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inspiration from our creative team – november

Well, we’ve scheduled and rescheduled this post so many times this month that I imagine some of you were wondering if it was ever coming!! It’s been an extra busy month for us with our trip to Pinners Conference, launch of our new website and shopping cart, and moving into our office space, but it’s been a thrill and we can’t thank you enough for your support of our growing and evolving business! We are remarkably grateful for all of the kindness and love we’ve felt through your comments and emails.

Speaking of evolution, our 2014 Creative Team only has one more month of submissions to share after this post, and we will miss working with these ladies on a monthly basis. They are filled with goodness and inspiration and it is a complete honor to have them represent our brand and to call them our friends. With the new year will come an entirely new creative team! We’ll be contacting those lucky new members by the end of the month and will introduce you to them in December – YAY!!

As we enter the holiday season, we often reflect on the abundant blessings in our lives and have even more photos to document them. Our creative team members do a wonderful job of recording those things that fill their every day lives with goodness, challenge, growth, and love. Below we are sharing one example from each of our creative team members, but if you’re looking for more details and ideas, most of them are also sharing on either a personal blog, Instagram, or other social accounts – just click on the person’s name below the layout and it will take you directly to where she is sharing more examples of how she’s using Project Life as a memory-keeping system. You can also visit their personal profile pages (on our Meet the Designers page) for links to all of the places you can find their work.

Remember that the 3 core Project Life components and nothing else are really all you need to get started. Album + Project Life Core Kit + Big Pack of Photo Pocket PagesThat’s it. You can find links directly below their layouts to most of the products they’ve used in our shop.

Enjoy the inspiration this month and have a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday (for those celebrating in the U.S.)!

*ASpanielNov3Pages created using the Project Life App by Annette Spaniel featuring the Midnight Edition. Right page is Design Y.


Pages by Autumn Nguyen featuring the Teen Boy and Man’s World Themed Cards. Left page is Design 5 (part to the 12×12 Variety Pack of Photo Pocket Pages by Stampin’ Up!)

*bgrunewald november layout 1

Pages by Bobbi-Jo Grunewald featuring the Dreamy Edition and Foil Value Kit.


Pages by Donya Gjerdingen featuring the Kiwi Edition, Dreamy Edition, and Strawberry Edition.


Pages by Erin Stewart featuring the Jade Edition.

HBurris_Nov1Pages by Heather Burris featuring the Sunshine Edition and Midnight Edition.


Pages by Jess Forster featuring the DIY Value Kit. Both pages are 12×12 Page Protectors and the insert is Design H.


Pages by Juli Jones featuring the Christian Themed Cards. Right page is Design F.


Pages created by Krista Faulkner using the Project Life App featuring a variety of kits and layout designs in the app. She printed her pages 6×6 and slid them into Design E Photo Pocket Pages.


Pages by Krista Noorman featuring the Foil Value Kit.


Pages by Rachel DelGrosso featuring the Midnight Edition. Left page is Design C and right page is Design B.


Pages by Trisha Harrison featuring the Sunshine Edition and Seafoam Edition.


9 Responses

  1. Beth says:

    Can you share the app across devises with app share (or whatever it is called)? I ended up with two different apple id’s between my phone and ipad.

  2. Laura M says:

    Such inspiring layouts! As I watch the snow falling outside, I wish I’d brought PL supplies on our Thanksgiving trip for this rare slow day. But packing for young kids was enough! :)

  3. Sara Lovell says:


    I was wondering if there would be any holiday card templates this year? I know you’ve been particularly busy this year, but I do love them every year!

  4. Havok says:

    Love those bubblegum pink cards! Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings as well!

  5. Jean Kinney says:

    I really like using the PL app, especially on my iPad, for quickly creating layouts. You had indicated you would upgrade the PL app to be able to work on the same layout on both the iPad and the iPhone. Is this still going to happen? And do you have an idea of when? Thanks.

  6. mel says:

    I just love the project life app but 12×12 is just too big for me and my shelves, I am so hoping you bring out the albums in either 8.5×11 or 8×8. There is such a small range of 8×8 albums out there at the moment.

  7. erikaj says:

    Hi….loving the ap, it solves my biggest problem with the physical system which is printing photos in the wrong size ahead of time.

    Is there any discussion of adding a drop shadow feature to the ap so it has a more dimensional feel? When I print pages from the ap via persnickity prints they feel ‘flat’ to me. I’d love to see a couple drop shadow choices so the photos and card pop off the page a bit.

    Thanks :)

  8. Cele Schaffer says:

    I was wondering if you could do a blog post on the new app? I’m not sure I understand how it works. Does this take the place of the plastic pocket pages other than 12×12? Do you print the actual 12×12 page you designed on your phone?? I am very intrigued by the app but it seems like it is defeating the purpose behind your creation of a pocket page system-which I LOVE by the way! I just feel like I’m not understanding the purpose or the different ways you could use this app. I’m probably just technology impaired but need some help! Thanks. You are the best!