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how do you store your albums?

Hi guys. Molly here! Becky has had scrapbook storage and display on her brain lately and she recently asked the question on social media: How are YOU displaying your scrapbooks and where in your house are they being stored?

Lots of customers and scrapbookers submitted their answers and pictures, and in this blog post I compiled just 8 of those submissions which we think will give you a pretty good idea of what others are doing. It’s so fun to see the variation and we hope you feel inspired to get your albums out of closets and boxes — and more accessible! All your hard work deserves to be enjoyed.

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Amanda in Reno, Nevada: “My albums are in my living room. Each album contains different themes – the green is me, pink is my daughter, etc. I love that they add color to the decor and people do ask to see them!”

I love that you have color-coded the different album types. Really cool!

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Nora in Fountain, Colorado: “This is the set up in our basement. My albums fill two cabinets! After the seven kids grew and moved on, I needed a space to store our memories and be available to anyone who wanted to see them. We set up an area in the unfinished basement with a large sectional and TV so they could relax and take a walk down memory lane if they wanted to.”

Wow Nora! You have been busy. How cool is this? And I love that you made it a spot for the family to gather and take a walk down memory lane together.

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Candy in Santa Cruz, California: “I have been scrapbooking for about 20 years and had quite a nice collection of personal albums (not counting the ones I made and gave to family and friends over the years). Most of them were completed — maybe needing some journaling — but for the most part completed. I had my husband build a nice shelf in our office/hobby area to store them in. It was nothing special, just some wood framing and he made sure they were tall enough to stand up my 12 x 12 albums.

On July 1, 2015, my husband and I were in Lake Tahoe playing golf when I got a call from my neighbor and friend that our house was on fire and to come home. Needless to say all kinds of thoughts race through your mind, especially when you have a 4 hour drive to get there! It was BAD. The fire destroyed two rooms and what the fire did not burn, the water and ceiling collapsing pretty much took care of the rest of our belongings.

First thing I asked about while on the phone was what about our family cat? Sadly she had perished and rescue workers could not revive her. Second, I asked Nancy if she could get close enough to any of the firemen to speak with them or give any information to? She said she would try. I told her, ‘Have them go to the office bedroom, lower shelves, and toss all the books out the window. Just pitch them all out there, throw a plastic tarp over them, and when we get home I’ll try to rescue what can be saved.’

Nancy did just that and two of the firemen went right to the area and saved all of my albums. Yes they were wet and yes I had to tear them all apart to save the pictures, but it was worth every hour I’ve spent doing that this last year. Five neighbor ladies helped me work on them the following day to get wet pictures strung out and dried. The only reason I have my memory books was because they were ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Now I’ve got a beautiful little cabinet I bought from Target with my favorites in them and others are in our storage shed waiting to be redone. We had all of the pictures stored for a week in a room with a de-ionizer machine which pulled the smoke smell out and they are good to go.

Moral of the story? It can happen to you, and if they had been scattered throughout my home, I never would be looking at them today.”

Wow, Candy, what a story. And this is exactly the reason why it is so smart to keep all of your albums in one place. It is fantastic that you were able to save all of your albums.

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Katie in Idaho: “My albums have always been stored in my scrapbook room closet. Following along with Project Photo Rescue, I decided to organize my scrapbook pages into yearly albums and display them in my great room. I found these shelves on Amazon that fit 12×12 albums perfectly. Many of my albums are incomplete, but thanks to Project Photo Rescue, they are finally getting done. The bright colors and designs of the PL albums make me smile, and I love to see my family look through them and enjoy our memories!”

Love this Katie! I am so happy that you have been inspired to get your albums out even though they aren’t quite complete.

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Marrianne in Arkansas: “I know, an IKEA bookcase, what’s new about that?!!! But small homes do demand multifunctional everything, and these fit the bill. Here’s what I love:

My albums *are* my file cabinet so having albums easily accessible is big for me. They are right here in my only living space, staring me down every day. I use them not just as a home for scrapped pages but as a working organizational tool for stuff that is yet-to-be scrapped.

Here’s an example: My children’s albums are preloaded with a few of Becky’s 12×12 snap-top envelopes (one envelope for each grade, plus a few sheet protectors). If something super special comes home, it goes right into the album un-scrapped but in the right year/spot.

If there’s something that comes home and is a maybe I put it in a 12×12 upright file (one per child in my blue armoire behind the couch). At the end of the year, I brutally purge/photograph, etc. The handful of items to be saved goes straight into the child’s envelope or some page protectors for that school year.

I love knowing that down the road if I want to scrap, it’s all curated — pre-culled and organized by year. And it’s all in the album; no need to dig through boxes. It’s all primed and ready to make into that year’s story.”

This is such a great idea, Marrianne, especially for people who don’t have a ton of extra space. You have such a great system in place and I am thrilled that it is working for you!

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Kay Pace in Utah shares, “I am 76 years old and I love scrapbooking. My daughter got me started with Project Life and I love it, especially the 8×8 digital books. I have hundreds of pictures, but I don’t want to scan all so I have done some of the 12×12 albums. I have these in my craft room. I can sit and work on my iPad and do my pictures so fast and easy. Becky has saved my sanity.”

Love it Kay! It’s never too late to get those photos into albums.

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Tiffany in Colorado: “My daughter and I just flipped through her 4th grade scrapbook together. That’s the last year I dedicated an entire Project Life album per year to each child (which gave her 10 albums to date at that time 🙄). While the volume may be a little excessive, it was neat reliving some of these moments with her from Girl Scouts to the state swim meet, even the cool tie dye cast she wore after she broke her arm roller skating.

I decided to use this small table off of our dining and family room to display a photo album that we can rotate weekly. I’ve taken the pictures, printed them up, and put them into books. It’s time we get them out of the basement storage room (sadly that’s the only place that has enough shelving to store our collection of scrapbooks) and start enjoying them more! Plus, I think it’ll help keep me motivated to continue documenting everyday life when I see my family flipping the pages of these old albums.

Thank you for sharing ideas on social media to help keep us motivated to create, get organized, and enjoy the books we’ve taken the time to put together!”

I am so glad you have found a place to keep an album out for everyone to enjoy on a rotating basis!

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Sharlene in Australia: I have only this small space to store all of our stories, both our books and our yearly albums. I LOVE that right between the pages of Jane Austen and J.R.R Tolkien sit our stories too.”

Very cool Sharlene – your stories are just as important if not more so than the authors you mentioned!

We love to learn about your stories! Remember –no matter how small or large your space, there is always a place for your albums to be enjoyed, even if it is one at a time!


9 Responses

  1. Barbara P. says:

    Is there a link for the Amazon shelves (Katie in Idaho) – they would be great to get for album storage!!!

  2. Whitney says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and stories. I love seeing how everyone has displayed their albums. Candy, I am so sorry that you had to go through that, but how wonderful that your scrapbooks were saved! What a great point about keeping them together in one place.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Oh my goodness! Thank you for starting this topic! I have been wanting to get our scrapbooks out of closets and the guest room. I just can’t figure out what to store them in or display them in or on. I wish this could be a continuous subject that people can keep sharing their ideas! Thank you so much.

  4. Barbara Shepherd says:

    So glad that Sharlene was mentioned! I run a fortnightly craft group and we all fight over her album when she arrives – she is the most “organised” up to date with her Project Life out of us all and we LOVE pouring over the pages of the previous weeks since we saw her. She inspires us to not just live our lives well but to take the time to honour them and record them.

  5. Cara says:

    These options are great! Does anyone know which shelving units Becky uses? Nora’s look similar. I’m curious as to where they are from???

  6. Susete says:

    Can you tell me what colored albums most of the photos have? I love that they have the labels on the side!

  7. Laura says:

    I love seeing these photos and reading people’s stories! How heartbreaking, though, for Candy. I wondered if anyone has found shelves/bookcases with doors that fit the we r memory keepers albums? I’m having trouble finding something deep enough for these albums; the IKEA shelves with doors do not fit. I am thinking having doors that close would help keep dust off the albums (?) I’d love more ideas! Thanks.