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my hair routine

Becky's Hair Routine

When we see questions “on repeat” from our customers, we really do make our best effort to address those questions, whether it be via social media, a blog post, or video. A video was definitely in order for this question that we get pretty regularly: How do I do my hair? 

Honestly, I’m not sure what I do with my hair is all that interesting — especially because this isn’t my area of expertise. I’m the girl who doesn’t give a whole lot of thought to what I wear. I’ve been doing the same makeup routine for years because I don’t want to take the time to play and experiment on my face. And I for sure don’t like to spend much time doing my hair. I spend all of 5-10 minutes doing it because there are too many other things I want or need to do. So ultimately, I think that’s why it was fun to do this quick video — to show you how this very busy working mama can pull my hair together in just 5-10 minutes even on the busiest of days.

A little before and after:

Becky's hair tutorial | BeckyHiggins.com

As for stuff shown in the video, here’s a list (none of this was sponsored):

  • My blouse – StitchFix
  • My hair cut & color – Brooke Jeppson (a personal friend)
  • Wide-tooth comb – Conair
  • 1″ curling iron – Toni & Guy
  • Primer 11 – Framesi Color Lover (detangler, thermal guard, helps with frizz)
  • Miracle Leave-in Product – It’s a 10 (same use as Primer 11)
  • Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray – Not Your Mother’s (helps with tousled waves / texture)
  • Beach Day – Unite (same use as Beach Babe and also thickens my hair’s volume)
  • After Party – Tiji Bed Head (smoothing cream and helps with frizz and flyaways)
  • She’s a Tease volumizing hairspray – Not Your Mother’s (it does what hairspray does and doesn’t smell as bad as most)

Becky's hair tutorial | BeckyHiggins.com


35 Responses

  1. Monica says:

    Sounds like my routine – – thanks for sharing!~

  2. Just wanted to let you know about a word you might want to change that I noticed was wrong:

    “And I for sure don’t likely (SHOULD BE LIKE … not likely) spending much time doing my hair …

    SUPER CUTE video. The outtakes are my favorite. :)

  3. Cindy says:

    Love this! You are so cute and funny! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Catherine says:

    Fun post, thanks for sharing! Your hair texture sounds like mine, I’ll have to try your tips.

  5. Lisa B says:

    Great job with the video. Laughed right along with you. Thanks for sharing!
    You looked great!

  6. Maria says:

    Awesome video!! This was so helpful. :)

  7. Denise says:

    You are a hoot! This was fabulous!!

  8. Amber S says:

    Oh my gosh this was so funny! Your hair looks great and thanks for the laughs :)

  9. Julie L says:

    Love the video, thanks for the tips. I’ve been on the fence about if I should cut my hair shorter again. Really like your hair and my texture is alot like yours. Not wave just not straight. Hmm what to do! I’m curious about your makeup too now, especially eyeshadow :) You look great!

  10. Alison G says:

    What is not to love about you Becky?!
    All I use these days is a flat iron or I just let it go crazy too. But I loved watching this I think mostly because you made me smile and laugh. Thanks for that.

  11. Kathy T.R. says:

    love Not Your Mother’s products. love seeing you have fun! thanks.

  12. Jenny B. says:

    That was fun. :)

  13. Diana H. says:

    You are adorable! And funny! Thanks for the tips.

  14. Dawn says:

    Becky…you are so amazing..m love the vedio..laughed right along. ..wish I had you here in the mornings..my hair is so hard for me to style…it’s in the ” put in a cute headband and call it good stage”

  15. Susanna says:

    love this! Thank you so much for sharing this… what a fun video!

  16. Alicia says:

    Becky you are awesome! Love your work.
    I actually thought you had a hair stylist every day.
    Your hair always looks fab! Xx

  17. Liane Zamojski says:

    Almost fell out of my chair! That was fun, but a lot more than I do with my hair. Last blow drier was bought to dry the dog otherwise it would have never been replaced when the one before broke. Wash, rinse, condition, rinse, towel dry & run brush/comb through top to get part – walk out door. ‘Doing’ my hair is only for very, very special occasions – ones were pictures might be taken. Don’t do make-up either.

  18. Lisa Zielke says:

    Lmao! Thanks for the smiles to start the day!

  19. Mary Ann says:

    Loved this!! :)

  20. What fun! You are such a good sport Becky. Thanks so much for the sharing the fun video. :)

    Mary fro NH

  21. Alison says:

    LOL. Great fun and of course you look gorgeous. But seriously, that’s your low maintenance routine?! giggle. You’re lots of fun Becky

  22. Melanie says:

    This was so fun to watch! Great tips, too. I put my hair in a ponytail 90% of the time.

  23. Wens Vagner says:

    Becky – that was just too funny – I love the little outtakes in between – made me smile for the day :)

  24. kat-in-texas says:

    I laughed out loud a few times….too funny! I’ve always wondered how you got that cute look. Hint: Unite Boosta and Beach Day together make great texture for scrunching with your diffuser. Then their Texturiza is AWESOME for roots after it’s dry and Second Day is like your Toni and Guy smoother, but I LOVE the scent!!! Try it!!! :)

  25. Alicia says:

    oh my gosh!…that blue beach hat…been asking where you purchased it since I saw it in your Hawaii pics…where is it from please??

  26. Vicky says:

    I’m sure your hair is very interesting but I’d rather have some time and energy being given to replying to my customer service complaint about misprinted cards that I spent my hard earned money on……….

    • Toni Chase Toni Chase says:

      Hi Vicky! Sorry for the delay in responding to you. Hopefully you received my email this morning! ~ Toni @ Becky Higgins LLC

  27. Maggie says:

    Kudos to you, Becky! I am also waiting for a reply to an issue I need help with, but as the owner of a small business too, I KNOW that you are working your tush off every day! So in the midst of your busy schedule trying to be so many things to so many people, know that you are valued and respected for what you do~

    • Toni Chase Toni Chase says:

      You are so sweet Maggie. I had emailed you earlier in the week (May 4) so I hope you got that email! I replied to you again this morning, just in case. ;) ~ Toni @ Becky Higgins LLC

  28. Jill P says:

    This was a fun video – I loved the outtakes too! Plus I learned some things! I knew about starting the curl towards the scalp, but the hairspray on the hand and applying to roots was a new trick!
    Thanks for posting!

  29. Jane says:

    OMGosh! I saw this earlier today then came home and tried it! I have below chin length heavy fine thick straight hair and was about to cut it of because it just hangs there! My husband loved it when he got home. The kicker is the beach spray stuff. I am going to try this look again tomorrow morning and if it looks great again I am going to be pissed that I have always spent big money on hair product and this $6 beach spray stuff beat them all! And it really didn’t take long to do. Thank Becky!

  30. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the fun video! My hair has that “texture” you speak of – not wavy, not straight. Never thought to try the beachy stuff so I picked up a bottle of the beach babe at Target and OH ME GOODNESS it smells amazing! I wanted to spray it all over my body and then use it for air freshener! Plus it made my usually flat boring hair so full! Thanks for the recommendation!

  31. Stacy Roberts says:

    Can I just say that you absolutely had me smiling through this whole video,,,,,seeing you in real life is awesome !!!!

  32. Brandy says:

    Love that you shared this! How great of you to answer all out silly questions!

  33. Amy Gray says:

    Hi Becky! I am so glad you shared this. I always admired your hair style and was wondering how you did it. Today I googled “Becky Higgins hair” and this video popped up! I love it!
    Thank you!