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new 6×8 page sets in the shop!


This week has been a fun one, hasn’t it? We wanted to make sure to finish out our birthday month with a bang! We’ve got another bunch of new products in our shop today that were introduced on HSN a few weeks ago, but you can grab the 6×8 Page Sets and the coordinating Themed Cards right here, right now. We’ve also added 6×8 Envelope Pages! All of these pair perfectly with any of the 6×8 products that we currently have in our Project Life® 6×8 collection.

Note: There is a coordinating 6×8 Designer Album for each of the new 6×8 Page Sets, but they haven’t yet arrived and we’re not exactly sure how far behind they are. Per usual, we’ll announce when those make it to our warehouse, but until then there are many solid color + designer pattern 6×8 albums that are available and in the shop now.

Also note: These new products are available to your local retailers as well. Some will choose to carry these new items; some will not. That’s up to the individual stores. If you prefer to shop in a physcial store, let them know which PL products you would like them to carry.

Bold Planner 6×8 Page Set

Found here in the shop


Bold Planner Themed Cards

Found here in the shop


Watercolor Journal 6×8 Page Set

Found here in the shop


Watercolor Journal Themed Cards

Found here in the shop


My Story 6×8 Page Set

Found here in the shop


My Story Themed Cards

Found here in the shop


6×8 Envelope Pages

Found here in the shop



10 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    6×8 pocket pages are BRILLIANT!!! I use my 6×8 albums for a lot of organization type use, besides scrapbooking and I have been using the 6×6 but the idea of a 6×8 is wonderful!

  2. Carol says:

    Love all of it!!!

  3. Whitney says:

    Love the 6×8 pocket pages! Can’t wait to get some of these!

  4. Sharon says:

    Becky, do you have any idea when the new Baby Editions will be out?

  5. Sal says:

    ENVELOPE PAGES- 6 x 8- Brilliant- Thank you for creating these

  6. Would you suggest waiting for the new albums? I noticed the current 6×8 albums say they hold 35 pages and the planner says it has 50….or am I reading that all wrong?

  7. Sue WNY says:

    I’m LOVING the 6×8 size for so many things… currently using a combination of available journal pages, planner pages, and pocket pages in one ‘Hobby Binder’ and it’s working perfectly! I also have a 6×8 Recipe Album, and a 6×8 FAVORITES Album using Design 3 protectors to hold a 2-pg spread of my Favorite PL Cards from each Core, Value, & Mini Kit – I love flipping through it on a regular basis – makes me happy! I also store my extra 6×8 pocket pages in an album for quick access (I fill the first one for each style with paper/cards to easily see the style and it acts like a divider between designs). When I saw the hsn value kits on the website earlier this week – I knew the 6×8 pages would follow… I can’t wait for the Watercolor Journal Album – LOVE the floral touches! Thank You once again for more fun items to enjoy cultivating a good life and recording it! Have a great day!

  8. Nicole says:

    Ohhh the watercolour one is pretty! I cannot watercolour to save my life but love the look and feel of this :D

  9. brenda valdez says:

    Hi Mrs. Becky~
    Just windwo shopping for a 2015 planner. Do you have anything like this available?
    I came across some old posts for planners but it appears that this may have been phased out??
    Thanks for any help in advance.
    I love all of your products!

  10. Helen says:

    are the envelope 6×8 project life pockets still available