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in the spotlight – Krista Faulkner

We have just a few more creative team members to introduce you to before the end of the year! We appreciate all they’ve done to inspire us throughout 2014. Here’s your chance to learn a bit more about Krista Faulkner … enjoy!

Krista, how long have you been using Project Life® to document? 

I stumbled across Project Life in late 2011 from a friend’s blog. I was instantly in love! I asked for Project Life goodies for Christmas that year (the Cobalt edition) and with them I created an album for my 2011 photo-a-day photos. Before Project Life, I was into traditional scrapbooking in high school…boy, are those layouts fun (and funny) to look back on! Then in college, scrapbooking totally fell off my plate. But in 2005, a couple years after getting married, I decided to give digital scrapbooking a try. I loved it and bought tons of digi supplies, but I never really got much done. It was still so time consuming. I made a handful of pages for myself, but the biggest things I did during this time were digital baby books for my older sister’s two girls (yeah, who’s the best sister in the world!?! LOL). It’s been almost four years and I’m still loving using Project Life to document our life.

How do you use Project Life?

I have been doing weekly spreads mostly, but I’ve also used Project Life for tons of other fun projects like card making, my recipe collection, family photos album, vacation albums, and baby books for my twins. If something “big” happened in a particular week, I’ll add in an additional page for more photos and journaling I want to include. I use my blog to write all the journaling and text content that goes into the weekly spreads; that way, when I get behind, all the memories are already written down. We all get backed up with everything going on in life (I’m still not done with my 2012 or 2013 albums), but all the content is there on my blog. I’m unsure if I’m going to continue with the weekly spreads in 2015 or just do a “what I feel like” approach. I’ll definitely be using the fantastic Project Life system, but I think I might ease up on my weekly strictness. We’ll see…

How often and where do you print your photos?

I usually print my photos about once a month. I’m kind of OCD and lay out all my pages digitally first and only print out the photos I intend for the album (and maybe a few other to send to to friends and relatives). I mostly use WHCC for my printing, but I also use Persnickety Prints and Costco when I’m in a pinch.

How do you organize your photos and supplies? 

I’m what you may call a hybrid Project Lifer. I use both the physical kits as well as the digital kits. I add digital embellishments to my photos and journal cards, print on the actual cards, and print out the digital cards with type on them. I like the mix of it all. I love the physical handsy feel of actual pages, but love the accuracy of digitally laying it all out first. I also hate my handwriting, like I break out in a cold sweat if I have to actualy write on a journal card, so Photoshop is my comfort zone for text. I love my HP color laser printer and my Rota-Trim paper trimmer. They are my PL best friends. Truthfully, most of my Project Life-ing happens sitting on my bed with my laptop, writing out journal cards, laying the pages out, editing photos, and so on.

I keep all my physical PL supplies in their original boxes (they are so pretty) and I keep most of my stuff on an Ikea bookshelf in the closet of my office/workspace — I believe it’s called the Galant bookcase and it’s from their office space line. I like this bookshelf because it’s nice and deep and is plenty roomy for big 12×12 albums, oh and it’s super sturdy! I keep all my different pocket pages in a 12×12 album on the shelf. For other physical supplies such as punches, stickers, pens, and adhesive, I keep them in little boxes on my work tables which are also from Ikea. I keep all my digital stuff — photos and kits/elements — pretty organized, too. I use Lightroom to edit all my photos and I keep the photos in month folders, which are inside year folders. The digi kits and elements I have are stored in a folder called “digi scrap stuff” and then organized in folders by designer (Becky Higgins, Ali Edwards…). My Becky Higgins collection is getting rather large (wink), so that one has further sub folders for core kits, mini kits, theme cards, and value kits.

What are some of your tried and true tips for Project Life success?  

One of my biggest tips is just to KEEP IT SIMPLE! To me, simple = done! There are a few techniques that I use over and over again. Some of my favorites are using text on photos, 2×2 instagram photos on journaling cards, 4×6 templates for multiple images. Another tip is using a quick journaling app like Momento to jot down little things that happen. I mostly use it to write down the funny things my almost five year olds say. Another tip is to just be yourself. Don’t make yourself have someone else’s style; just do what you want with your albums and you’ll create your own style! There are no “rules” here, just have fun!

Inspiration from Krista

October 2014 9450

Who doesn’t love to scrapbook in bed?

October 2014 9462

October 2014 9478

October 2014 9471

October 2014 9482

October 2014 9665

October 2014 9481

October 2014 9663


6×8 recipe album featuring the Strawberry Edition and 6×8 Red Polka Dot Album. Left page is a 6×8 Page Protector and right page is Design 3.


Layout featuring the Jade Edition. Page is Design F.


Mini Album featuring the Tropical Themed Cards.


Layout featuring the Man’s World Themed Cards, Teen Boy Themed Cards, and Midnight Edition. Page is Design Z (part of Small Variety Pack 6).


Layout featuring the Jade Edition.


Layout featuring the Jade Edition.


Layout featuring the DIY Shop Value Kit. Page is Design T (part of Small Variety Pack 5).


Layout featuring the Midnight Edition. Page is Design Z (part of Small Variety Pack 6) with the one row of pockets cut off.


9 Responses

  1. Jill P says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an organized scrap room! And beautiful pages, Krista!

  2. Brenda says:

    What model of HP color laser printer do you have?

    • Krista says:

      Hi Brenda. It’s an HP Color Laserjet 3500. It’s pretty old… I inherited it from my parents when they down sized their small business. It sat unused for a while and I had to get all new toner for it (ouch! it was pricey! but at least I didn’t have to buy the machine). It has been awesome! I’ve printed so, so many PL cards over the past 4 years and I’m not even 1/4 the way through the toner.

  3. Mindy says:

    Love your style! Do you print out the little photos separately to put on the 3×4 cards or have you somehow figured out how to put them on the 3×4 card before you print the 3×4? Great idea to use smaller pics to help tell the story.

    • Krista says:

      I just love the feel and look of “real photos”, so those tiny photos on the 3×4 cards are real photos. I just use a blank 4×6 in photo shop and add a couple tiny crops to it.

  4. Mindy says:

    That makes sense! Love how it looks. I’m going to start using little photos like that too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Jennie says:

    Love your pages Krista! I’m going to try those little 2×2 pictures, great idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Toomie says:

    How do I print text onto my existing physical journaling cards?