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I’m coming to Scandinavia!

We have been planning something for a quite a while and we’re pretty excited to finally announce that I am coming to Scandinavia! Specifically… Norway and Sweden! I’ll be there late May into early June and I’m teaming up with Hobbykunst & Design in Papers (independent retailers) for classes in Stockholm, Gothenborg and Oslo. These are the lovely ladies who are making it possible … of course with their respective teams as well.

norwayswedenstoreowners 2

It’s been so fun to get to know them a little bit with our brief time time together at CHA – this year and last year! So here’s the scoop to anyone in that area (or anyone actually considering traveling to Norway or Sweden). I’m doing a couple different things in each city: You can meet with me in a small setting and have “one-on-one time” with me by attending “Becky Higgins EXCLUSIVE,” or join me in a classroom setting with a presentation in “Becky Higgins CLASSROOM.”

For more information regarding the events, please follow the links to the country you would like to participate:

NORWAY: http://www.hobbykunst-norge.no/vaare-produkter/nettbutikk-navigering/kurs.

SWEDEN: http://www.designinpapers.se/

I imagine our friends in Finland will ask if I’ll be coming there as well and unfortunately … no. We are so blessed to have already visited Finland several years ago, so we’ll be focusing our time in Norway and Sweden this time, and I’m absolutely thrilled about the opportunity. Can’t wait to meet some of you there!


9 Responses

  1. AnnaWK says:

    This is so awesome! I live just 15 minutes from CiLi in Papers (yes I have applied for a spot, not confirmed if I get it or not yet though). Serious starstruck moment!!

  2. JessicaB says:

    We are so happy!! I have signed up for both classes.
    Welcome to Sweden.

  3. Malin says:

    Oh this is so nice!
    I have enter this and I really hope I get a place!
    It would be so nice since we also are a group of women thats making Project Life events 2 times a year! really looking forward to this and I hope you will enjoy your time in sweden!
    Hugs Malin

  4. Jenny says:

    Ohh this is going to be so fun. Have entered me and hope that I get a spot. Welcome to Sweden.

  5. Vigdis says:

    This is so exciting news – I have joined in on Saturday in Norway :)

  6. Ingvild says:

    Yes – I have signed up for one of the events in Norway. I am really looking forward to this. Such great news.

  7. Monica says:

    So glad other parts of the world can enjoy what we have in you and PL!

  8. Trine :) says:

    Welcome to Norway! :)
    Look forward to meeting you on Saturday together with a lot of friends. :)

  9. Wow, that would be fab! Unfortunately I can’t justify the cost of the classes plus travel to scandinavia and accommodation, etc. Such a shame. I hope you come to the UK sometime, Becky, I’d love to participate in an event like this, it sounds amazing! I am sure the participants will have an *amazing* time! Enjoy it.