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mini album inspiration: vacation & toddler themes

This email is from Robyn in Indiana:

I love these mini albums! I created a vacation album using the Kiwi Mini Album and a few cards from my Cobalt Edition as well as some other pieces. I seriously put the album together in about 3 hours and added journaling later.

vaca book cobalt 4x6 behind pic

vaca book cobalt lower left

vaca book cobalt right


I also have the first section of my son’s “toddler years” book. I am doing this for both my kids. Every 6 months after their first birthday I put together a few pages to represent who they are and what they are doing at that time in their life. He’s not two yet so I only have the 18 month section. I used the Rain Mini Album and the Childhood Mini Kit: Bridgeport Edition. I trimmed some pictures and adhered them to cardstock to fit more in.

toddler book 1

toddler book 2


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  1. Sandra says:

    These look great! Thanks for showing that memories don’t care whether their corners are rounded or not. (I’m usually square too.)

  2. J3SS1C4 says:

    I love the todler album! I love all the photos it shows, with the photo collages being used! I need to get trip photos in albums too, but I’m not sure that a mini album will be even close to big enough for the numbe of photos I take while travelling!

  3. Brenda S says:

    Love the album! How did you get 2 & 3 photos to fit in the 4×6 slot? It looks like there is a white border–is that how the photo is printed or did you actually print 2 together? Very creative.

    • Robyn says:

      I just trimmed the pictures and stuck them to white cardstock leaving a bit of a gap between pictures because I already had them printed but you could for sure print them together using Photoshop or Picasa. Thanks!