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in the spotlight – Heather Burris

We’re getting close to the end of the year, but we still have a few more Creative Team members to spotlight! We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know more about Heather Burris.

Heather, how long have you been using Project Life® to document? 

I’ve been a scrapbooker for almost ten years, but I discovered Project Life in 2012. I fell in love with the concept after stumbling across the website and ordered my first page protectors minutes later! I’m so thankful I started doing PL just a few months into my marriage – it’s so exciting to think I’ll have our life together documented from the very beginning.

How do you use Project Life?

Though I used to be very strict with myself with completing a weekly spread every week, I’ve transitioned into simply working with the photos I do take. I still get about four spreads completed a month, but now they’re more about the moments and less about taking random horizontal photos just to fill up the page protector for that week.

How often and where do you print your photos?

I use mpix.com to print all my photos. I’m in love with the quality of their prints, especially now that I’m documenting primarily with a DSLR. I usually order a batch of photos at the end of every month.

How do you organize your photos and supplies? 

All of my photos are imported to Lightroom. My Project Life cards are kept in their original boxes, but other than that I’m not very organized with my physical products! I always work on my album on the floor, cards and products scattered everywhere. I think I’m more inspired when I’m surrounded by a creative mess (at least that’s my excuse!). My husband built me some shelves to keep my albums and kits on, which helps keep things somewhat organized.

What are some of your tried and true tips for Project Life success?  

I learned the hard way that it is so important for me to sketch out my layouts before ordering prints. I didn’t have to do this when I printed at home because I was able to print and plan as I went along, but if I don’t plan it all out beforehand now, I’ll be left with a huge pile of photos and no clue where to start. Planning before I print also helps me think about going beyond Design A and printing specific-sized photos for some of the other page protectors (Design F is my favorite right now!). I also used to stress about taking photos for every. single. thing. we did. It got stressful and a little exhausting after a while (“I forgot to take a photo of our coffee date!”). But now I focus more on taking photos of our everyday life when I want to, not when I feel I have to.

Inspiration from Heather

Darling, right? Heather keeps things simply organized so she can find what she needs when she sits down to work on her albums. Here’s a glimpse at how she stores her albums, kits, and accessories.

pic (4 of 9)

pic (1 of 9)

pic (9 of 9)

pic (3 of 9)

pic (8 of 9)

pic (2 of 9)

pic (7 of 9)

pic (6 of 9)

pic (5 of 9)

Layout featuring the Seafoam Edition, Midnight Edition, and Sunshine Edition. Page is Design F.


Layout featuring the Midnight Edition.


Layout featuring the Seafoam EditionMidnight Edition, and Sunshine Edition. Right side shows a 5×7 Horizontal Page Protector used as an insert.


Layout featuring the Midnight Edition.


11 Responses

  1. Sue WNY says:

    Hi! I also LOVE Design F that I have mostly used for storage of my 3×4 cards in Chevron 12×12 Albums for easy access but I recently started loving the idea of being able to include more photos & decorative / journaling elements for weekly pages as well…. I was impressed with a couple of design elements that you used in a couple of your layouts shown above – using the DATE STAMP on a 3×4 card in a unique way – I love my Date Stamp (use it all the time for work… and… I loved the GLITTER NUMBERS for the ID section of the spine on your annual albums… thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

  2. Dawn Steffler says:

    Lovely layouts. Where did you get that awesome globe on the top shelf?

  3. laura g. says:

    cute pages!! I see that you “only” have 3 PL editions..i admire your restraint!! I want them all!

  4. Rhonda Steed says:

    Man love her layouts!!! Super cute!

  5. Havok says:

    Love how the layouts match, but aren’t all the same color or pattern, or what have you. Everything just *goes* together so nicely! Wish I had that ability, ha!

  6. Awesome Layouts. I’ve never used the page Design F. I will be picking some up soon. :)

    Mary from NH

  7. Your PL layouts are so awesome and fun to look at. I also like how you incorporate both color and B&W photos into the same PL spread. I always doubt myself on this one but your layouts prove that it is totally doable! Design F is my favorite PP as well. You make me want to set some monthly PL goals. :) Thanks for sharing your creative spirit.
    p.s. I love the Globe as well!

  8. Laura M says:

    I love seeing your creative pages with a small stash. So encouraging!