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in the spotlight – Krista Noorman


We’re pleased to spotlight another one of our Creative Team members and share in a very special giveaway. Let’s get to know more about Krista Noorman!

Krista, how long have you been using Project Life® to document? 

This is my fourth year using Project Life and I love it more each year.


How do you use Project Life?

I use Project Life in a weekly format, one two-page layout for each week of the year. This year, I also plan to complete an album of pictures from the time Jake and I lived in Germany when he was in the Army.

Most of the time, it’s just me documenting our life, but my daughter, Chloe, has her own album and kit now and has started to show more interest in it, as well.


How often and where do you print your photos?

I usually print my photos every two to three months, editing and sorting them into a folder called “Print Order” on my computer desktop. I’m kind of picky about print quality since my years as a wedding photographer and have always loved and recommended Mpix.com. This year, though, I’ve been creating more layouts as part of the creative team, so I tend to run to our local Walmart for prints just because it’s convenient.


How do you organize your photos and supplies? 

All my photos are organized into folders on my computer by year/month/day. For example, I have a folder titled “2014” containing 12 monthly folders – 01 January, 02 February, 03 March, etc. Within those are dated folders – 01 New Years Day, 04 Noorman Christmas, 06 Snow Day, etc.

I keep all my kits and supplies organized on a small IKEA Expedit bookcase that sits by the dining room table, which is where I do all my Project Life’ing.


What are some of your tried and true tips for Project Life success?  

My best tip … keep a daily journal, notebook, calendar, or document on your computer! It doesn’t have to be an in-depth journal of all your deepest thoughts, just somewhere you can jot down or type out the important things you did that day or something you want to remember to put into your album.

I have a document on my computer that I open each night and type out what we did that day. It has become a habit for me now after doing this for four years and it is the first thing I open when I sit down to work on a layout. If I didn’t do this, I would be lost trying to figure out what we did from week to week. It’s been my lifesaver! And I think it will also be interesting for the kids to someday read through these files because I tend to write out a lot more of our everyday routine than ends up in the Project Life albums. The daily journal also helps me not to stress out over being weeks behind. I don’t always have time to work on my album every week, so this takes the stress off. As long as I’m keeping track of what we’re doing each day, I’m all good!

Also, when I get a new kit, I lay all the cards out on the dining room table so I can see what I’ve got to work with. I am one who puts all the cards in the album at the beginning of the year and adds the pictures and journaling as I go. That’s the beauty of this system. Everything coordinates so you don’t have to spend a lot of time laying out the pages.

Inspiration from Krista


This is Krista’s very first Project Life album using the Project 365 kit that I created with Creating Keepsakes magazine before starting my own company and calling it “Project Life.”


This image shows how Krista sets out and organizes the cards in her kits when she gets them. Love the organization from the start!


Layout featuring the Seafoam Edition.


Layout featuring the Seafoam Edition.


Perfectly organized supplies … doesn’t the sight just make you happy?


We are excited to let you know that in addition to Krista being a valued part of our creative team, she is also a published author! She released her first young adult novel – The Truth About Drew – in May of this year … what an accomplishment! We are honored to offer the chance for one of our readers to win a copy of her book that has been signed by Krista. Just leave a comment including your name and city/state/country before Monday, August 4th, and we will draw a random winner to receive this special edition! Be sure to check back Monday to see if you’re the winner so we can get your shipping address.

Updated 8.5.14

Congratulations to Yolanda B. of Stevenson Ranch, California. Please email toni@beckyhiggins.com to claim your prize!


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    I love your journaling idea, and I started this year with the monthly calendar book of Becky’s and I have it right next to the computer so that I can write in it daily or whenever I take pictures.

    • That’s so great, Betsy. Keeping that little journal file on my computer that I add to daily has helped me so much. Writing it down really helps me remember. I need all the help I can get. ;)

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    • Thanks, Maureen. I do sometimes move the cards around, but I like that they are all in the album ahead of time. Of course, this is just what works for me. ;)

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