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mini album inspiration: this is me (girl)

We’ve had family with us all week. Such a party. We love when they come. And … we’ve been in the midst of another party called the Mini Album Love Fest (*wink*) … so you can imagine that there was no way I could resist encouraging my teenage niece and nephew to whip up their own Mini Album.

Ele and Thomas couldn’t really escape my prodding – I mean, they came to Aunt Becky’s for Spring Break. What do you expect? But let’s be honest. They actually did enjoy this and, oh my stars, can you imagine how cool this time capsule of their life will be – and how much more meaningful it will become – in 5, 10, 30 years? There is so much awesomeness in documenting life and I so wish we saw more kids doing this.

In this post I’m sharing Ele’s Mini Album and I’ll share Thomas’ in the next post. Ele chose the Kiwi Mini Album and the Childhood Mini Kit: Mayfield Edition.

How we pulled it together:

STEP 1. Ele went through her cell phone pictures and chose a bunch of random shots that represent her life right now as a 15-year-old just “doing her thing”.

STEP 2. I helped her take a handful additional pictures of details that would really help illustrate the story of who she is and what’s going on in her life right now.

STEP 3. We uploaded and printed the photos locally (I would have chosen Persnickey Prints but we needed the one-hour pick-up time in this scenario).

STEP 4. Spreading all her photos out, Ele chose some of the Prompt Cards from the Mayfield Mini Kit and started writing.

ele 2

STEP 5. Ele “matched” notes that she wrote on the cards with photos. Some were a great fit, but of course she wrote about some things that she didn’t have a picture for (yet) and she had a few pictures that didn’t have journaling yet (which she later was able to complete with the more “generic”, non-prompt cards that come in the Childhood Mini Kits).

ele 3

STEP 6: She started slipping everything into pockets. Photos and cards. That’s it. No embellishing. No techniques. No fussing will a million products. She’s far too busy for that – you know, with all the instagramming and texting and laying by the pool this week.  : )

ele 4

ele 5

Those pens are the Project Life Pens that were sold on HSN, and coming to stores and online next month. Okay – here is her album! This is all about Ele right now. Not a full history of her life. Not the past couple of years. Right here, right now. BAM.

ele 6

ele 7

ele 8


ele 9

ele 10

ele 11

ele 12

ele 13

Ele is truly an impressive young woman. I love everything about her (except that she’s growing up too fast on me and she is already a couple inches taller than me! She was a baby yesterday.) But seriously, this girl is smart. She can sing. She has a heart made of gold. She has a passion for special needs kids. And – she has the best laugh on the planet.

PS – That’s her brother Thomas who also did his own Mini Album. And Crew, half-dressed, coloring on “Becky Cards” as he calls them. I have lots and lots of cards to add to Crew’s album.  ; )


14 Responses

  1. Jen LoSchiavo says:

    Love it! My 9-year-old just purchased her second mini album (with her saved allowance money)! A “time capsule” is the perfect way to describe her albums. How wonderful to have some day!!!

  2. Melissa says:

    This is so awesome. What a great idea for anyone, not just teenagers. Documenting what you’re like and what you’re loving right now. So great!

  3. Leslie says:

    Wish I had these kits when I was their age!! I love that even teenagers are excited about documenting their lives. I just bought two mini albums this week for my sister who has never scrapbooked and has some health issues. These will be so easy for her to put together herself. I’ve said it before but I really mean it — THANK YOU BECKY!!! for making it so easy to put our memories in one place and be able to share them with others instead of sitting in boxes. I just received my huge box of goodies from HSN this week and I can’t wait to start on my old family photos.

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  5. Missy says:

    I completely freaked out for 5 seconds when I saw this post before I even began to read it. I recognized your room and then I thought to myself…Parker is THAT OLD….then I started reading the post. Great job!

  6. Carrie says:

    Kids these days have cell phones that have cameras and I didn’t get a camera (the film kind!) until I was married at 21! :) How neat it would have been to have pics from that time in my life (that weren’t tied to a birthday or family trip or something). These kids are so lucky! AND lucky to have Aunt Becky! If we weren’t about the same age, I’d want you to be my Aunt too :)

    What an awesome Spring Break!

  7. Beth says:

    This is exactly what I am going to have my girls do as a school project (I homeschool). Their mini albums and Mayfield kits arrived today and we will start on Monday. Can’t wait to show them this post!

  8. Jennifer O. says:

    Just perfect!

  9. JulieP says:

    Definitely a spring break they will ALWAYS remember!

  10. J3SS1C4 says:

    So awesome!! I’m going to send this post to my auntie for my cousins… They’d love it! When I showed my big album to one of them, she always wanted one, so this is a smaller more kid friendly version!! Thanks for sharing the awesome album your niece made!! I hope she loves it!

  11. Norma says:

    Way to go Ele !!! What a fabulous idea for Spring Break and what a memento of real life right here and now for Ele. I wish I had this when I was younger. I have started now at the ripe old age of 58 and I am loving it. Thank you Becky for giving me the kick start I needed and my sister Rhona who got me started. It is jsut the best thing ever xxx

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  13. Jill says:

    Love how Crew calls them “Becky” cards. So sweet!

  14. Ginny says:

    I need to do this with my 11 & 15 year old. Had to laugh at the eye shot, my 15 year old loves taking photos of her eye :)