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Today’s the day!

Remember when we announced the contest? You guys weren’t messing around. In fact over 300 of you submitted a photo of you + your personally autographed product for a chance to win 1 of 10 prizes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the undying enthusiasm! I think Hobby Lobby was probably a bit surprised by the number of phone calls asking WHEN is Project Life coming!? They are good sports and I’d like to give a shout-out to the patient and friendly Hobby Lobby employees who fielded all those calls.

Well … you guys are a blast, and honestly – we’ll miss seeing all those pictures pour in. But alas, the deadline for submitting has come and gone and today we’re announcing the 10 randomly selected winners!


{ 3 winners of the Project Life 18-piece Journaling Pen set }

In case you’re not already familiar with the awesomeness that is this pen set, you can find it HERE right now before it arrives in retail stores and on Amazon this month.

Casey in Lees Summit, Missouri

Maria in Louisville, Kentucky

Lisa in Plano, Texas


Casey wrote (on 4 separate occasions):

I found a signed Seasons Mini Kit at the Hobby Lobby in Independence, Missouri! So excited. Thanks for the chance to win! (entry #1)

Here’s the 2nd one, Honey Edition! LOVE IT and cant believe how lucky i’ve been!! Thanks again! (entry #2)

I found a signed Cinnamon Edition at my Lees Summit, MO Hobby Lobby store last night! (entry #3)

I cannot believe it, but I just found a 4th signed kit! This one is a Wedding Mini Kit, which is one that I was wanting to buy anyways. Completely shocked when it was on the rack right on top! (entry #4)



Maria wrote: I am beyond thrilled that I scooped up two signed copies of Project Life kits. The first was the Seasons Mini Kit that I found in Southern Indiana. The second one was the Midnight Edition Core Kit in Louisville KY. I waited at that Hobby Lobby for six hours until the workers unpacked all the scrapbooking products that had come in that day. When they got to the PL box it was like a tv commercial when the “angelic awe” occurs. That is exactly how magical that moment was for me. It was such an honor to have autographed copies of PL. Project Life is truly an amazing and life -hanging system.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work and dedication making PL.



Lisa wrote: ♪ ♫ Oh, happy day. Oh, happy day! ♪ ♫ Honey edition #74/100 that I was able to get on my lunch break. I love that PLife is now in Hobby Lobby stores. THANK YOU, BECKY HIGGINS!!!

And this too: ♪ ♫ I’m walking on sunshine, OOOOHHHH. I’m walking on sunshine, OOOHHH. And don’t it feel good! ♪ ♫ I can’t believe that I got #21/100 of the Blush edition, which is one of the pics you had on your blog post giveaway!!! I was LITERALLY doing a happy dance in the Hobby Lobby aisle! Other shoppers thought I was crazy, but I didn’t even care!!!


{ 3 winners of a new Project Life Mini kit + Mini album combo }

Christy in California

Sherry in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Jan in Dayton, Ohio

christy - CA

Christy wrote: My mom and I are using Project Life to catch up on over 40 years of family photos!



Sherry wrote: Hi!! Here is my signed Project Life kit and Receipt. I am so excited Thanks for the chance to win! This was at the Hobby Lobby in Altoona, Pa.


jan - dayton, oh

Jan wrote: Last minute entries! Thanks!


{ 3 winners of a Project Life full collection }

Each winner will receive the edition of her choice including: a Core Kit, Big Pack of Photo Pocket Pages, little boxes of textured cards, Designer 12×12 paper, and coordinated Designer Dividers).

Jen in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Altie in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Jordan in Springhill, Flordia


Jen wrote: We were lucky enough to find two! Thanks for the autograph!



Altie said: I’m Altie from Jonesboro, AR and I got the signed Honey kit today!! Woo hoo!! I got 100/100 so my kit is the picture in your blog announcement–pretty cool. I sent in a pic of the cute HL employees, too. They actually had the signed kit on their manager’s desk in the back because they knew it was special and didn’t think it was supposed to be out on the floor. I’m so glad I asked them. They want me to bring in my current PL album so they can see one “in real life.” Thanks for Project Life, and thanks for my signed kit. You rock, Becky!!!


jordan, spring hill, FL

Jordan wrote: My name is Jordan Koss, and I bought this for my Mom for Mother’s Day!

(Okay, shut. the. door. This is absolutely one of our favorite entries! Jordan, you are awesome.)


{ grand prize winner }

Jessica in Bucklin, Kansas – You are going to be hanging out with me! I’m taking you to lunch, and this means we’re putting you on a plane and showing you a good time for a couple of days. When this happens (likely this month), we’ll be sure to document and share with everyone.  : )

jessica - dodge city, KS

Jessica said: My name is Jessica and I am from Bucklin, KS. I picked this up last night at the Dodge City, KS Hobby Lobby, woohoo! Thanks for a fun contest to enter and have a great weekend! :)


ALL WINNERS: Please email brandi@beckyhiggins.com with your mailing address so we can get those goodies shipped out to you!



18 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Congrats to the winners! I dreamt I won this contest and got to have lunch with Becky. What a crazy dream! I’m sure everyone is going to love their prizes!!!

  2. kristina says:

    Congratulations to all of the winners! SO cool!! :)

  3. Honey Bristow says:

    Congratulations to all of the winners! Jordan…. what an awesome son you are xxx

  4. tiffany h says:

    Congrats to all the winners. Wow, isn’t Jordan an amazing son?! And extra special congrats to Jessica who gets to hang out with you Becky! So exciting!

  5. Angie W. says:

    So when is the roll-out for Michael’s stores? I am anxiously awaiting the moment I can document this momentous occasion in my current PL album.

  6. Monica says:

    Alls I can say is Jessica is one luccckkkkkcccckkkkkky gal! :)

  7. Carolyn says:

    Congratulations to all winners……especially the Grand Prize winner, Jessica from Bucklin, Ks., my neck of the woods!!! Awesome! Have fun celebrating with Becky!!

  8. liz hamilton says:

    so happy for all the winners! we are all lucky though to have gotten signed copies! thanks for the contest becky, it was fun!

  9. Kris says:

    Congrats to all…..when will we see kits on Amazon?

  10. Robin Gibson says:

    Wow! SO much PL Happiness! Love it! Congrats to everyone! WTG Jordan! I’m sure you made your Mom’s day! This was super cool Becky!

  11. Jennie says:

    Congratulations to the winners! SO fun!
    Becky or Brandi, will you update us soon on when the new PL products will be hitting Amazon? Thank you! :D

    • Amber says:

      Yes, I am anxiously waiting to see when they will be on Amazon. I check every day!

  12. Cheryl :) says:

    Congratulations to all you winners!!!…and thanks Becky and crew for making this so fun. :)

  13. Grace says:

    Oh my goodness how exciting for everyone! This was so much fun even though I was not in the contest. Grand Prize winner woweee. Can’t wait to see your PL pages from your Prize. Congratulations everyone and Congratulations Becky!! Grace xoox

  14. cindy b says:

    Congrats to the winners but did I miss something here? Was this contest for people who were LUCKY enough to even have a Hobby Lobby near them AND lucky enough to be able to buy the products?? Sorry to be sounding like a downer Debbie but it’s very frustrating when you don’t have a store near you AND products still aren’t at Amazon to purchase. So the lucky peeps are twice as lucky… *sigh*

    • Cindee says:

      You could have bought them online. People were receiving them when they ordered from HL online too.

      I ordered from HL online and didn’t get a signed one :( Sad.

      I’m frustrated that people were buying 4, yes 4! That is greedy and stingy in my book.

  15. J3SS1C4 says:

    Congrats everyone!! What awesome prizes! So much fun seeing all of the photos and messages that were shared!! I love Lisa’s notes with the music notes especially, so cute! And Joshua entering this for his Mum for Mother’s day is so sweet!

  16. Mary M. says:

    First of all, Jordan’s entry brought tears to my eyes. So sweet! Second of all, I didn’t even know this was a contest, but seeing all these photos posted online inspired me to drive an hour to my nearest Hobby Lobby to check out the PL there. I was so glad I did! The store was very cool and the employees were so nice. I loved it…I just wish it were closer! I only bought the Holidays mini kit – I’m waiting for the Rain edition to come out before I buy a core kit. =) All in all it was a super fun road trip! Thanks for inspiring it and congrats to all the winners! =)