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inspiration from our creative team – april 2015

As we get ready to dive into summer here in Arizona, I’m making a list of to-dos … things like cleaning closets, planning for vacations, finding ice cream parlors to visit, trying new recipes, poolside movies, and more. Topping my personal list of summer projects is organizing my photos – those in boxes, on computers, and on external hard drives. Some will be put in order by date and stored, others will be slipped into albums, many will be thrown away, and digital files will be organized in one spot rather than the multitude of places they exist now. I’m excited to involve my kids in the project and, while I know it’s a big project to tackle, I also know that it will lead to a ton of fun memories being shared and stronger connections and bonds being made through it all.

Whether you’re right on top of scrapbooking your current photos or have boxes laying around like I do, set aside some time to look through your images and remember why you took those photos … and do something with them! Project Life® makes it super simple to take those photos and get them into completed albums so you can enjoy them and share them with family + friends in a beautiful way. Our creative team members are doing just that – documenting and sharing. Some are current, some are working with older images, and some are working on creating pages for more themed projects or events. The thing is, they’re all getting it done in the way that works for them right now. That, my friends, is inspiring and totally doable.

The pages you’ll see in this post are from the girls on our team using our physical products. You can also find digital inspiration for April from those on our team using our digital products and the Project Life App to document. No matter which products you choose, the idea behind Project Life is the same – to help you simplify the process of getting your stories into albums! Remember that the 3 core Project Life components and nothing else are really all you need to get started. Album + Project Life Core Kit + Big Pack of Photo Pocket PagesThat’s it. All products used in the pages below include direct links under the images for your convenience so you can see more.

Here’s to another month of enjoying more of our photos and preserving more of our memories!


Pages created by Awbree Caton featuring the Kiwi EditionSunshine Edition, Gold Foil Value Kit, and 3×4 White Cards . Left page is Design A and right page is Design F.

Pages created by Brooke Petermann featuring the Sunshine Edition, Midnight Edition, Desktop Edition, Inspire Edition, High Five Edition, Happy Edition, and My Story Themed Cards. Left page is Design F and right page is Design B.


Pages created by Donna Meuli featuring the Midnight EditionMan’s World Themed Cards, and Plus One Mini Kit (printed from digital files). Digital brushes used from the Remember This set. Left page is Design F trimmed down and right page is Design A.


Pages created by Els Brigé featuring the High Five Edition, Desktop Edition, Desktop Photo Overlays, and Adventure Photo Overlays. Left page is Design W (part of Small Variety Pack 6) and right page is Design A.


Pages created by Jen Lake featuring the Be Bright Specialty Cards and new 4×4 Black Faux Leather Album. Left page is a 4×4 Photo Pocket Pages and right page is a 4×4 Page Protector. Sequins in top left pocket are sealed inside using the Photo Fuse Tool.


Pages created by Julia Reichert featuring the Midnight Edition. Both pages are Design A with the 4×6 pockets stitched to create 2 3×4 pockets in each – mimicking Design U (part of Small Variety Pack 5).


Pages created by Lynley Johnson featuring the Project 52 Edition and Gold Foil Value Kit. Both pages are Design A.

*MLacuestaApr2Pages by Maria Lacuesta featuring the Lucky Charm Value Kit and Color Magic Value Kit.

*MNiebuhrApril 2

Pages created by Mindi Niebuhr featuring the Jade EditionEmbossed Value Kit, Dazzle Mini Kit, Mix & Match Value Kit, and Desktop Photo Overlays . Both pages are Design A.


Pages created by Rhonda Steed featuring the Midnight EditionDazzle Mini Kit,  and several bits of word art printed from digital files. Left page is Design D and right page is Design C.


Pages created by Rianne Alonte featuring the Midnight Edition and Inspire Edition. Left page is Design A and right page is Design G. Layouts inspired by Becky’s “Documenting the Beauty All Around” post and #BHLovesArizona

*THarrisApril2 (1 of 1)

Pages created by Toni Harris featuring the Blush Edition (retired). Both pages are Design B.


Pages created by Tully Reynolds featuring the Cathy Zielske Value Kit. Both pages are Design A.


10 Responses

  1. j says:

    what page protector is that at the very top of the post?

  2. Andrea says:

    Design Y, from the same variety pack as W featured in another layout in this post.

  3. JL says:

    On the pages created by Lynley Johnson and Mindi Niebuhr, are those card entries written using a typewriter? I love the way it looks. Or did they type it on a computer and print it directly onto the card?

    • Mindi says:

      I use photoshop for all my journaling and print directly on the project life cards. There are a lot of journaling tutorials out there to show you how to do this yourself !

  4. Autumn says:

    Love the inspiration!

  5. Julie says:

    I’m sure there’s something somewhere on the internet that shows how to do the multiple prints of the same photograph that can be put into several mockers to make one big picture (shown a few times here). I don’t want to search if it would be convenient for you to give me a little tutorial here!

  6. Ronda says:

    This is all so new to me. Used to scrapbook daily but tough things happened in life and it has been 7 years. Getting a room ready in my new home and this looks so interesting. I am going to have to look and study it. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pages.

  7. Claire says:

    I wish the Design W page protector with pockets for five 4×6 pictures was available individually. I hate having to buy a variety pack to use one design.

  8. Nicole says:

    I hope you plan to blog about your organization process with your own photos (physical and digital). I keep trying to find a way that works for me, and each time it doesn’t feel quite right. Hoping you have some suggestions :)