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inspiration from our creative team – august

Summer came + went in a hurry here, and my kids have been back in school for two weeks now! While it’s always sad to say goodbye to vacations and sunburns, late nights and sleeping in, there’s something so wonderful about the routine that comes with a new school year. It feels a lot like New Year’s Day with a clean slate and loads of possibilities. For me, it’s a great time to reevaluate things, shift focus where needed, and catch up on things that often go by the wayside during the summer months … like scrapbooking. Can you relate? I hope that as seasons and schedules change, you can find time to enjoy reliving and documenting the memories you recently made – or those from times long since past.

Our creative team continues to record their memories – some staying right on top of the “here and now” and others creating pages and albums from past months, years, and events. We love to share their pages with you each month and hope that it continues to inspire you in our journey to “Cultivate a Good Life and Record It.”

We include one example from each of our creative team members here in this post, but if you’re looking for more details, inspiration, and ideas, most of them are also sharing on either a personal blog, Instagram, or other social avenues – just click on the person’s name below the layout and it will take you directly to where she is sharing more examples of how she’s using Project Life® as a memory-keeping system. You can also visit their personal profile pages (on our Meet the Team page) for links to all of the places you can find their work.

Remember that you really can create an entire scrapbook with the 3 core Project Life components and nothing else. Album + Project Life Core Kit + Big Pack of Photo Pocket PagesThat’s it. You can find links directly below their layouts to most of the products they’ve used in our shop.

Enjoy these bits of inspiration from our team to you!


Pages by Annette Spaniel featuring the Kiwi Edition. Left page is Design G.


Pages by Autumn Nguyen featuring the Road Trip Themed Cards. Left page is Design Z (part of Small Variety Pack 6).

*bgrunewald aug 1 (4)

Pages by Bobbi-Jo Grunewald featuring the Everyday Adventure Card Collection by Stampin’ Up! Left page is Design 06 and right page is Design 03 from the 12×12 Variety Pack of Photo Pocket Pages by Stampin’ Up! Also showing on the right side is a photo insert using an 8×10 Horizontal Page Protector.


Pages by Donya Gjerdingen featuring the Plus One Mini Kit, Strawberry Edition, Kiwi Edition, and Jade Edition. Left page is Design V and right page is Design S – both part of Small Variety Pack 5.


Pages by Erin Stewart featuring the Sunshine Edition.


Pages by Heather Burris featuring the Midnight EditionSunshine Edition, and 3×4 Grid Cards. Left page is Design 04 from the 12×12 Variety Pack of Photo Pocket Pages by Stampin’ Up!


Pages by Jen Geigley featuring lots of great photos and 3×4 Grid Cards. Left page is Design P (part of Small Variety Pack 4).


Pages by Jess Forster featuring the Midnight Edition.


Pages by Juli Jones featuring the Jade Edition, Baseball Themed Cards, and Grey Alpha Stickers. Right page is Design H.


Pages by Krista Faulkner featuring the Great Outdoors Themed Cards.


Pages by Krista Noorman featuring the Great Outdoors Themed Cards (printed from the digital files).


Pages by Rachel DelGrosso featuring the Midnight Edition. Left page is Design H.


Pages by Tara McKernin featuring the Seafoam Edition and Teen Boy Themed Cards. Right page is Design 03 from the 12×12 Variety Pack of Photo Pocket Pages by Stampin’ Up! Also shown is a photo insert using a 6×8 Page Protector.


Pages by Trisha Harrison featuring the Midnight Edition. Left side shows an insert using Design H and right page is Design Z (part of Small Variety Pack 6) stitched on the right and left 4×6 pockets. A similar design without the stitching would be Design V (part of Small Variety Pack 5).


5 Responses

  1. Sue Alg says:

    Look forward to seeing these pages every month. Provides inspiration and ideas for my PL album.

  2. Lydia says:

    I have just started Project Life so these pages are a great inspiration to me! I look forward to getting more ideas! x

  3. April Krause says:

    Thank you for this great post! I really enjoy seeing these back-to-basics, true Project Life, inspiring pages. It’s refreshing and beautiful!

  4. lianna maglasang says:

    im in the philippines how i do it for my scrapbook im 12 yrs old and i wan’t to be creative if we don’t have here like #projectLife what will i do.