors, the corner rounder, the Christian, Halloween, and Football mini kits, and the cloth albums! I wish I could fill my current album faster, just so that I could start a new one. My favorite thing by far, though, is Elsie and Emma’s Sunshine Edition core kit. I sure would like to get my hands on that.

    Miami, FL

  74. Emily says:

    Oh man, I love everything in that catalog! I think the themed cards were a brilliant idea. My absolute favorite item is the Sunshine Core Kit. I have been following A Beautiful Mess for a while now and I squealed when I saw Elsie and Emma’s name! Exciting times for everyone!

  75. Melinda S says:

    My favorites are the L pocket pages, the corner rounder and the roller date stamp! So many beautiful and useful new releases this time!

  76. Stephanie says:

    I love the Life Is Beautiful kit! I have been reading their blog for ever :)

  77. cheepincharge says:

    wow. wow. wow.
    Love these new products…so many to choose from.
    I think my favorite is the Ledger cards. Probably because it speaks to my inner nerd-ness.
    Design W in the plastic line is a cloooose second.

  78. Christin Dukes says:

    Becky I love love love the new themed cards sets!! Those are totally awesome. I would love the see some kind of storage products to hold all the goodies together!

    Christin Dukes
    Taylor, MiI

  79. Kristy says:

    There’s so much I love that it’s overwhelming to pick only one! I have boys and several Baseball, Golf, and Soccer pictures left to scrap. Those 3 themes sets are at the top of my list. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

    Ramsey, MN

  80. Priya says:

    How can I just pick one?! They are all beautiful. If I must, it would be the Sunshine kit. Makes my heart smile. ;)

  81. Kirsten J says:

    Loved the minis – picking one would be like picking my favorite kid. If I win, you choose for me. And wow, Becky, thanks for this ride….I was on board in that original little Project 365….can’t believe what you’ve grown it into!

  82. Shannon R. says:

    I really like the new theme packs — especially zoo.

  83. Meredith A says:

    I am so excited about the corner punch! I can’t wait to get it!

    Meredith A
    Brookfield, WI

  84. I love the Americana themed cards. They would be fabulous with the red or cobalt album! Love love love….

  85. Kimberly says:

    I haven’t looked at everything yet, but I’m really excited about the corner rounder punch! Yes, I am a nerd. :)

  86. Lesley VW says:

    I am simply in love with the Merry & Bright Mini Kit.

    I have been using your products since the beginning, and I share with you in the enthusiasm and excitement! Thank you for making beautiful products that take the ‘work’ out of scrapbooking and instead replaces it with pure joy in the memory keeping process!

  87. clpalmat says:

    it’s hard to pick a favorite! so many awesome things! I like the cloths albums most (I think). :) I love the albums you’ve carried to date, but there is just something about simple book cloth. :) Thanks for all the awesome products! Just did the math and figured out that I’m 10 years behind in albums so I’m stocking up!!

  88. Lynnsey says:

    I love it all but I would pick the holiday mini kit or the themed baseball cards!!!

  89. Elisa says:

    Definitely the Sunshine Core kit looks to be my favorite as well as a few of the smaller theme packs! I also am looking forward to the more 3×4 page protectors!!

    Great lineup!!!

  90. I love that almost every facet of life is covered…such beautiful quality, color , and style….LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!

  91. anne says:

    I love all the new plastics and the envelopes!
    Texarkana Tx

  92. Kim says:

    Wow! I just learned about you, maybe a month ago. I am overwhelmed (in a good way) with all the beautiful things you offer. Don’t know how anyone could choose just one! I think that Sunshine is my favorite from looking at the catalog. I am sharing your products with everyone I know. I even had the pleasure of explaining your stuff to a Hobby Lobby check out person the other day! I did my best!! LOL

  93. LynneB says:

    Love everything especially the corner rounder & some of the new mini kits like the merry & bright! Also would love to see an ice hockey mini kit someday!

    Prosper, TX

  94. Lisa Achilles says:

    Cumming, Ga

    I love everything, but the Christmas mini kit would be my fav to have.

  95. Jennifer C. says:

    The Heritage Edition. Just completely beautiful.

    Jennifer C.
    Oconomowoc, WI

  96. Holly Hintzman says:

    What a beautiful catalog!! So many wonderful products– I love them all! It is extremely difficult to pick a favorite of all of the new products, but I do love the new football themed cards. The colors are fantastic! It would be fun to use them in my album this Fall.

    Thank you so much, Becky!! You are awesome!!

    Cedar Falls, IA

  97. Julie B says:

    You have really outdone yourself Becky (and team) to create such a fabulous new variety of goodies! The items that I’m especially excited about are the Themed Cards! I love them all, but narrowing it down, I’d say the Boy and Teen Boy really get my happy going because you’ve really needed some boy cards! I can’t wait to see these in the stores!

  98. Lee Ann Galligan says:

    Wish I was going to CHA summer… Your booth number is my birthday! You would be easy to find. Thanks for all of the new goodies!

  99. Laura says:

    I just got into PL (when you had HSN sale) and Im totally addicted!!! Loving the new products, but if i had to choose my favorite, I’d go with the Big Variety Pack 3 of the pocket pages. Love having a variety to choose from :-) Thanks so much for the chance!

  100. Jill Price says:

    Only 4 years ago?! Whew! Now I don’t feel so completely out of the loop as I started Project Life this year! I LOVE the clean crisp look of the corner rounder and date stamp – will definitely have to pick those up! Can’t wait for the Sunshine edition and the mini themes! Congratulations on all your success! We LOVE PL!

  101. ArlaMo says:

    Loving all the new products! My favorite has to be the new LDS missionary editions (and I love both, as I have an Elder serving and a Sister about to leave!)

    Walla Walla, WA

  102. Jill says:

    Love seeing all the new products this week! Have to say would love the boy theme kit as I have a 6 year old at home and am expecting our second boy in two weeks!

  103. Denise says:

    I love the variety pack #4 of new pages!

  104. Noel Aly says:

    Love everything! But the punch and stamp would come in really handy. Would love if you would make a 3×4 punch :(

  105. Aniko says:

    I am most excited about the new plastics! So many choices, I love it!

  106. JessicaS says:

    El Cajon, CA

    I love the new elder core kit and the merry and bright mini kit, so I am having a hard time choosing between them. I think I would have to go with the merry and bright mini kit though.

  107. Nita K. says:

    I love so much of what you have shown, but I think the Sunshine kit is my favorite. I know that my birthday wish list will be chock full of new PL items.

  108. Silvia Diaz says:

    Corner punch! Yes please! Score!

  109. Mary H says:

    Sooooo excited about the versatility the new plastics will add!! Looking forward to buying some of those and the Merry and Bright mini kit. Adorable!!

  110. Chatti says:

    I love the sunshine core kit/ beautiful mess kit. So lovely!

  111. Christine says:

    I am psyched about the Heritage Edeition. After many hours and 5 bottles of Undo, I rescued all my grandmother’s pics from those old peel back and stick down photo albums. She had also reinforced them with scotch tape!! So excited to have a quick but beautiful way to make an album for my mom. And it will really be fun to take it to the next family gathering with blank cards to get info, thoughts, memories, etc fom everyone. So excited! Thank you.

  112. Casey Britton says:

    LOVE everything! But I really think that the Mini Kit-Cut and Paste is my favorite! Followed by the Mini-Kit-Flea Market. Really excited about the themed cards though too! Can’t wait to see these start arriving in stores! Congrats Becky on another fabulous set of products! Every release just shows me how much I am grateful for the system you have developed and growth of your line! Thank you for helping all of us record our lives in a way that works for every individual and their style!

  113. wendy says:

    My two favorite things you’ve revealed this week are the Merry & Bright mini kit and the Music themed kit. Love them!!

  114. Denise says:

    I was really hoping to see a 3X4 punch in the new product reveals :(

    • Amanda Parham-Hall says:

      We R Memory Keepers has a 3×4 punch coming out late this month:) 1 w/ rounded corners & 1 w/o rounded corner-just thought I’d let u know:) Not Becky Higgins PL brand, but still useful!

    • Denise says:

      O.k., thanks :)

  115. Out of all of the new stuff, I think the new PLASTICS are my favorite. Fun!!

  116. mikie says:

    I just love the Heritage kit! I have six albums to make for my sisters and Mom…this will help so much!

  117. Daphne Massro says:

    I love the new kits, the themed kits, … everything is wonderful! I also love the colored leather and linen albums. I cant decide which one(s) I will buy! I love the Christian, Christmas, Teenager, School, Outdoors, all of the seasons, Outdoors, … well, all 36 of them! Will you be coming out with 8.5×11 albums and sheet protectors to match? Another suggestion … a graph spiral notebook for planning out pages and/or a journal? I would love to see a journal that I can place a picture a day; and lines to journal on …. :) You are such a blessing!!!

  118. Cynthia says:

    I just love the Sunshine edition. The binder is so cute. I haven’t scrapbooked in a few years and I’m excited to start again with Project Life.

  119. Marsha montgomery says:

    I need that corner rounder

  120. I am really excited about the big variety pack 3 with the small insert pages, I’d love to win that because that is my staple item! I’m also REALLY excited about all the themed cards and the new mini kits! And thrilled about all the new plastic layouts! Very excited for those too. I’ve been “around” {doing PL} since the end of 2011 so this is my 3rd product reveal and all I can say is you have outdone yourself each time and I have no idea how you will even come close next winter :)

  121. Ariel says:

    Love the new themed card packs!

    Benton, AR

  122. Wendy says:

    Love it all! So amazing and happy for you and your family. My favorite is the heritage edition. I have been wanting to scrap my family history for years but haven’t known how to tackle it all. So thankful I didn’t start it yet. Can’t wait to get my hands on this kit and get started!

  123. Michelle says:

    I LOVE the corner rounder!!

    Morgan Hill, CA

  124. Andrea Boures says:

    So many things to LOVE about all these new items! The Heritage kit is my favorite and I would love to give it to my mom so she can get all of her old photos into a scrapbook. Can’t wait to also get my hands on many of the themed kits as well as some new cloth albums. Love it all!

  125. Ang says:

    Picking just one is tough!!! I guess I’ll go with the Cut & Paste Mini Kit because I love Amy’s style. BUT I know I’m going to be getting the small variety pack 5, the corner punch, date roller, letter & day stickers and the dog themed cards too!! GREAT catalog!!!

  126. Diana Boso says:

    I’m in love with the new Sunshine core kit!! I’m brand new to PL (just bought my first kit last Saturday) and can’t wait to expand and get going on my albums. :)

  127. Amanda Parham-Hall says:

    I love so much that’s coming out, but id I had 2 choose 1 to win-lol-I’d choose the Small Variety of Pocket Pages #5! All the new plastics are amazing:) Thanks so much!

  128. Pinky Nepomuceno says:

    So excited for Merry and Bright!

  129. Missy says:

    Wow! From 1 original kit to a 106 page catalog! You rock! I have been with you from the beginning. Having to contain my “need” for ALL of the products. Beautifully done!

  130. Megan says:

    I can’t wait for the SUNSHINE core kit!!

  131. Jessica Mihm says:

    I love, love, LOVE so many of the new products! I love the corner rounder that MATCHES the core kits. I love the Heritage kit and all the mini kits!! Amy Tan, Dear Lizzy and Maggie Holmes are all AMAZING. I want them all. I love the supplementary sets–dog, Christian and love are a few of my favorites. If I had to pick an absolute favorite I think I have to go with with Sunshine Edition! So fun! But man, I want all of the new products! Well done!! :) thanks!

  132. jennie says:

    As much as I love Elsie and Emma’s new kit, I think my fave is the alphas! Can’t wait for them to arrive and stock up. And I so love how you chose the colors, keeping everything as simple and easy as possible, but still maintaining great design. This week has been fun!

  133. Heather says:

    I love everything but I think the Sunshine Edition has to be my favorite! It’s so colorful and cheery– I love it!

  134. Ebony says:

    All of the reveals have been AMAZING and this has just been such a fun week!!:-) I love everything, but if I had to pick a favorite….it would be the Cut and Paste Mini kit. It’s so adorable.

  135. Brittany Cazier says:

    I love the Elders kit. I would love to surprise my husband with a completed album with all of his mission memories! I’m looking forward to trying the Project Life way of memory keeping!

  136. Megan says:

    I love the Heritage kit! (And everything else too …)

  137. Trina H. says:

    I love the music themed cards.


  138. Emily S says:

    heritage kit – by FAR!!!! :)

  139. Amanda White says:

    Loving it all, but I’m most excited about the sister missionary kit! It will be perfect for my sister who is on a mission in Texas right now.

  140. Britt Bass says:

    That corner rounder had me at “hello”. : ) Great new releases lady!

  141. Brianne says:

    I love everything you have announced this week! I am impressed by the amount and variety of it all! The product I am most wanting is the missionary (elder) core kit. I would love to finally finish my husband’s missionary scrapbook! Thanks!

  142. Judy Ramage says:

    Oh my! How to choose?!? So many cool new offerings! That heritage kit looks like it needs to be added to my collection! Great job, Becky + PL Crew!

    (I’ll also be patiently waiting for that corner rounder. I’ve purchased 4 so far, but none of them are a perfect match and I’m rather particular I find. :-)


  143. Cindy L. says:

    The A Beautiful Mess kit is my fave!

  144. Cynthia B. says:

    You’re releasing SO many good things, it would be hard to mention just one item. Just off the top of my head, I “need” to go get the Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste mini kit. And the themed cards are awesome – one from each season – although the summer set speaks to me the most! :)
    So happy for all your success. A winning product – you’ve really revolutionized the way people document their memories!

  145. Jaimee Howard says:

    OK, so awesome new products…way to take all my money. But if I have to pick favorites here I have to ask first…did you put a hidden camera in my home? Because the new Big Pack 3 includes literally all the plastics I use in one box!!! And I am seriously not joking. Also the Amy Tan Cut and Paste mini kit is equally awesome, will be getting my hands on that FOR SURE!!

  146. Kathy Reid says:

    Wow, so much fun stuff! My favorite is the Sister Missionary kit! So cute and would be perfect to help me get my mission pictures out of a box (where they have been for years) and into an album.

  147. Hope says:

    Congratulations Becky! I’ve been a fan for the past 4+ years and it’s amazing to see how the products have progressed in that short time! I’m excited for you, and mostly for us, your
    customers who get to use all these great products! Congrats!

    Oh, and I LOVE the Theme Card packs! These are genius!

  148. Donna says:

    Oh my goodness Becky I am dancing in my seat with anticipation for these new products, the lined ledger cards are going to be the first thing I order along with many more. You are right on target as far as I am concerned with the products you are producing for us, thank you so much for all you do for your Project Life family….Donna

  149. Joye says:

    I’m a sucker for Halloween, so the Halloween Mini kit made me squeal just a little… :D

    Cincinnati, OH

  150. Nicole says:

    I see you have new and older kits/products listed. If a product (Bridgeport or core kit baby for him, etc.) aren’t listed, are they being discontinued?

  151. Kristin Hinderks says:

    The tropical card set is on the top of my list!!
    Omaha, NE

  152. Rachelle says:

    I’m loving so many of your products and I think it’s so fantastic that you have solution-based products that so many people are so excited about…including me! As soon as school starts, I’m going to be working fast and furious on albums for each of my girls that I’ll give to them as Christmas gifts. I’m for sure going to get my hands on some of the new plastics and lined ledger cards.

    My favorite new product? Definitely the Missionary Kit for Elders – my nephew is the first to serve a mission for our family and we’re so proud of him!

  153. Susan T says:

    The new products are so exciting! It s hard to choose one, but I think the heritage kit is my favorite.

    The Woodlands, TX

  154. Linda says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy… cloth D ring binders, corner punch, arrows, lined ledger cards, etc. I want it all!!! :)

  155. Patti says:

    I would have to say my favorite new product is the missionary kit for sisters. You know those cute girls are going to want to document their missions and there are so many of them going out right now! You are amazing in all that you do…

    Roseville, CA

  156. The Dear Lizzy & Maggie Holmes are my favs. but the thing I am most excited about is the corner punch! I have bought 3 different corner punches and they never seem to fit just right! YAY!!!!!

  157. Carrie says:

    So many exciting products to shout about… I’m new to PL – heard about it just 6 months ago and have since bought everything available on the HSN launch (including pens and mini album kits), a Baby HIM edition, RAIN edition, Wedding mini kit, Holiday mini kit, plastics, and more.

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting the albums to hold my projects in finished form! I would love a Rain faux leather album because I’m mixing the RAIN edition (matches my wedding colors) and Wedding mini kit to finally get my wedding album complete now 13 years later.

    I also love the Small variety pack 4 & 6, Heritage edition (beautiful), Flea Market, and Missionary kits – you’ve now offered so many items to make my project list swell. Thank you!

  158. Jen Miller says:

    One of everything, please! ;)

  159. Charlene says:

    A favorite????? How in the world do I pick that…..I LOVE IT ALL!!! and I LOVE you!!! :) So thankful for Project Life!!!!!

  160. Esther Goh says:

    my favourite is the corner rounder for PL! <3

  161. Kay says:

    I love it all! Does that count? :) Seriously, I am in love with it all, but I gotta say the Dear Lizzy set, or the plastics, or the new sheet protectors, or the new albums, or, yeah, all of it! LOVE!

  162. Rachelle says:

    love all the new product reveals! hard to choose a fav, but I think I would say the baseball and football theme cards. can’t wait to see them in stores.

  163. Congrats on all your new products, it is amazing to see how far project life has come! I love all your products but my ALL time FAv that I can’t wait to gt my hands on is the new plastics – small packs 3 and 4 look amazing! I can’t wait to get these and start using them. I love using my plastics for every project I can think of … and those 3x4s are amazing!
    Thank you for all you do Becky, I love your product! :)

  164. allie says:

    I love it all! I think im most excited aboit the dog themed minis and the new instagram orientations in plastics!

  165. eva scott says:

    oh my gosh, seriously soooo much I love and want. Really love Amy Tan and the Dear Lizzy mini kits, also love A Beautiful Mess kit!! Congrats to you!

  166. I love that corner punch!!!

  167. Kristy Lentz says:

    I love everything! Especially the lined and ledger cards and the date stamp! I have been with you every step of the way! I remember 4 years ago New Years Day trying to order Project Life, getting frustrated, angry, yelling at my family…lol Seems a lifetime ago! Congrats on your success with PL!

  168. Jennifer Thomas says:

    Yay! I am definitely most excited about the corner rounder! I have gone through so many (crappy) corner punches trying to get them to match the cards and I am super excited to see one that will definitely match! :)


  169. Debra B says:

    Wow! Love everything you have shown us this week. My absolute favorite is the Sunshine Edition. So bright and happy. Would love to mak an album for my kids with it.

    San Marcos, Ca

  170. Skye says:

    There are so many beautiful things. The one that really stands out is the Merry & Bright kit. I cannot wait to get my hands on that one when it is in stores =-)

    I’d love to see a thankful kit by the way =-)

  171. Rebecca says:

    I love all the new products coming out. I’m already starting my wish list! I’m looking forward to snapping up the corner punch. I love the round look to all my photos.

  172. Angela Ke says:

    I love the boys themed set. It is so cute. But with all the exciting new products it’s really hard to select just one favorite. I will have to add some to my Santa list. Thanks

  173. LuannW says:

    Just one that is so hard!!!!! The Sunshine Edition is gorgeous! although the corner punch is a very close second!

  174. Robbin says:

    I am new to Project Live having stumbled on to the site when looking for some photobook information – I LOVE the heritage core kit!! and have to have it in the digital version! Becky, these are phenomenol designs and can’t wait to start an entire PL project!



  176. Bryan says:

    My wife’s mom died a few years ago & she inherited photos & memorabilia from her Grandmother, Uncle & Mom. I would LOVE to get the Heritage Edition kit for my wife as she works on preserving her family history.

  177. Dolly says:

    Oh man…one item is too hard. I’m going to say the Maggie Holmes kit and the Love theme set. Quick hit submit before I change my mind! There is a ton of goodness this release!

  178. Laura M says:

    I love the new releases!! I can’t wait to go back and get more photos in albums. It’s hard to pick a favorite because I’m loving the themed kits, but if I can only pick one thing it’s the Merry & Bright Mini Kit.

  179. Teri C says:

    I’m very excited for everything that you’ve shown this week but I can’t wait to get my hands on a corner rounder. And the new souvenir pockets!

  180. Laura A says:

    LOVE, LOVE Maggie Holmes flea market mini kit-it completely reflects her sweet spirit!!!!!!!!

  181. Erin S says:

    Everything is so beautiful! I LOVE the Sunshine Edition Core kit! (that constellation card is awesome!)
    So excited about this!

    Erin S
    Bailey MI

  182. Maitland D. says:

    I am fairly new to project life and the fact that new products were just announced makes me really happy. I really love it all but probably would have to pick the flea market mini kit as my favorite. It is so beautiful! I love the patterns and the vintage feel! And it would be really fun to work with! :)

  183. Michele R. says:

    Hmm… Hard to choose… My most favorite is the sunshine kit or the holiday kit.

  184. Anna Vollmer says:

    I love the new flea market mini kit!
    In fact I love ALL of the new products! Cant wait to see them in person!

  185. Christie says:

    I love the corner rounder! I still have my CM corner rounder from many years ago. It is getting harder and harder to sharpen it. I also love Amy Tan’s mini kit. So cute!

  186. Emily Straw says:

    Oh wow, that’s a lot of goodies! I definitely am most excited about the corner punch. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Loveland, Colorado

  187. Yvonne Gronau says:

    My favorite are the boy and girl themed cards. I could so easily see those fitting in with who my kids are and I’m very excited to be able to use them in my PL albums. A close 2nd is the History core kit. Love it! Congratulations Becky and team on your success over the years. Thank you so much for being willing to listen to the customers and for all the hard work you do. Congratulations on a 100+ page catalogue! Amazing!

  188. Angel S/ says:

    Project Life as changed my life recently. I aways have my camera ready now to snap a picture and capture the memory of my everyday blessings. Love it! I really like the sunshine kit.

  189. Olinda says:

    im loving all the new products!! but especially loving
    the new corner rounder punch!!!

  190. Mel says:

    I’m most excited for the new plastics!!

  191. Laureen says:

    I’m super happy about the corner rounder! My OCD will be satisfied at last :) lol

  192. KristiG says:

    I love the concept of the new theme card packs. I counted a dozen that I will buy immediately on release (if I have the $) and most of the rest are on my wish list. But I think my favorite product of all of the new ones is the Christmas mini kit by Crystal W. I’m a big fan of hers, and think this would be great to get a few of all my prior years’ Christmas pics scrapped.

  193. My favorites would be the Sunshine kit and the corner rounder!

  194. Chanda Herndon says:

    I like so many of the new products. But I guess if I have to pick a favorite it would be the sunshine kit. I really love the bright colors.

  195. April W says:

    Definitely the Polka Dot Party mini kit!!
    – April W

  196. Alicia says:

    I love the cloth albums, the merry & bright kit, and the teen boy themed kit! All very cool stuff!

  197. Kate says:

    I LOVE the Heritage Edition…It will look so great with the black & white and the sepia photos. Beautiful!

  198. Gina Ponce says:

    I absolutely love the Lined + Ledger Cards. They are so awesome! I cannot wait to get my hands on them & start journaling away! :)

  199. EmmaJ says:

    So excited for all these products but especially the corner rounder.
    I’m not rounding another corner until I get this one!
    Manassas, VA

  200. Jessica Havens says:

    My head is spinning after seeing all these product reveals this week! I LOVE all of them. I especially love the themed music, great outdoors and themepark cards. The Theme Park ones would go great with my current project life vacation album where we went to Universal Studios! Thank you for putting together such amazing products that make it easy for me to document my life!!

  201. Gina E says:

    I love the Heritage Core kit and will be looking at that for my husband’s baby album! I think it is my favorite. But there are several mini kits and theme cards that are coming out that I’m excited about!!

  202. Jen S says:

    Ummm… I’m supposed to pick 1 thing that I’m excited about?! GULP! I guess my most favoritist is the merry & bright mini kit… love the corner rounder though too… and the new plastics… it’s all good BH!!

  203. krista says:

    This is all great! If you twist my arm and I have to choose, I’ll go with the corner rounder. I am a little OCD so I love that everything will finally match!

    Alexandria KY

  204. I have completely worn out my CM corner rounder….so….the timing of your PL corner rounder couldn’t be more perfect! Thanks for the chance to win! & congrats to you on all the new products! Simply amazing :)

  205. Dorraine Coulter says:

    I LOVE project life, everything! I am most excited about the new corner punch!



    Tucson, AZ

  206. thatchbo says:

    I am especially happy to have the days of the week stickers back. Can’t wait to get them.

  207. Jill M Flodstrom says:

    Hi Becky,
    I’m so happy for your success, you have taken a great idea and turned it into a legacy for your family. I am pumped that you have created the corner rounder and date stamp! As an original Project 365 user I took a look at my date stamp the other day and thought, crud I’m going to have to hunt another one down and then today you announced it!! I’m also excited for the heritage kit, that is going to allow me to get so many albums off my “to scrap” list. Thanks again for all you do! Jill

  208. Kris P. says:

    I have loved everything. But, I am torn between the new corner punch ( YEAH!) and I love and can’t wait to get some themed card sets. Great idea.

  209. Marlene Moore says:

    Love, love, love everything but the new themed mini sets are fabulous, brilliant idea! Congratulations on everything :)

  210. I adore the Sunshine kit, and the new boy cards are great too! LOVE them all, really!

  211. Heidi D. says:

    So hard to choose – all the new products are wonderful! But the one product I’m most looking forward to is the Lined and Ledger cards – they are simple and very versatile and can be used in so many different ways and coordinate with every core kit!

  212. Heather says:

    My favorite would be the Christian pack. I love it.

  213. Emma says:

    I’m most excited for the new plastics, especially the ones incorporating more 3×4 and 4×4 slots.

  214. Aaron says:

    I LOVE the Sunshine edition Album!

  215. Patty G. says:

    I love all the new mini kits coming out, but is it crazy that I am MOST excited by the CORNER ROUNDER punch?!? Thanks for the chance to win!

  216. PL has meant so much to me over the 3 yrs (this is our 3rd) that I’ve been able to document our lives. I am so happy that you brought this to us and now seeing the new products makes me that more excited to document the yrs to come. Especially with our newborn little girl who was born 2 wks ago who was born at 27wks 6days It is a hard round we are facing but with God first she will be OK but I have been making sure to document her journey and have been doing so since I was expecting w/her own PL album. Thank you SO much for all these amazing products and such a wonderful way to document our lives.

  217. Sara B says:

    I’m SUPER excited about the Sunshine Core Kit! I love that it was designed by sisters! They remind me so much of my sister and I and our dreams of owning a business together one day!! A Beautiful Mess…love it!

  218. Kristen says:

    I love the theme sets; the one I would probably use the most right now is Princess. I’m sure I’ll end up with them all eventually, though :)

  219. Karen Brooks says:

    I love them all! Love the catalog too!

  220. Jessica C says:

    I’m excited about the corner punch!

  221. Marty Buckley says:

    My Favorite is the Sunshine Core Kit!!

    Mansfield, TX

  222. Sue says:

    Seriously love it all! The minis are such
    A great addition! My favorite is the corner
    Rounder but I’d love to win the Dear Lizzy
    Polka Dots kit for my DD, Lizzie! Thx!

  223. Courtney H says:

    Love everything but my absolute favorite would have to be the new Sunshine edition!

  224. Lisa Marie says:

    Love the sunshine kit and the separate card sets! This is so exciting to see Project Life everywhere!

    Lisa Marie
    Woodbury, MN

  225. Haley Williams says:

    I Love the Sunshine Core Kit!!
    Mansfield TX

  226. Julie Buckley says:

    The Sunshine Kit looks amazing!

  227. Trisha says:

    I am loving all the fun new theme packs, the outdoors, holidays and many others because of all the fun colors. My favorite is the new boy pack for my 6 month old!!

  228. DJ says:

    Looking forward to using the heritage kit to scrap vintage family photos.

  229. Lindsay N says:

    Christian, Music, & Road Trip are my faves!!! I love all of them!!!

  230. Lori says:

    Love the theme packs, the mini kits just didn’t have enough holiday cards for me. Also the 4×4 plastics are great! Can’t wait to see all the new stuff!

    Richmond, VA

  231. Michelle says:

    By far, the Heritage Edition is my favorite!!

  232. MaryBeth Hudson says:

    LOVE all the new products, but I would choose the corner rounder! Can’t wait for all te new releases.

  233. Marie-Pierre says:

    I love everything. One thing I’m missing is a date stamps that goes back in time though…..I was born in 1977 so everything from that year up would be great to have! ;) Otherwise, I love everything!!!! :)

  234. Heidi Cannon says:

    LDS missionary cards…love them! It makes it real that my daughter could be leaving soon though…ugh! (not to mention my son soon after that)

  235. Jamie says:

    These are all so cool! LOVING the new plastics and can’t wait to get them.

  236. Janet says:

    I love the theme packs and the Merry and Bright mini kit, but my favorite practical additions are the design W and design X plastics. I have lots of 4×6 photos I want to put in an album with only a couple 3×4 journaling cards without cropping the photos to fill up extra 3×4 slots, so these pages are great. The only thing I don’t like is that they come in a variety pack with two other designs that have more 3X4 windows, which I don’t need.

  237. Tracy Horgan says:

    I had to make a list of my favorites then start crossing out. This was hard since there are SO MANY awesome new things… I am going with the Celeste Knight Core Kit :)

  238. Ashley Drumright says:

    Love the theme cards! Especially the cat and school ones!

  239. Shannon W says:

    I really love the Themed cards, corner rounder and the Variety Pack 3 sheet protectors.

    I think my favorite would be the Heritage Core kit!!

  240. Vi says:

    Sunshine. Sunshine is my favorite. It’s been astounding to see how intuitively the Project Life kit designers reflect and adapt to changes in design trends–which can move quickly. And not just scrapbook design. The kits reflect overall design trends, while still being adaptable for scrapbooking. That’s an amazing accomplishment. And I think it’s reflected beautifully in the Sunshine kit.

  241. HeatherDG says:

    Another great group of releases! I usually have a tough time picking a fave, but hands down it’s Dear Lizzy’s Mini Kit for me!! Thanks for the chance to win…I’ll be watching the stores!

  242. Mary says:

    Oh, the Sunshine edition. My daughter is leaving for college in a few weeks, and it would be great for her to keep her new memories in the midst of exciting change.

  243. Chrissy says:

    THE must have… the corner rounder! I use a 1/4″ now and it just isn’t the same. I will be SO happy when the corners match.

    I was hoping to see the 3″x4″ punch. Is it still in the works? It would make it so much nicer, faster, and simpler when printing digital cards rather than having to use a paper trimmer and then a corner rounder – one punch and done. I think of all of my unused paper I could convert to project life cards! That would be awesome.

    Keep up the the great work Becky! Looking forward to the release of the new items. :)

  244. DonnaW888 says:

    I’d love the Sunshine Kit! So bright and happy!

    I’m looking forward to spending so many happy hours scrapbooking with your gorgeous, new products. Thank you so much for taking the chance and creating Project Life!!!

    Mill Creek, WA

  245. Laura M says:

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to get started!

  246. Amber D says:

    Oh gosh, I love soooo much of this new stuff.. But I would have to say my favorites are the Sunshine life kit and cloth album, and the new plastics! Gorgeous!

  247. Leslie H (tripswithtykes) says:

    My favorite is definitely the Halloween set of cards! But there are easily a dozen others products I’m going to buy!!!

  248. Kendra says:

    I absolutely LOVE EVERYTHING! How do I pick just one thing that is my favorite….hmmmm….. I LOVE the new Big Variety Pack 3 of protectors! I have needed those particular protectors in my current albums. BUT I also love the kits, and the cloth albums, and the ….. EVERYTHING!


    Bay City, MI

  249. Erin M says:

    I am in love with the new corner rounder punch! This is a dream come true to have one that matches the core kits!

  250. Liz H says:

    The corner rounder and the new lined cards. Beautiful products!

    Liz H.
    Villa Park, IL

  251. Angie says:

    Having been a fan of yours since the very beginning, I am not surprised to see how well you’ve done!! Congrats on all your accomplishments! I just adore so many of these mini kits and look forward to incorporating them into my album.

    Pensacola, FL

  252. Rana says:

    The corner rounder is my favorite.
    Rana Kowal Honolulu, Hawaii

  253. Yana says:

    Everything looks so awesome. I love The sunshine core kit.
    Denver, CO

  254. ee says:

    I want it all! But I adore everything Elsie so my fave has got to be the new Sunshine kit.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Houston, TX

  255. Veronica says:

    I LOVE the holiday collections. And the binders/albums (any kind) look beautiful on a shelf. So slick! Of the new products – I am looking forward to purchasing the corner rounder, and seeing the quality of the cloth albums.

    Williams Lake, BC

  256. Hope says:

    I’m smitten by the new arrow, day, and alpha stickers. I love the neutral color choices. :)

  257. I am just getting into this and can see where the corner rounder is going to be a top sellers for you. Love getting my family photos printed and saved, just got the Honey kit last week and am ready to go.
    My favorite is the corner rounder

  258. Jennifer Monroe says:

    So excited about the Americana themed cards! Love them!

  259. Jill Leake says:

    Love the new sunshine kit!

    Wahiawa, HI

  260. Angie Pond says:

    I LOVE all the new themed cards and would be thrilled to have any of those. I can’t wait to buy some.

  261. Michelle says:

    First of all congratulations for all the new products. All designers did an amazing job. The item that I can’t wait to get my hands on his the themed cards: great outdoors. Super Exciting. Michelle, Middletown, Ohio

  262. alice s. says:

    Love the page protector with all horizontal 3×4 spaces. Sweetness!

  263. I am in love with the Beatiful mess kit! I have been following them for years, so the combo of 2 of my favorite things is just too much!! So excited about all the new products!! Lauren

  264. Trish B says:

    I love the new heritage edition. It’ll be a must buy.

    Candor, NY

  265. Amanda D. says:

    Wow! There are so many new items that I want! I absolutely love the “Boy theme cards” though. With a four year old son & another son on the way I am always looking for masculine things I like, and I absolutely love the boy theme cards. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Amanda D.

  266. Carrie T says:

    First, thanks for doing the giveaway. Second, I love it all! Choosing was so difficult, so I wrote down the products, closed my eyes (lol), and.. . it’s Cut & Paste by Amy Tan!

  267. Megan G says:

    I love all the themed card kits – look forward to those in digital!

  268. Christine W. says:

    My absolute favorite is the Sunshine Core Kit….but that doesn’t mean there aren’t several of the themed sets I have my eye on as well as plastics, and that punch, and that stamp…I could go on and on!

    Belleville, IL

  269. Karen Reinhart says:

    I can’t wait for the lined cards.

  270. Jennifer says:

    Such an exciting week! Love the new themed sets and the corner rounder.

    Favorite, hands down, cannot wait for the Heritage Project Life Edition!!!

    Pittsburgh, PA

  271. Lara Read says:

    Oh wow what an amazing release. I love the Missionary (Elder) kit, being that I have two out right now I could really use it :)

  272. Kristina says:

    I love the lined cards. Actually, I love all of it!

  273. I am so excited about all of the new releases, but the item I am looking forward to most is the Heritage kit!! My second must have item is the new corner rounder…just can’t wait until I can get my hands on them! :)

  274. Faye Warriner says:

    Lots of great products, can’t wait to play with them

  275. Julie says:

    I love all the new page protector designs, and would love a variety pack!

    Indio, CA

  276. Kathy S. says:

    The corner rounder and teen boy mini kit – but is really hard to choose! So much fun stuff!

  277. MelissaShim604 says:

    Becky, I am not project lifer but I do love your items as they are so versatile! Congrats on the new goodies that are coming out – I’m sure they’ll be a hit! Would love to win, fingers crossed!!!

    Melissa Shim

  278. dawn says:

    WOW, another great day of surprises!! It’s been an amazing week, thanks so much for making this fun for us and dragging it out!!

    I’m not sure how to pick just one, the Sunshine Kit, Americana, Soccer, BOYS, Girls, plastics any of these would make my day!! Surprise me! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  279. Deiga says:

    Awesome-ness! Hard to choose just one favorite, but since I’m in the midst of doing my boys’ albums, I love the Boy and Teen Boy theme sets (along with Baseball, and Pet). The 4×4 page protectors, because my boys’ childhood photos are 3×3 and 4×4 from the 70’s and early 80’s … and, the corner rounder. So happy for that! Thanks, and congratulations.

  280. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely love the holiday mini kit! Would love to see 3 x 4 punch in the future. Thanks for helping me get back into scrapbooking after three kiddos!

  281. Archana says:

    Wow…i love all the new releases. I would love to have all of them in my collection.Thanks for a chance to win them.

  282. Sue Alger says:

    Congratulations on the success of PL. You know you have a great idea/product when you se so many “copy cat” products out there. I really don’t have a favorite, just like the entire collection. PL has definitely changed the way I scrap. I’ve been a scrapper for over 20 years (I’m a 66 year old grandmother). PL has taken the “perfection” out of my scrapping. Instead I’ve been focusing on my everyday life and trying to leave a legacy for my grandkids. THANK YOU BECKY!!

  283. Nicole says:

    Too hard to choose! I like the page packs…especially the small 6 and the large 3. I also love the merry and Bright mini kit. They are all lovely though!

  284. Jodi S says:

    I want almost everything that you’ve revealed this week! I think the Heritage kit is the one that I’ve been hoping you’d come out with though and absolutely love the look of it!

  285. Sophia says:

    I am in love with the flea Market mini kit. The colors are so fun

  286. Hilari Hussey says:

    Love the lined cards!! And can not wait to purchase the kit designed by Elsie & Emma! The cloth albums all look beautiful! Thank you for creating such a wonderful memory keeping system.

  287. Billie says:

    Love the new products! Any chance of a 3×4 punch for photos? I made a template for cropping my photos and then use a corner rounder but it would be so convenient to have a punch!

  288. Sandy says:

    My #1 PL crush is the Polka Dot Party Mini Kit, but the list is long.

  289. TracyJ says:

    My favorite would be the Sunshine core kit.

  290. Sheena Mawson says:

    I had been resisting…since I have a 6 month old ds (01/13) and a 2 year old dd (3/11)…I don’t have a ton of time to scrap. But since I started following you on facebook I have been falling in love with the idea of PL. Last week I ordered the olive set (core cards, dividers, 12×12, binder) and rain. They came and I was hooked. Ordered another olive and cinnamon and a bunch more plastic pages.

    Now watching all the new releases!!! Oh My!! Must have the corner rounder, love all the new plastic pages, love the mini kits (dog and zoo will be the first two I buy!!). I need to get pictures printed so I can keep ordering more!!

  291. Adriane says:

    I am loving the ledger cards and the corner rounder! (And everything else too!)

  292. Joyce Wang says:

    I am in LOVE with the Great Outdoors and Road Trip Themed Card sets!! I know exactly how I’m going to use them already! Thank you for expanding the PL products. I have been a very happy Project Lifer for 2 years now.

  293. Chandi says:

    Wow it is so hard to choose but I love the new Heritage kit and the flea market mini kit so much. Some of the plastics with more vertical 4×6 spaces are awesome. And of course, the extra themed cards are so cute.

  294. Sheri T says:

    How can you only pick ONE thing that is a favorite. Loving the new specialty kits and the Corner Rounder….especially since it will round like everything else in PL is already!!!

  295. Rakhi says:

    I love all your products. I have been a fan sin the project 365 days. (I own one of the original kits) if I had to choose three items I would like to win they would be 1) Seasons mini kit 2) Baseball themed cards and 3) the corner round punch. It was really difficult to just pick three. ;)

  296. Melanie A says:

    Super excited about several of the new products but I think the top of my list so far is the Heritage kit. I can’t wait to get some old photographs into some albums! I think I might just have to travel to some relatives and do some scanning to get even more pictures! I’m going to need one for my family and one for hubby’s family!

  297. Megan says:

    Loving the new Christmas theme kit and the plastics that hold square photos. These new products are the best set yet. I love all the theme kits and hope to see many more in the future. I like to mix up my albums and these kits along with the Studio Calico kit are perfect!

  298. Julia says:

    So many new products! How is a girl to choose her favorite from all the beauties that you introduced this week?? If I had to just choose one, I would choose the corner rounder or the new ledger journaling cards.

  299. Laura BC says:

    You are so mean! How can we pick just one? It’s tied between the ledger cards and the plastics in variety pack 5. If I’m lucky enough to win, you’ll have to surprise me.

    Deephaven, MN

  300. Kathy H says:

    I’m new to Project Life so am excited and full of ideas! I especially like your Fall and Man’s World theme cards. A special thanks to your team for their inspiring ideas!

  301. Mayla M says:

    All the new products are awesome! If I had to choose I’d pick the Cobalt Cloth Album, love it!

    Hillsboro, OR

  302. Sandy says:

    Love, love, LOVE the Heritage kit!

  303. Robin Gibson says:

    Well, clearly all the products ate winners! I’m especially drawn to the Sunshine kit, by Elsie & Emma! Of course :) Thanks for all your hardwork! Everything is amazing!!

    Robin Gibson, Asheville, NC

  304. I love the Amy Tangerine mini kit!! Everything is so cute!

  305. Carol White says:

    LOVE all the new products. What eye candy!!! Love the themed cards, the mini-kits, the punch…but ESPECIALLY the heritage kit. The Heritage Kit would be my number one pick.


  306. Meagan Ramsey says:

    O my gosh… SUCH a hard choice to pick from all the amazing new releases! But if I really had to choose, I just can’t get over Elsie and Emma’s new Sunshine kit!

  307. Chrystal says:

    I live the family history kit!
    Houston, Tx

  308. Lynn says:

    Oh, how to choose just one thing! I like the Heritage kit a lot. The neutral colors would be great for so many projects.

  309. Cathy A. says:

    This is an impossible task to choose just one favorite…I’d pick the family heritage kit if pushed into a decision :) SO many great new goodies this week. Thank you!!

    Cathy A.
    Delmar, NY

  310. Suzy Coborn says:

    I love everything but really can’t wait for the Heritage Edition of PL!

  311. Jill says:

    Love the new options in plastics ~ especially the small variety pack 6! How fun to mix things up a bit! Also love the ledger cards (goes right along with my love for office and school supplies!) :) Either one would make me happy! :)

    Thanks so much for all you do, Becky! Project Life has re-energized my scrapbooking!

  312. tirzah says:

    I am excited about the corner rounder and the new plastics suited for instagram photos.

    Orem, UT

  313. Kristena Caudle says:

    Corner punch and the sunshine core kit!

  314. Tanya says:

    I love all of the new products, but I have been waiting for the Corner Rounder. None of the ones I have match the cards. :)

  315. Melissa says:

    I think I am most excited to see the Cut & Paste Mini Kit. I don’t really need my whole year to be from the same kit. That kit looks like it has some awesome cards.

  316. Dianne says:

    I would love the Heritage Edition core kit!

    Dianne, Corvallis, OR

  317. Katie B says:

    I love all of the new products, but my favorite is the Sunshine Core Kit.

  318. Belinda says:

    I love the corner rounder!! It will make me happy to see my photos with the rounded corners to match my album. :-)

  319. Denise E says:

    I’m loving it all, but I think I’m most excited to see all the themed cards – Boys, Theme Park, Faith, too many to choose from! And, I definitely need the Corner Rounder! I’m with the lady who asked to have a short cut button for “Please send me one of everything”!! =o)

  320. Alisha W. says:

    Everything you release is fabulous and so many items I would love to have but the one thing I want badly is the Heritage kit. I lost my grandmother in May and I have looked at many other kits but they are all geared toward older black and white photos while most of mine are in color. I want this so my myself and my boys will have a book of our family without having the genealogy that most often comes with heritage albums.

  321. Hanne says:

    Amazing! So excited!
    I’m really dying to see the two kits exclusive to Michaels because Michaels is the only craft store we have in town in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.
    I don’t know what is my favourite – the Heritage kit is at the top of my list, but I also love the mini kits!
    And I have a list of about ten of the small packs of cards……….So great, thank you!

  322. Kathy Weeks says:

    I love the ledger cards!

  323. Brianna B says:

    I am excited about the corner punch and the new layout options in the page projectors.

  324. Katie O says:

    I like the Polka Dot Party Mini Kit from Elizabeth Kartchner

  325. Jessica says:

    Love that there is something for everyone! I started PL the very first year when it was Project 365. My youngest was born that January and I am so thankful that I did. Otherwise I don’t think I would have anything from his first year documented yet! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product! It is hard to choose a favorite, but I really love the Heritage Kit. A few days before you released information about the kit I had been thinking how much I would love something like that to use for photos of my grandparents or even my childhood photos. Thank you!

  326. Rosie H. says:

    I absolutely love the Maggie Holmes mini kit!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  327. Heather says:

    I would love the 3×4 lined cards. Also can’t for the new pages to be available.

  328. Carolina says:

    I love ALL the new products, I especially love the sunshine edition and I am SUPER excited about the roller date stamp and corner rounder!!!!!!!

  329. Natalie says:

    So many beautiful things to choose from!! I love it all but I absolutely LOVE the Sunshine core kit!!! This is the one I want to use to make a family album!

  330. Laurie Ferguson says:

    I am loving all the new stuff!! Stickers, albums, cards with lines….. my list is getting longer!!

  331. Sonia says:

    All of the products are wonderful, but my budget only allows for a few of them. One that is definitely on my list is the cut and paste mini edition by Amy Tan.

  332. Luly Gonzalez says:


    The heritage kit or multi pack C would be at the top of my list.

    Also a mini kit for swimming ( swim team ) would be a great future edition!
    Thanks Luly G, Niles, il

  333. Sarka says:

    I love the Heritage Edition kit. Thank you!

  334. Tina says:

    Everything is amazing. So much eye candy everything is so fun to look at! I am excited about the missionary kits, they are so great.
    The design for the zoo theme is terrific, love it.
    You have some great designers as well as your amazing talents that I am so glad you share with us.

  335. Danielle says:

    I love the Merry and Bright Mini kit! The colors are beautiful!

  336. Laura P says:

    Everything is so great! I think that I love pretty much any of the themed cards and I’m in LOVE with the Cobalt cloth binder. Seriously – it’s speaking to me!

  337. RegiH says:


    You almost gave me a heart attack! Love ALL of them! You sure have been busy.

    While I am making a list for your give-away, it will also be my Wish List :).

    The themed packs- music (thank you), great outdoors (I have a Scout), theme park, dog, cats, teen boy, boy.
    The mini-kits Flea market, Cut & Paste, Polka Dot and…wedding (now I can FINALLY do mine!)
    The ledger and lined cards are great.
    Thank you for making the 4×6 in smaller packs. I also like your idea of taking photos of their artwork and doing the 3×4 pages.
    The Sunshine Edition is JUST gorgeous. I love the colors.
    and finally….I can not wait until 8/2 when Micheal’s will have the Vintage Travel and Dear Lizzy.

    My list is complete.

    Thank you millions for making my life just a little easier and less stressful.

  338. Tara says:

    I love the corner rounder! Can’t wait for it to be released! :)

  339. Laura says:

    I love them all but the merry & bright mini kit and the family card packs look awesome!

  340. Loni says:

    Love everything!!! Can’t wait for the Sunshine Edition. Thank you!

  341. Jonna Smith says:

    I LOVE the travel core kit and would appreciate it very much if I’m chosen as one of the winners. Thank you again SO MUCH for all you do for those of us who want to remember tomorrow the memories we are making today!

  342. Kristin says:

    My favorite is the Merry & Bright Mini Kit!

  343. Audrey Davis says:

    The new mini kits look great as well as all the themed packet of cards. But my favorite is the Sunshine core kit and album.

    Hillsborough, NC

  344. Jayme says:

    I love all of the themed packs, especially the one for school…just so happens my oldest will be starting kindergarten this year , so this set is a must for me!!

    Hanover, PA

  345. Cathy L. says:

    I love it all but the beautiful mess kit is a fave!

  346. Tina McNamara says:

    I LOVE the themed cards. My favorite being: Christian, Americana, School and Fall. It was an exciting week. Thanks Becky.

  347. Amanda A. says:

    I am in love with the corner rounder.

  348. Janelle says:

    WOW! Love it all, but the cobalt D-Ring albums are great, and I’ve been waiting and waiting for Design “L”! Also love the Family mini kit.

  349. RaeLyn says:

    this is amazing! I am so excited for your success–you deserve every bit of it!!! I love the themed cards–Boy is probably my favorite. There are several things on my “list” though!

  350. Missy C says:

    So many new products I LOVE.

    My favorite is probably the Big Variety Pack 3

  351. Keena says:

    I. Love. It. All! But I especially like the Dear Lizzy line. A lot! :)

  352. Lyn says:

    So many wonderful new items! I would love to win the Vintage Travel Edition. I am hoping to work on a vacation scrapbook this summer and it would be perfect!

  353. Debbie Hansen says:

    Love all the new plastics, especially small variety pack 6!

    Debbie Hansen
    Woodbury, MN

  354. thearthurz says:

    I love the new flea market set, the corner rounder and all of the themed cards. But, I love so much about many, many, many other items in the new product line!

  355. Anne says:

    I love all the new products that you have showcased this week…so excited to get many of them! Thank you for being so creative to keep us all inspired in documenting our lives!

  356. Pattie says:

    Love the music set – it will be perfect for my DD who is involved in all sorts of musical events!

  357. Kary says:

    Great job, guys! It all looks wonderful, but I will buy a LDS mission (Elder) edition the moment it is available. And probably 3 or 4 other editions too! Keep up the good work.

  358. Melinda Wilson says:

    I am so excited to see the new card kits!! I have lots of pictures that I need to get scrapbooked and having these would make it go quicker!

  359. Rhonda says:

    All the new products are amazing. Picking just one is nearly impossible. But I will have to go with the new Heritage Core kit. I have resisted for years (decades??) doing anything with boxes of old pictures for fear of glueing them down. This is finally the answer. THANK-YOU!!!!

    I also love the theme kits (music, especially) and the page protectors with 12 3X4 cards.

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a 3X4 punch and some 3.5 X 5″ plastics to fit my 1980s pictures!!!

    Thanks so much to you and your team for creating (and expanding) this wonderful product line!

  360. Melanie says:

    The Merry & Bright Mini Kit is one of my favorites (although I love ALL your products)

  361. Bethany Becker says:

    I love it all! The Christmas kit is adorable and the date stamp looks fabulous. Of course the new page protectors look great too. The kitty kit is a much needed collection for me. Thanks so much for the chance to win and I can’t wait to see these products hit the stores!
    Bethany in AZ

  362. Gale says:

    I love the variety! I love all the new products! How am I going to collect all of these? I just received Kraft and Rain core kits to complete my collection a few days ago. I currently have all of the released core kits and mini kits, including the Project 365 and Project Life (the first one)! If I have to choose I love the Heritage Core Kit paired with Design K plastics and the corner rounder. My Uncle (75 years young) is visiting from the Philippines and is telling stories of my mom’s youth and when he first met me. My sons are listening and laughing with me and at me as they listen to these stories. I can’t wait to document all of his memories with this kit. I am keeping a journal and counting the days till it goes online (amazon).

  363. Fontaine P says:

    I love the heritage edition!

  364. Kelly says:

    Love all of the great product announcements this week! I’ll have to start saving up. :) My three favorite new items are the Sunshine core kit, Vintage Travel core kit, and dog theme set.

  365. Melanie says:

    I LOVE all the new product. My favorite is
    the 5th and Frolic kit and album with the
    gorgeous tree and story of us- how great!!

  366. Stacey says:

    I’d love new variety pack 4. Well, really I want all of it, but that seems like a good place to start. ;)

  367. Amber says:

    I am loving everything! So many awesome plastics to fit the 3×4 cards which is awesome because I feel like I need every kit! And my favorite has to be the beautiful mess kit this time around. Love it!

  368. Irene S says:

    I love all of them. How do you choose? I love the Amy Tangerine kit, the Halloween kit and the baseball kit.

  369. Maddie says:

    Ok, if I HAVE to choose, I would pick Maggie Holmes- so talented!! But really I love it ALL!!!

  370. Pamela J says:

    my favorite is the Merry and Bright Mini Kit…but all the items are exciting!

    Derby KS

  371. Dani says:

    I’m truly in love with the Heritage Edition and the Family Edition! Can’t wait until they are in stores! You somehow have made it so much more fun by adding lots of options, and STILL keeping it simple! Thank you so much for all you do! PS – I’ll be buying a corner rounder too! =)

  372. Christina A says:

    I do not have time to make my daughters clothes so I have vowed each year to make her Halloween costumes. I have successfully done this and have truly loved it. I would love to easily create a Halloween album with your great Halloween kit!

  373. Kristie M says:

    My wish list is already getting a bit long. But my favorite items are the Heritage core kit and the small variety pack #3 of the new pocket pages. Oh, and all the new mini kits. Super cute!
    Kristie M.
    Puyallup, WA

  374. Liz Holland says:

    I love all the new products, especially the Merry and Bright mini kit. I am so excited for the theme cards, as well. I am new to Project Life, and my wish list keeps growing longer!!

  375. Sara Golden says:

    I get more excited about Project Life with each new item. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new ledger cards, and the Heritage, Family kits. I’ve already picked up the new seasons mini kit and have my eye on the holiday mini kit. I’m loving it!

  376. Vicki M says:

    Love so much but I’m really excited for the corner punch :)

  377. Tami Evans says:

    Not sure I can pick one! I would be happy with any one piece. But thinking one of the new cloth albums! Oh I want to dive head first into every piece!

  378. Emily says:

    How to choose just one? But I am so excited for the photo corner punch. I’ve been looking for something like this and now it’s coming. Hooray!

    I am curious, will there ever be a 3 ring mini album? Every new product reveal I secretly hope for that. Just wondering.

    Thanks for wonderful and diverse products. SO MUCH FUN!!!

    Emily L
    Round Rock, TX USA

  379. Angela Hidlebaugh says:

    I love, love the 5th & Frolic edition! so cute + pretty!! :)

    Such an exciting week of new stuff! My wishlist is getting longer, too…

    Warsaw, Indiana

  380. Lori says:

    I like the cut & paste kit. The corner rounder is a nice little tool also.

  381. Hannah says:

    So HARD to choose just one! I like the Elder LDS Missionary Edition so I can tackle my husbands missionary album!!!

  382. Camie Sugden says:

    I love the cut and paste kit … But i need the elder kit and the mini ledger cards too … So many choices. FUN!!

  383. Shanon says:

    What a great week. The themed cards and the new plastics are fantastic. But the missionary kits are the ones I really am in love with! But as I currently am not in need of those, I suppose the Maggie Holmes mini kit is the one I would have to choose for the giveaway.

    Roy, UT

  384. Michelle Laulu says:

    The LDS missionary cards are my favorite by far, with th corner rounder coming in a very close second. :)

  385. Sara Worth says:

    Its SO hard to choose just one thing! I love the sunshine kit, the mini kits, the themed kits! All of it! But if I had to choose one thing it’d be the life is beautiful kit! Thanks for inspiring us!

  386. Byung Petersen says:

    I will be happy with anything I can win. I just discovered your products accidentally and can’t get enough of it.

  387. Holly says:

    Becky Higgins and Project Life keeps wowing us at every turn! So many cool new products! Love the ne corner rounder, but really love the 5th & Frolic kit…so fun!

    Grants Pass, OR

  388. CarolG says:

    I like it all but I guess my favorites are Merry &Bright, Travel and Life Heriyage. Thanks for all of the great products and the chance to win.

  389. Camille says:

    I love everything that’s been announced but I’m really excited about the Missionary kit for guys so that we can finally do something with my husband’s missionary pictures!

  390. Denise C. says:

    Great new releases! I’d love the heritage kit (especially in digital form). I can’t wait for all the new theme cards too!

    Denise C.
    Greensboro, NC

  391. Amrita says:

    Lots of great new products! Love the new plastics, themed cards and Merry and Bright mini! My fav is the new corner rounder punch!

  392. Linda says:

    Love these, especially the sunshine!! Are you going to be discontinuing seafoam though? Also, just to let you know Becky, on page 57 of your catalog the graduation kit seems to be labeled “mom.” Everything else looks amazing!!

  393. Deborah B says:

    I am brand new to Project Life and so excited! I am staring at about 20 boxes of photos..they are stuffed and need to be in albums! So, my favorite things are the plastics! I love the design of small variety pack 3, so many of my old photos were in that square 3 by 3 format that I will need these to get started! Thanks for all you do :)

  394. Sara B. says:

    Love small variety pack 3!!!!!
    Sara b.
    Westerville ohio

  395. Teresa says:

    So many cool things this release! I think my favorite is the Amy Tangerine mini kit, I can’t wait to get it!

  396. Everything is amazing Becky! Wow, sooooo many great themes…I love that you thought of the little things like the zoo, teen years, road trip & seasons etc. to have just a small collection. Awesome idea!! I’m excited about the rolling stamp, arrow & day of the week cards again!!! I think my favorite piece in the collection is Maggie’s Flea Market mini kit. It is so pretty!!!

  397. laura D from IN says:

    The 5th and Frolic is my fave, but there are so many amazing products! Looking forward to the cloth albums too!

  398. Deanna says:

    Love the new corner rounder

    Charlotte, MI

  399. Anna says:

    I would love the mini kit Elsie and Emma designed. All of your new stuff has blown me away this week! So excited about all the new pockets!

  400. Casey says:

    I am super excited about the sunshine kit from Elsie and Emma! I have thought for a while they would be great at designing one and you read my mind! It looks so fun, can’t wait to see more of it.

  401. Nicole says:

    I’m so excited for the corner rounder. I was really, really hoping you’d be releasing one.

  402. Tina says:

    Love love love project life and all the new products. Just keeps getting better and better when I didn’t think that was possible. I love sharing it with friends and family and they are falling in love as well.

  403. Angela Himes says:

    The roller stamp is awesome. I tell everyone I know about it, so I’m glad to share this great method with others.

  404. Alysia H says:

    Ohhhh, it’s all so beautiful and exciting, but I’d choose the Heritage edition!

  405. Brook says:

    I love all the new Project Life products!! I need a corner rounder and I’ve been waiting for a green faux leather album to purchase for my son.

  406. Kristine L. says:

    So many things to chose from !! but Amy Tangerine has always been a favorite, and I just love the Project Life Cut & Paste Mini Kit !

  407. Sonya J says:

    As digital project lifer now, I love the themed card sets! It would be hard to pick just one.

  408. Jennifer Sequin says:

    I love the Holiday mini kit! (so many awesome new products — so hard to chose!)

  409. Dina S says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! The punch would be what I want!

  410. Angela says:

    Wow!!! You have outdone yourself! Sooo excited for this fall. Loving the new Boys and Man’s world!

  411. Kim H says:

    I see I’m going to have to start stalking my local Michael’s so I can get my hands on the Vintage Travel Kit!! I knew instantly it would be great for the time I lived overseas.

    The Road Trip themed cards are another MUST HAVE!!!

  412. Tiffany says:

    Pick one? How could someone pick one favorite. I would love the heritage and sunshine kits. Beautiful designs!!

  413. Stacie D says:

    I love the Sunshine core kit. I also love, love, love that Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic is coming to Michaels. I adore that line of hers!

  414. Debbie says:

    I love so many of your new products! I especially love the mini card packs (I counted over 20 that I “have” to have, yikes!) and the new punch. But, at the top of my list right now is the Heritage Edition Core Kit. Been waiting for something like that and I love the design. Thank you, thank you for all the time and work you have put into creating products that have been asked for. And even those we didn’t know we wanted. ;) Just awesome. That’s what you are.

    Garden Grove, CA

  415. Kris Buckler says:

    Love everything, but really can’t wait to get the Holiday mini-kit!

  416. Kristin A. says:

    Wow oh wow! Congratulations Becky and team on the continued success of Project Life! It is truly elevated to full memory keeping line! Love so many of the upcoming new releases, but am especially eyeing the Merry and Bright mini kit!

  417. Karina says:

    SO hard to chose a favorite one !!! I think the mini card packs are wonderful ( school, girl … ) the new plastics are wonderful too ! Like isaid … SO hard to choose !!! Congrats for this big success, Becky !!!

  418. Kimberly says:

    I am so excited for the heritage edition. I have been putting off my family tree project hoping for this kit and now I can soon get started!!

  419. Susanne says:

    I’m loving the small variety pack 3! (Along with a lot more!)

  420. I am so happy to see the new styles of plastic that include all 3×4 spots. Especially the ones with Horizontal pockets. I can’t wait to get those variety packs.

  421. Kari T! says:

    I love it all!!! Okay, just one. Well I love all the new core kits, the Sunshine one has beautiful colors!! I cannot wait to see it all in person!!!

  422. Samantha M. says:

    Very excited about the corner punch, and lined cards, and the Fifth & Frolic… You don’t really expect us to be able to choose just one, do you? :)

  423. Bradley Talbert says:

    I’m not personally a scrapbooker. Crafter yes but could never bring myself to get into scrapbooking because of all the “stuff” that goes with it. I have too many other things that take priority. I happen to stumble upon Project Life in an online digital scrapbooking forum and immediately fell in love wi the concept. I ordered 2 core kits, one for a friend and one for myself, right away. We are both super excited about everything Project Life and will be doing a project life night once a week or once a month depending on time constraints. I can honestly say I get giddy when I look through all the cool project life announcements and am hooked for life. It’s all so simple and this will be my go to present idea for awhile now (whether it be finished albums or unfinished kits to spark inspiration).I am most excited about the corner Punch and date stamp. So cool to have the official PRoject Life tools. ;)Wish you the best in all you do. You deserve everything that comes your way!

  424. Jasmine Marie says:

    So many fun things to choose from! How can I pick just one favorite? Hmm… I’d have to say the new plastics are exciting. And the Sunshine kit would be a super close second. :)

  425. Jasmine Marie says:

    Have a great show btw! I won’t be there this time, but wish you all the best!

  426. Tiffany says:

    Sunshine edition all the way!! :)

  427. April says:

    I would love the family heritage one that looks so pretty :-)

  428. Susan says:

    So much to choose from but would love the Sunshine Core Kit or the Small Variety Photo Pack 1. I love that you can put both horizontal and vertical 4×6 photos together in one page.

  429. Cilla says:

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  430. Keianna says:

    I love the new Merry Christmas mini kit and the travel/outdoor themed kits. Lots of great products this time around.

  431. emma staton says:


    I think the punch is great. BUT, what would make it even EASIER to do my album “on the go” would be to have a punch that would punch out a rounded-corner 3 x 4 photo. I find that I need to do a lot of my album work at home to be able to cut photos to fit the journaling card slot. I have yet to see that size punch (even without the rounded corners) in any store.


    • Heather says:

      Hobby Lobby has the We R Memory Keepers 3×4 punch. It comes with and without rounded corners. It’s pricey but pretty cool.

  432. Ashton says:

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for renting car with
    debit card or cash

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  434. Donna Bryant says:

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  435. Any idea when the corner rounder will be available?

  436. I would also love to know when the corner rounder may be available? I’ve been stalking Amazon!

  437. Kelly says:

    Oh dear. I feel like a total loser!! I just found an e-mail from August saying Project Life winner in my junk email. I guess I didn’t check back since I have never won and the summer was busy. I read your blog daily but since it wasn’t a new post I guess I missed it :-(. I really enjoyed seeing my name on the post now and I do love all of your products!! I just received the Seasons mini-kit and really love it. I look forward to all of your posts and really thank you for the inspiration and the opportunity to win :-)

    Kelly (faithful blog reader but not junk email reader Haha!)

    Pickerington, Ohio

  438. Nice blog here! Also your site loads up very fast!

    What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
    I wish my web site loaded up as fast as yours lol