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inspiration from our creative team – may 2015

Things are heating up here in Phoenix and summer is now in full swing! We’ve had such a mild launch into our super hot season this year –  we are definitely soaking in every last day with temperatures below 100 degrees … which it looks like will come to an end tomorrow *sigh* Regardless of the temperature outside, our Creative Team has another round of inspiration that is H-O-T off the presses! Take a look through these 15 photos to catch a glimpse of how our team is using Project Life to tell their stories. Not only is it inspiring to see how they use our products in their albums, but I also love seeing their photos and how they are using their cameras to document the details.

The pages you’ll see in this post are from the girls on our team using our physical products. You can also find digital inspiration for May from those on our team using our digital products and the Project Life App to document. No matter which products you choose, the idea behind Project Life is the same – to help you simplify the process of getting your stories into albums! Remember that the 3 core Project Life components and nothing else are really all you need to get started. Album + Project Life Core Kit + Big Pack of Photo Pocket PagesThat’s it. All products used in the pages below include direct links under the images for your convenience so you can see more.

Wishing you another month filled with awesome adventures, stories to tell, and celebrations to enjoy!


Pages created by Awbree Caton featuring the Kiwi EditionSeafoam Edition (still available on Amazon), Olive Edition (still available on Amazon), 4×6 White Cards and 3×4 White Cards. Both pages are Design A.


Pages by Brianna Marshall featuring the Desktop Edition. Left page is Design A and right page is Design G.



Pages created by Brooke Petermann featuring the Sunshine Edition, Desktop EditionInspire EditionHigh Five Edition, Jade Edition (retired), Mix & Match Value Kit, and My Story Themed Cards. Left page is Design K and right page is Design B.


Pages created by Donna Meuli featuring the Midnight EditionDazzle Mini Kit, and Cathy Zielske Value Kit (printed from digital files). Digital brushes used from the Everyday Adventure Edition and Day to Day Brush Set. Left page is Design F trimmed down and right page is Design A.


Pages created by Els Brigé featuring the Dreamy Edition, Inspire Edition, Inspire Edition Specialty Cards, Inspire Edition 4×4 CardsMix & Match Value Kit4×6 White Cards and 3×4 White Cards. Left page is Design A and right page is Design K.


Pages by Gabby Robinson featuring our 6×8 Page Protectors and 6×8 Photo Pocket Pages – Design 4.


Pages created by Jen Lake featuring the Sunshine Edition and Sunshine Edition Designer Paper (retired). Left page is Design E and right page is Design A.


Pages created by Julia Reichert featuring the Midnight Edition, Seafoam Edition (still available on Amazon), Project Life Date Stamp, and 3×4 White Cards. Both pages are Design F with the 4×6 pocket stitched to create (2) 3×4 pockets  – mimicking Design U (part of Small Variety Pack 5).


Pages created by Lynley Johnson featuring the Good Times Value Kit, Dazzle Mini Kit, and Gold Foil Value Kit. Both pages are Design A.

MLacuestaMay4Pages by Maria Lacuesta featuring the Desktop Edition, Desktop Edition Chipboard StickersGold Foil Value Kit, and Grey Alpha Stickers. Pages shown are similar to our 6×8 Page Protectors and 6×8 Photo Pocket Pages – Design 4.


Pages created by Mindi Niebuhr featuring the September Skies Core Kit, September Skies Value Kit, and digital stamp from the Everyday Adventure Edition by Stampin’ Up!. Both pages are Design A.


Pages created by Rhonda Steed featuring the Confetti Edition, Flea Market Mini Kit (retired), and Doily Photo Overlays. Left page is Design B and right page is an 8 1/2 x 11 Vertical Page Protector. And can we talk about the cutie who schedules “participate in light chit chat” and “hugging and high fives” into their day?


Pages created by Rianne Alonte featuring the Jade Edition (retired). Both pages are Design A.

THarrisMay4b (1 of 1)

Pages created by Toni Harris featuring the Blush Edition (retired), Dazzle Mini Kit, Notes & Things Value Kit, and Be Bright Specially Themed Cards. Both pages are Design A and insert is Design H.


Pages created by Tully Reynolds featuring the Plus One Mini Kit (retired). Both pages are Design A.


4 Responses

  1. Sue Alger says:

    So many wonderful pages. I like the simplistic style of these pages and that’s what PL is all about. I read comments from so many FB groups that I follow where people get so hung up on what is right–color, design, pics. I always say just do what you like and you can’t go wrong.

  2. nicole says:

    i love how these pages show you don’ t have to have “perfect” looking pages. Some of the pages out there are beautiful, but intimidating. I think, my pages will never look that aesthetically pleasing. But these pages so you as long as you are capturing, documenting and recording all is good.

  3. S says:

    Thank you for all the work done on the Project Life app.
    We purchased the app and have been using it on my husband’s iPad. Tonight he bought an iPad for me. I only have a few days before it’s non-returnable to try it out. It is a newer model than my husband’s. How do I transfer the app and my library of pages already done to the new iPad?
    Thank you for helping me. I understand very little… so specific directions would be most helpful.
    Again, thank you so much!

  4. Vincentki says:

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