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Hi there. Exciting week around here for sure.

We’re headed to CHA in Anaheim to exhibit in our first-ever booth at a trade show (eeek!) and we have also been receiving a ton of new products this week! If you’re not following me on facebook, twitter, or instagram you may have missed all of the excitement. But have no fear. It’s all in stock and we ordered a LOT of inventory. Everything we’ve been anticipating for what feels like forever – has arrived. Olive Edition, Seafoam Edition, Childhood Editions, Mini Albums, and Big Packs of Photo Pocket Pages (that were sold out recently).

For your convenience, everything on our Products page links directly to where you can find each item on Amazon. Happy Shopping!

I wanted to talk about the Mini Albums just a little bit today. First – a few beauty shots. Because really … they are beauties. From the top: Cherry, Kiwi, Rain, Cinnamon, Midnight.

Now let me tell you why they’re so beautiful. I can sum this up in one word: simplicity.

Okay, so really. This is as simple as it gets. Project Life as a system, is SIMPLE. Therefore, the Mini Album option is indeed more simple. Makes sense, right?


top 10 things we love about the Mini Albums

1. If you feel intimidated about scrapbooking, Project Life is the best approach (in my humble opinion) because it requires no adhesive, trimmer, tools, gadgets, embellishments, or even experience at all. But sometimes that “big” 12×12 album still intimidates people. Enter the Mini Album. (Great for beginners, great for kids.)

2. For a little book, it sure holds a lot.

3. The faux leather exterior is so soft, you kinda just want to hold it all day long. All the while, it’s really sturdy.

4. The divided plastic inside is clear and strong and awesome – just like all of our Photo Pocket Pages. And … they’re sewn right into the album! No posts. No rings.

5. There are 4×6 pockets for your photos and Title Cards (when you want to use those) and 3×4 pockets for Journaling Cards. Nothing complicated.

6. Great way to use all those extra Project Life cards that might be hanging out in your stash.

7. Perfect way to document a special occasion, trip, or theme that doesn’t warrant a full 12×12 album.

8. All 5 color options are deliciously gorgeous.

9. The built-in pocket on the front with a protective window? Yep – it’s perfect for a 3×4 card (title) or photo.

10. If you pick up a Project Life Mini Kit, that goes perfectly hand-in-hand with a Mini Album.

Note: We currently have 3 Mini Kits that are all Childhood-related, and more Mini Kits coming in May. In case you missed it, check out our first-ever official + gorgeous catalog featured in Monday’s post!


color guide

There are no rules with memory-keeping. We all know that. But I want to aid you in your shopping questions because you might be wondering which color Mini Album to pick up, based on the Project Life edition cards you’ll be using. So here’s a little guide to help. It’s a list of every edition we have available – and which Mini Album(s) I personally would choose to use with each edition:

Cherry Edition – Cherry, Kiwi

Amber Edition – Rain, Kiwi

Turquoise Edition – Kiwi, Cinnamon, Cherry

Cobalt Edition – Rain, Cinnamon, Kiwi, Midnight

Clementine Edition – Cherry, Midnight

Olive Edition – Rain, Cinnamon

Seafoam Edition – Midnight

Baby Edition – Cinnamon

Baby Edition for Him -Rain, Kiwi, Cinnamon

Baby Edition for Her –  Kiwi, Cinnamon

Childhood Mini Kit: Wellington Edition – Midnight, Cinnamon, Cherry, Rain

Childhood Mini Kit: Bridgeport Edition – Rain, Cinnamon, Kiwi, Midnight

Childhood Mini Kit: Mayfield Edition – Cherry, Midnight, Kiwi

Note: Green text on my blog = it’s a link. So if you’re curious to see any of the above mentioned editions (particularly the MINI KITS), click to find those on Amazon.

links to mini albums on amazon

Cherry  |  Kiwi  |  Rain  |  Cinnamon  |  Midnight

Note: Detailed images of the Mini Album are with each Amazon listing.


Hope this helps. Hope you catch the vision for these little beauties and how they can really help with your memory-keeping efforts! If you have ideas to share, please do.



48 Responses

  1. Suzanne says:

    This release is perfect timing for me! I just ordered a mini album for our vacation photos. I wanted a separate album for our vacation and viola! here it is. Since I love the simplicity of Project Life, this is the perfect solution for documenting our family vacation separately. Love it! Thanks Becky for knowing what we need before we do!

  2. Terri Bremer says:

    Love this. But, where do you get the cards to go with it? Is there a mini kit?

  3. Jen T says:

    So are all the things coming out in May only going to be available in stores? Or will they be available on Amazon? What about us that don’t live anywhere near a store that would carry them ( I doubt my small town Wal-mart will. . . :(

    • Angela Moore says:

      I would imagine that online sb stores will carry these products. Two Peas in a Bucket or Scrapbook.com

      These mini albums are available now.

    • Angela is right. What’s coming to retail in May includes brick & mortar as well as online stores. But don’t worry – our products will continue to be available for purchase directly from us (which means Amazon right now). Always.

  4. Lisa W. says:

    Question too…I can FIND the mini album on Amazon, but can’t seem to locate the pages that you put inside to put your photo’s in on Amazon?? Anybody know?

  5. Shelly says:

    Are the ‘posts’ in the mini album spaced out in such a way that I could add the little 5×7 page protectors–the ones that just hold one 5×7 photo?

  6. Patti says:

    “Question too…I can FIND the mini album on Amazon, but can’t seem to locate the pages that you put inside to put your photo’s in on Amazon?? Anybody know?”

    Apparently, the pages are sewn in already. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00APB5JVY?ie=UTF8&tag=beckhigg-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=1789&creativeASIN=B00APB5JVY

    I’m wondering how it will close once it is loaded up. I’d love to order a couple of them right now, but I’m not purchasing until I’ve seen one in actual use. I hope someone posts soon about how it looks in use.

    • Great question, Patti. I have shipped off the sample album I did before I had a chance to take pictures but trust me – I fully loaded every pocket, every page, 2 cards per pocket (because of front/back) … and it lays flat and closes beautifully. We allowed for that when designing the Mini Album.

  7. I LOVE these little mini albums! I’ve already ordered the Cherry – my favorite color.

    I would also love to see this style of album in 8.5 x 11 as well as 12×12. Would you ever consider making them that size as well? Sometimes I just want to put in photos without having to think about which page protector I’m going to use… this would make it even simpler. I have larger albums I would like to make without a lot of needing to decide which page protector to use AND these are not as wide as the WeRMemory Keeper 3-ring binder type of albums…

    Just a thought for future developments. ;)

  8. Tammy says:

    Hi Becky – thanks so much for doing this! I am purchasing the minis for my two kids as a Valentine’s day gift as they will love using my left over core kit extras for their own scrapbooks.

    Will the Kiwi mini continue to be available? I didn’t see it in your catalog for spring.

    Have a blast at CHA! I got to go for a 1/2 day when it is was in Orlando the one summer and it was like Disney World for scrappers. I am sure it will be a total exhausting and exhilarating time.

    Thanks for all you do for yourself, your family and us.

  9. Amber Dixon says:

    I am looking forward to ordering a Mini Album! I want to use it for our 2 trips to the beach this summer. I don’t currently use any Project Life products so I’m looking forward to some non-childhood mini kits.

  10. marci357 says:

    Ordered the 10 I had been waiting for – various colors – For 9 Grandkids and 1 for me.
    Doing a family history project for each grandchild for next Christmas…
    Photos of their ancestors as far back as I have them… and their family tree…
    Alreadyhave this planned out – and this is the perfect mini=album to do this in…
    Big enough, but not too overwhelming !!!
    Perfect for this particular project – and of course, many others :)
    Can’t wait for their arrival now :) Project is already started and the layout done awaiting the books !

  11. ShellyJaquet says:

    Oh my! My wheels are turning on all I can use this lovely little album for…. First up, maybe a “me” album… Minis for grandparent gifts…. December Daily…. Oh lots of fun!

  12. Terri Torrez says:

    Great post! I was just looking at the new catalog and wondering what cards and albums I could mix & match. They’re all so yummy! Hope you’ll do a similar post when the new products are available.

  13. Natasha Smith says:

    SO EXCITED to get my childhood mini kits!!! Been waiting a long time for this! CAN’T WAIT to have them in my hands!

  14. Ellen S. says:

    This maybe a totally weird question, but that’s not surprising coming from me. LOL I want a mini album, but I would say 90% of my photos are taken vertical and not landscape. (weird habit that I developed with my iphone). Any reason I can’t just turn the whole book on it’s side and use it vertically, binding at the top? Obviously I wouldn’t be able to use all the kit 3×4 cards as they are designed for vertical and not horizontal placement – maybe just cut up some matching cardstock instead. Crazy?

    • Amy Paegel says:

      Great idea — not crazy at all!! It’s your book, turn it how you want to!! Isn’t that what this is all about?

      My thought was to use my (occasional) vertical shots in the 3×4 slot with a leftover 4×6 card next to it for journaling/filler.

      But your idea would work better if your photos are 90% vert.

    • Chrystal says:

      I’m not sure, but I think at least some of the 3×4 cards are designed to be used either horizontally or vertically.

    • Joelle says:

      All of the new kits have horizontal on one side and vertical on the other — so I think this could totally work! Great idea!

  15. Chrystal says:

    This might be a strange question, but what is the difference between a “full” PL kit and a “mini” kit? In the future, will it all be mini kits?

    I love the mini album idea. I bought a Cherry and a Midnight and I plan to use them for a Christmas and Halloween book – one family photo each year for each occasion with a little journaling.

    • A full Core Kit has 616 cards … more than enough to complete an entire, full, 12×12 album.

      A Mini Kit has 100 cards … enough to complete a Mini Album … OR … you can use these cards throughout your 12×12 album. For example, I’m using the Childhood Mini Kits in my kids’ 12×12 albums. Love, love, love.

  16. marisa says:

    This is perfect for me. I honestly felt too pressured with PL last year and overwhelmed. This smaller version lets me document some of the events we have without feeling too stressed out. Thanks for these!!

  17. Diana Bolinger says:

    Are the Seafoam albums and page dividers at Amazon? I’m not seeing them.

  18. Robyn says:

    Don;t know if I’m the only one experiencing this or not but when I go to Amazon via your Products page it doesn’t show the new Olive, Seafoam kits, etc. I have to go into Amazon search directly. It does show the mini kits however. Just thought you would want to know. Thanks

  19. Colleen says:

    Love it all! Seriously, love it all.

    Not to be greedy, but the next awesome thing would be a color key to AC cardstock that matches each of the kits since you’ll no longer be doing the current 3×4 and 4×6 boxes of matching cardstock. Or maybe that’s in the works…? :D

  20. Leslie says:

    Too bad that as a vegetarian I can not support buying these. I hope you come up with some non-animal covers in the future!!

  21. Lisa W. says:

    Question…I purchased a mini album (love:) I would of liked to also purchase one of the mini PL kits. Beings you only see the top’s of each kit, are they designed specifically to very young and through school age children only? I am thinking I am going to use my mini album for my daughter who is in her first year of college, AND can certainly use left over’s from previous purchased PL kits, AND the seafoam (way excited…lol) I just ordered, but the mini’s just look so darn cute. Wondered Becky if you could answer that, OR if there is a link or something to show me MORE of the journaling cards in each kit so I would know…thanks so much for you help:)

    • Carol says:

      LIsa ~ I asked Becky if she thought they were geared more to little kids than teens and this is her reply: “Super versatile to work for pre-schoolers all the way through high school.”

  22. Mindy says:

    Hi Becky!

    These mini albums are so darling. I love the colors. I’ll be at CHA in the Little Darlings Rubber Stamp Booth! I really hope I get a chance to meet you!!!

    Best of luck to you at your first CHA!

  23. Kay says:

    I absolutely LOVE everything about Project Life! This is will be my first time creating an album and would like to create one for my son (Baby Edition for Him). Question, do I have to use the 12×12 album with the Baby Edition for Him kit or can I get away with using the one of the new Mini Albums (i LOVE the Rain Mini Album)?

  24. Stacy says:

    I have been searching for a solution to document my son’s years in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. The large albums seemed, well, too large. LOL! This is the perfect size, and I can see slipping all the patch cards I’ve saved into those pockets. Thank you so much for introducing this smaller size for smaller projects.

  25. Cara says:

    I have been doing PL for 4 years and every year I ask my parents for a new kit as my Christmas or birthday gift, and my mom always talks about how cool it is and maybe she should try it, but she doesn’t know if she could really do it. So I just sent her the mini album link and said “This is for you!”
    And then I realized that when we are at their house in May for a month while my husband is doing research at a university there, my mom and I should do a project together — we should each put our childhood pictures into mini albums!
    I am so excited to do this with her:)

  26. […] also love the mini albums. I might put my old photos in one of those instead of in my 2012 binder. I have a lot of room left […]

  27. Briana says:

    I am just SO stinkin excited about all the new stuff and the seafoam and childhood kits that are on the way to me. And I LOVE that you did 5×7 and 8×10 singles in the plastics.

    I would like to request a two up of vertical 4×6 – making a plastic that is basically 4″wide and 12″ tall, divided, for our vertical pictures. It seems like I take more vertical than horizontal and I would just love to be able to add a few extra 4×6 vertical to the middle of my spreads. But I am very happy about the new configurations you are offering! Keep up the wonderful work, I know you will!

  28. […] you want to know more about these Mini Albums, you’ll definitely want to look THIS over. Detailed pictures (including the inside of the album), specific information, tips, and even a […]

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