Race Ashby

Marketing Manager

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I have always been a sucker for excellent marketing. A couple of well-made commercials I saw in college will have me buying Old Spice and being part of the Dollar Shave Club for years to come. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University and marrying my best friend, I fell into marketing completely by chance, and never looked back. As a manager at a marketing agency, I taught myself everything from coding to marketing big brands. My sticktoitiveness and love for learning new things are what make my dream job here at Becky Higgins such a great fit!

I have always been extremely passionate about cultivating a good life. I take leaps of faith as often as possible, like getting LASIK (amazing), having kids (also amazing), and even listening to Country music (…once). I love trying new things, and I refuse to “knock it” until I’ve tried it. That mindset has seen me white-water rafting in Idaho, surfing in California, snowboarding in Germany, and doing everything from spelunking to skydiving in Arizona- my home state. The unbearable desert heat is an excellent excuse to stay indoors and play video games on my Playstation 4. Of course, gaming takes a back seat to my genius daughters and stunning wife, who keep me laughing, playing, and loving life. My greatest ambitions are to spend time with them, drive a Tesla, and never stop learning and trying new things.