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i’m an affiliate, now what?

Hey there! How cool that you have decided to become one of our very first affiliates! I love knowing that you are excited enough about Project Life® that you want to share it with your friends / family / social media followers. Seeing this blog post but not an affiliate yet? Super easy and totally free! Just sign up here and you’ll be all set.

What does being an affiliate mean? It means that every time someone makes a purchase in our online shop using your unique link (someone else or even YOU!), we will send you a 10% commission on that sale. In other words, for every sale that is made using your link, you will receive 10% back. How cool is that!? You aren’t even required to share your link with anyone. Even if you just use it yourself, you will always receive 10% back, so it’s basically like having a 10% discount code to use all the time. No-brainer.

Thinking about sharing / advertising your affiliate link but not sure how to go about doing that? Here are some ideas on how you can maximize the use of your link.

1.  You can do an occasional social media share using the graphics provided in this post. You could even plan a post to happen on a regular basis like once a month or something.

2. Think about ALL of your social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

3. You could start a second Instagram account where you post about only Project Life and your personal memory-keeping journey / projects … and include your affiliate link in your profile of that account. You could also temporarily include it in the profile of your normal account on occasion.

4. Purchase a gift certificate to our shop for a friend, add your link to the gift certificate and ask your friend to purchase using that link.

5. Add a permanent link to your blog sidebar using any of the graphics provided.

6. Send an email “testimonial” to your friends and family, sharing with them why / how Project Life is helping you preserve your memories and document your stories, and include the link for them to make a purchase in that email.

So now what? Save any of the below images that you would like to use in your sharing of your affiliate link. If you would like to use one as a permanent button on your blog or website, just copy the code above the image you want and paste it in your sidebar – but don’t forget to replace the “your-link-here” text with your own affiliate link.
<a href="your-link-here"><img src="http://beckyhiggins.com/media/2017/01/2017-Affiliate_05.jpg" style="max-width: 100%;" /></a>

<a href="your-link-here"><img src="http://beckyhiggins.com/media/2017/01/2017-Affiliate_09.jpg" style="max-width: 100%;" /></a>

<a href="your-link-here"><img src="http://beckyhiggins.com/media/2017/01/2017-Affiliate_10.jpg" style="max-width: 100%;" /></a>

<a href="your-link-here"><img src="http://beckyhiggins.com/media/2017/01/2017-Affiliate_12.jpg" style="max-width: 100%;" /></a>

<a href="your-link-here"><img src="http://beckyhiggins.com/media/2017/01/2017-Affiliate_13.jpg" style="max-width: 100%;" /></a>

Thank you for sharing — really. May this be a fun little boost in your scrapbooking.  : )


6 Responses

  1. Maureen Moulder Lindenau says:

    I signed up for the appiliate program and I see how it would work for physical and digital but does it work for the app and the new photo books? I use the app only at this time and I am really excited my first book is being printed. If I love it I will be happy to share but I’m not sure how, also I’m really sad if I could have gotten 10% off on my in app purchases and my book but didn’t because I messed up.


    • Race Ashby Race Ashby says:

      Hi Maureen! I’m so glad you’re signed up as an affiliate, and that you’re trying out our photo book option and using the app. So awesome! Unfortunately we haven’t yet been able to include referrals to the app, in-app purchases, or photo books in our affiliate program. There just isn’t a simple tracking method to include referral information across platforms. For now only physical and digital products in our online shop are included in the program. So, you didn’t miss a discount opportunity, but we’ll keep working to include the app in the future of our affiliate program.

  2. Sean Eyring says:

    I wondered if I could get credit for my own purchases! Nice!

  3. Meg says:

    Hi Becky & team!
    Thanks again for this program :)
    I was wondering if I could customize the affiliate link in order to go straight to a specific product on the store – is that possible?


  4. Drea Gabriel says:

    Please remind me where I can find my affiliate link? Cheers, -Drea

  5. Shelly Robertson says:

    Want to say THANK YOU for the life changing I phone app! Loved traditional Project Life but am totally in love with app! All my pics are on my iPhone anymore anyway and it’s sooooo convenient to scrapbook anywhere! I love getting pages done while waiting st the doctors office etc! I have a question about printing. I’ve heard you sometimes offer printing specials but haven’t seen anything or gotten emails or messages about it. Am so missing them somehow? Also would to hear when affiliates can get discounts on app use and purchases so keep up the good work! Love love love your products! You and your creative team are geniuses!