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in the spotlight – Rachel DelGrosso


We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Creative Team member Rachel DelGrosso today!

Rachel, how long have you been using Project Life® to document? 

2014 will only be my second year documenting with Project Life. I followed Ali Edwards’ journey for years, wanting to take part, but it wasn’t until I became pregnant with my son in July 2012 that I finally started my own album.


How do you use Project Life?

In 2013 I completed weekly spreads and began the same way in my 2014 album. However, a few months in I decided to take a more go-with-the-flow approach and haven’t looked back since. With a toddler, life is never dull, so there is plenty for me to document! This year I am also trying to include more from my husband’s point of view.


How often and where do you print your photos?

I do all of my printing at home, usually a few photos here and there when I have the time. Doing it this way lets me see the spreads take shape, which I love! Because I don’t plan out my pages in advance, it does mean that I sometimes replace a few sections here and there, but I’m okay with that. Printing at home has, to this point, meant that I have never been more than a week behind on my album and that makes me feel pretty darn great!


How do you organize your photos and supplies? 

My organization is pretty simple. The core kits remain in their boxes and all of the miscellaneous items such as my stamps, ink pads, corner rounders, and washi tape are stored in a set of four Recollections cubes.

My digital supplies are organized on my computer in folders based on what they are (papers, journaling cards, embellishments, etc) in order to make it easy to find what I am looking for.


What are some of your tried and true tips for Project Life success?  

I have found that the number one thing to make your album a success is to take lots and lots of photos. Take more than you think you’ll need so you have plenty to choose from. Also, when I bring out my camera or iPhone (whatever I’m shooting with) I try to take a horizontal and vertical photo because I might not know which orientation I will end up wanting to use. One of my favorite things to do if I find I didn’t take enough photos is to print one large photo to fill a whole page.

Keep it simple; it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you find you are having trouble keeping up, I suggest stepping back a little and going back to basics. A few photos, a couple journaling cards, a title card, and maybe a few filler cards and you’ve got an uncluttered spread — my favorite!

Have fun! For me, scrapbooking is my creative release. It is soothing and I look forward to any moments that I can steal away to work on my album. I knew one spread into my very first album that this was going to be something I do for the foreseeable future.

Inspiration from Rachel







So many details in this beautifully lit and organized space!


Layout featuring the Midnight Edition and Sunshine Edition. Right page is Design F.



Layout featuring the Man’s World Themed Cards and Midnight Edition. Both pages are Design F.

RDelGrossoSpotlightSpread3Layout featuring the Midnight Edition and Sunshine Edition. Left page is Design E and right page is Design F.


8 Responses

  1. rachel del grosso says:

    man, seeing my space in photos makes me even more happy with how it turned out! I wish i could be home right now creating away!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Rachel’s space and her PL are so inspiring!! Great spotlight post!

  3. Tammy says:

    What a wonderful space – I LOVE LOVE it.

  4. Anika says:

    It’s interesting to read how other people organize their Project Life process.

  5. Natasha Smith says:

    I love her style! What kit are the white journaling cards with the grey notched tops from? I love the blank ones and also the ones with words.

  6. Wow! What a great space you have. I love your layouts and photos.

    Mary from NH

  7. Teresa says:

    I smile, it all looks so very nice, love it. But my smile is due to that is all the washi? Is that all the kits? Well since your very new, give another year take another picture, we never have enough mini or core kits, never enough washi, never enough of anything. Enjoy the journey, your pages look so nice, you do a great job!

  8. andrea says:

    I love Rachel and her awesome style. Everything looks so good. And I loved to see more of her space.