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inspiration from our creative team – may


May is a month where scrapbooking and photography take center stage with National Scrapbook Day and National Photography Month. We hope you enjoyed the NSD celebrations on May 3rd and would love to have you join in our weekly photography challenges all month long. This week our prompt is #favorite – learn more about the challenge HERE.

Our Creative Team continues to WOW us with their submissions each month and we love to share their work with you. Our hope is to inspire you with the beauty and simplicity that Project Life® offers – not to overwhelm you. Our products are designed to make it easy for you to get your photos into albums but are also super flexible so you can document in a way that works for you … no rules, just telling your stories through photos + journaling + awesome designs.

Each month we’re only sharing one example from each of our creative team members here, but we know you’d probably love to see more. Most of them are also sharing on either a personal blog, Instagram, or other social avenues, so just click on the person’s name and it will take you directly to where she is sharing more examples of how she’s using Project Life as a memory-keeping system. You can also visit their personal profile pages (on our Meet the Team page) for links to all of the places you can find their work.

Remember that you really can create an entire scrapbook with the 3 core Project Life components and nothing else. Album + Project Life Core Kit + Big Pack of Photo Pocket PagesThat’s it. You can find links directly below their layouts to most of the products they’ve used in our shop.

Enjoy what our team has to share this month … I know I did!!


Pages by Annette Spaniel featuring the Happy Edition (Spotlight exclusive and sold on HSN). Right page is Design F.


Pages by Autumn Nguyen featuring the Sunshine Edition.

*bgrunewald may 1

Pages by Bobbi-Jo Grunewald featuring the Plus One Mini Kit. Left page is a digital page using the Squared Away Template #15 and printed and placed in a 12×12 Page Protector.


Pages by Candice Stringham featuring the Flea Market and Polka Dot Party Mini Kits. She recently hosted a baby shower and created a 6×8 keepsake album (Design 4 is shown) for the mom-to-be filled with notes from attendees and photos of the event!


Pages by Donya Gjerdingen featuring the Kiwi Edition (JoAnn Exclusive) and Jade Edition.


Pages by Erin Stewart featuring the Coral Edition. Right page is Design E.


Pages by Heather Burris featuring the Seafoam Edition and the Sunshine Edition. Also shows the Tan Alpha Stickers.


Pages by Jen Geigley featuring the Sunshine Edition. Right page is Design G.


Pages by Jess Forster featuring the Jade Edition. Left page is a 12×12 Page Protector and right page is Design U (part of Small Variety Pack 5).


Pages by Juli Jones featuring the Basketball Themed Cards. Left page is Design J. Tan Alpha Stickers are also shown.


Pages by Krista Faulkner featuring the Jade Edition and Jade Edition 12×12 Designer Paper. Both pages shown using Design K.


Pages by Krista Noorman featuring the Seafoam Edition.


Pages by Rachel DelGrosso featuring the Sunshine Edition and the Midnight Edition. Left page is Design E and right page is Design F.


Pages by Tara McKernin featuring the Jade Edition and the Midnight Edition.


Pages by Trisha Harrison featuring the Midnight Edition and the Seafoam Edition.


21 Responses

  1. Caylee says:

    Rachel, love those pages.

  2. wanna say thank you for inventing ‘project life’ – the best chosen gift for graduation! check out: http://alohallo.blogspot.com/2014/05/a-graduation-gift.html


  3. Dannielle says:

    Love the inspo!! might have to purchase some more kits lol

  4. These were fab! They make my pics of cups of coffee and my Bible/journal look worthy to be in my album. I was struggling with what to put in there if I want to do it weekly, but I guess even if my weeks look the same sometimes, hey…it’s still my life. :-) xoxo

  5. Danya says:

    Who’s layout is the very top one?

  6. Michele says:

    totally.inspired.now. Thank you!!! I needed something to feel like i’m getting the push in the right direction. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE then photo G pages!! I have so many pictures that are mixed with landscape/portraits so this will totally help me plan better with my upcoming pages. I bought the BIG pack so I don’t think I saw that in there but I will be checking when I get home.

  7. Carrie says:

    awesome as always! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Teresa says:

    I need more mini kits! I am almost out of plus one it is a fav. and many mix, I even still use cobalt journal cards! Love the new kits coming out, shopping soon!

  9. Rhonda Steed says:

    Cute, cute, cute!!!! Love the variety of style!

  10. ericka boyd says:

    Love your ideas. Looking forward to seeing more of them.

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