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introducing … simple notebooks!

You guys! Notebooks! The most basic thing ever … but now available with OUR designs! I can’t even tell you how giddy I am about this new product launch because I personally use notebooks so so so much in my life and for so many different reasons! This blog post is packed with pictures so you can see and practically “feel” all the details … and I am also sharing INSPIRATION on how I personally use the notebooks in various ways. I think you’ll be excited to take your own spin on the notebooks when they land in your hands.

And yeah, I can safely say that ALL of us here at Becky Higgins would deem this one of our #BHFavorites!

First let’s take a peek at each of the 4 new designs we’re launching … NOW! Today! They’re in the shop at this very moment!

Do you already have a favorite??

Alright, here we go! For each of the 4 designs, you’ll see a picture of the front, the back, and a closer detail shot to see that gold foil action. Each notebook has a touch of gold and they’re even prettier in person, guys.

onward + upward

rise. and shine.



details matter

If you have ANY of our products (physical, digital, or app) … you know we care about the details. You know that quality is important to us and that we are a premium brand and not a discount brand. Here are a few details worth pointing out about our Simple Notebooks.

1) The white spiral binding is awesome and your pages aren’t going to catch or snag. Also, the binding is just large enough to fit a pen inside the coil … which is awesome, since keeping a pen with a notebook is always a good idea.

2) All of the pages in all of the notebooks are the same. The printed lines are very light because I personally believe the more subtle the lines, the better. After all, it’s your handwriting that matters most. Not the lines. They’re just there to guide you in keeping things straight. You know?

3) Positive messaging. Our tagline, printed at the bottom of each page, is a subtle reminder that cultivating a good life and recording it is exactly what you’re doing each time your pen hits the paper in these notebooks. Also … the “loud and clear” message on the front of each notebook is designed to motivate you. These are some of our personal favorite phrases in life.

inspiration for using simple notebooks

I can tell you I’ve wasted NO time at all in putting these notebooks to good use, and everyone on our team is in the same boat. Here are some ideas and inspiration to get your wheels spinning!

TO-DOs + TASKS | It’s probably the number-one thing people use notebooks for. Pretty basic concept, but I have a very specific way that I keep lists so if you are interested, there’s a video about that.  ; )

HONEY DO LISTS | I know I’m not the only married person who keeps lists FOR my spouse. Right? Crickets? For real, I’ve never seen David write out a list of any kind. Ever. For anything. It blows my mind that he remembers anything, honestly, but somehow he does remember a lot! To each their own, right? That said, I keep a running list of “David” topics. It’s not even really a honey-do list as much as it’s a list of things we need to remember to talk about, look into, or take care of.

JOURNAL | For yourself, for a child, for whatever you want! I’ve been keeping journals like this for my kids for a while now, and I have found that I’m more aware of THEM … simply because I know I’m going to record an occasional thing I noticed about them in their journal. I did a detailed blog post about that and you can catch that here.

FOR THE KIDS | Yes, for SURE the kids (of all ages) should have their own notebook! Here are Crew’s recent doodles from sitting in church. I actually find that he listens better if his hands are busy. And besides, doodling is therapeutic!

NOTES OF THE SPIRIT | This is a term I personally use that pretty much summarizes all the things that end up in this particular notebook, whether it be from taking notes in church or at other meetings or conferences and even after I’ve listened to a podcast and want to remember my main take-aways.

I personally believe that when you take a moment (or a few moments) to write something down, you’re better able to RECALL what you learned or felt simply from the act of recording it … and even if you don’t actually look back on those notes! Although I do love to look back at my notes.  ; )

RANDOM LISTS | Lists, lists, lists … who loves making lists?? In this day & age of technology, sure it makes sense to use our phones for certain things, but there’s nothing like pen to paper and I LOVE making handwritten lists. Who’s with me? The random list you see here happens to be a list of “things to do with Laurie” when we were anticipating the arrival of our foreign exchange student chaperone Laurie, who stayed with us for nearly a month. It was awesome to keep checking in on the list, to be sure we hadn’t forgotten about certain things!

Of course there are SO many random lists that could be made, for so many reasons!

There you have it! Are your wheels spinning? Are you even going to be able to pick up only ONE notebook?? I didn’t think so! Grab a few! And by the way … for SURE think about back-to-school gifts for your kids’ teachers! I’m going to be doing that this week actually, and I’m also thinking about birthday gifts. All the love for notebooks! May these become a fun + meaningful part of your everyday life.


23 Responses

  1. HeidiG says:

    I need the heart emoji here – LOVE!

  2. Shara says:

    The only thing that would make these better would be grid lines! love them

    • Jen says:

      Yes! Please make some with grid lines.

    • Brenda says:

      Yes, please make them with grid lines.
      I could have the wrong person, but I thought you posted several years ago a notebook that you loved, that had grid lines.
      When I saw the notebooks on the blog, I was sure they would have grid lines. 😕😭

    • Christen says:

      I’m curious about the grid lines – what makes them so awesome? I genuinely want to know! Please share. 😀

    • Vanessa B. says:

      Grid lines are genius. They would make great bullet journals!

  3. Jen says:

    HOW MANY PAGES??? Your website says it is 6×8 for $7.99 but your Facebook live post had at least 20+ people asking the page count which was not listed on the website when I went to go purchase so I left since I waited at least 2 minutes to find out. I have no idea why this wouldn’t be listed in the item description as to one who works in marketing, this is an important part of marketing. Imagine going to the store buying an item and having no idea how much it contains.

    • Kari Holt Kari Holt says:

      Thank you for pointing that out, Jen! We did answer that question in the broadcast, but with real-time comments/questions and dialogue taking place at the same time, it’s hard to answer every question immediately. As far as the descriptions go, that was on oversight on our part and those have been updated now to include the page count.

  4. Gina says:

    These are awesome – love notebooks. I’m a notebook junkie. I would love them even move if they had a harder back cover to make it easier to write when you’re not at a desk. I’m always on the hunt for great journals with a sturdy back cover – lists at the kids sports games, in the car, in bed, on the couch…

  5. Jolene says:

    “Notes of the Spirit” would make a great cover!!

  6. Janette says:

    Loving these notebooks! Before I order, are they college or wide ruled?

  7. Sheila A. says:

    Please make some in the future with that big spiral on the top for us left-handed writers!

    • Jawella says:

      I’m left handed and I solved the spiral binding issue by starting at the back of notebooks and working forward. I love pretty notebooks and the little adjustment was easy. My family thinks it’s hysterical, but they quickly recognize my notebooks. 🤗

  8. Elizabeth says:

    What is the paper weight for the pages?

    They are adorable!

  9. Crystal Cotnoir says:

    Oh em gee! 😮 notebooks 📓 my addiction is fulfilled! Can we get one with grid paper 📝 to make it over the top?

  10. Randi says:

    Are the pages perforated for clean removal?

  11. Renata says:

    What’s all the fuss about? To me there ‘just’ notebooks.

  12. Lindy says:

    So these are gorgeous for people who love gold color schemes. I’m a “summer” for those of you who remember the Color Me Beautiful days and I would love to see some with silver accents if these sell well enough to justify a new batch. I can particularly imagine the “Magic” one with blues and silvers like I’m looking up at the night sky. Swoon. That would be my magic. ;-)

  13. Carol in Canada says:

    The notebooks look great! I’d love to order, but as a resident of Canada, how can I possibly order?! Your site shows $50 shipping to Canada. We are your neighbours to the north, shipping to Canada does not cost that much! I’ve attempted to shop at your online store before but have been thwarted by the shipping fee. It seems a bit outrageous. So I guess I’ll watch the cute notebooks get used by others as paying $50 to ship a cute $8 notebook isn’t in my budget. :(

  14. Christie says:

    I LOVE the new notebooks and I know already which one I am ordering first. Personally I do not like grid lines, but love ruled pages. Thanks for the new product!

  15. JoAnn H says:

    they are super cute and I actually put one in my cart to order but the shipping was $9. I just can’t justify 16.99 for a notebook. I will have to wait until I need to order more items.


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