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Hello 2014.

As you know from yesterday’s post, we are gearing up for a remarkable year. There is so much in store for 2014, most of which I haven’t even touched on yet. You’ll be hearing about many fun things the coming weeks and months. I am so grateful that each of you are a part of this journey. We’re all in this together – the quest to cultivate a good life and record it.

Happy New Year from US!

Those fabulous faces above? As of today (we’re always evolving and growing), this is the core team at Becky Higgins LLC. They each play a role in what happens behind the scenes every day and certainly, they will play a role in the resolutions that I have for what’s going to happen in 2014. As a team, we sincerely wish everyone a very Happy New Year. May 2014 be your best year yet.

On a personal note

This time of year is known for setting new goals. Whatever your goals may be, I wish for you to have great success. I’m cheering you on. I also know that this year will bring challenges that we’re not expecting – for you and for me. We just need to be prepared for the unexpected, know what I mean?

We should take care to be well – physically, mentally, spiritually. We should be sure that our priorities are in line with our core values. What a great time to be sure that our feet are planted where we want them to be, while also stretching ourselves to be closer to our potential. We’re all capable of great things, but we’ll get nowhere fast if we’re not proactive in putting one foot in front of the other. Here’s to giving our best effort – one little step at a time.

Project Life Badge

One last little thing for today. I know many of you have a goal to do Project Life in 2014. Regardless of whether you’re brand new to this party or you’re several years into this … I am totally cheering you on as you strive to be life documenters. Be sure to check out my recent Setting Up a Project Life Album post, which is particularly helpful for newbies.


We have a brand-new PL badge that everyone can have, use, and share! If you have a blog, stick it on your sidebar. If you use social media, share this with your friends so they know that Project Life is helping you to document life and organize your photos. Simply right-click and save this to your computer or tablet or mobile phone and share away! If you want to tag me, it’s @beckyhigginsllc.

PL badge 2014

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post. It’s the first of our brand-new At Home with Becky series. If you want to be the first to know whenever there’s a new blog post, simply follow me on facebook, twitter, or instagram and you’ll be in the loop all the time.

Happy New Year!


20 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Happy New Year, Becky! I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store. I’m excited to be using Project Life (Honey) to document the upcoming year. Thanks for the badge.

  2. Judith Kirby says:

    What a great message for all of us for the new year, thank you Becky.
    One of my favorite gifts this year was the Coral Core Kit!!
    Looking forward to 2014 with Project Life.

  3. Judith Kirby says:

    What a great message for all of us for the new year, thank you Becky.
    One of my favorite gifts this year was the Coral Core Kit!!
    Looking forward to 2014 with Project Life.

  4. Karen Brooks says:

    I so appreciate your sincerity and down-to-earth, common-sense approach to everything! God Bless you Becky, your family and everyone at Becky Higgins LLC! Best wishes for a fabulous 2014!

  5. Kylie says:

    Happy New Year to you too Becky!! I’ve got a few kits for this year to do a few different albums and can’t wait!!

  6. Laurie says:

    I love Project Life! Thank u for inspiring me to document the small moments. Looking forward to a wonderful 2014! ! Thank again Becky!!

  7. Amy says:

    At what point are you planning on announcing the products that are already showing up in Michaels including a full size Dear Lizzy kit and full size Maggie Holmes kit? At what point is there any transparency in your company at all where you directly communicate with your customers?

    • Hi Amy. We have been in touch with folks at both American Crafts & Michaels about these new products showing up, and our understanding was that they would be arriving pretty soon – but not this early. I am just now hearing that they’re starting to show up in a few locations. That’s great! We just haven’t shared official news yet because product images & information always accompanies official news … and we don’t have that gathered quite yet, due to the holidays. We have a blog post slated for next week that will be dedicated to the new products showing up at Michaels.

      I’m not sure what you mean by transparency in this context. I share a LOT – and we do our very best to keep up with loads of questions that pour in every day. As for direct communication, we stay on top of emails that are sent to customerservice@beckyhiggins.com, I post multiple times a day on social media, I blog nearly every day, and Brandi on our team fields the questions that are posted on my FB page. So yes – we are huge believers in good communication. Is there something else that we can help you with? : )

    • Heather says:

      I’m always amazed when grown people still feel the need to be “first” at everything. Becky – I think your company is one of the best in communicating with your followers. You even told us when HSN had a sale (thankfully I found it a day earlier ;-) ). Keep it up!

  8. MichelleB says:

    Happy New Year to the PL Team! Here’s to a happy and healthy and successful New Year!

  9. THERESA F Miami , Fl. says:

    This is the start of my 4th year doing Project Life! I love it. I have started many fellow scrappers on it, and have gifted it to a few good friends. I just wanted to say that you and (you’re team) are doing a great job. Best wishes to you and your family, and thank you.

  10. Cindy Harding says:

    Can’t wait until tomorrow to start my 2014 Project Life (5th and Frolic Edition) album. This is my second year, having done one in 2012. In 2012 I was late getting started and had to wait for weeks for backordered products so I made sure I purchased my kit early this time. In fact, I bought one of the first kits that hit the shelves in Michaels back in July 2013 and I have patiently been waiting for 01/01/14! Already thinking about what my picture of the day will be tomorrow!

  11. I am looking forward to starting my books for 2014 today. The toughest part for me was selecting which kits I would be using this year. I make 2 books each year. :) Thank you for offering so many choices. And thank you for keeping us up to speed with the information that you share. I hope that all of you at PL have a wonderful New Years day.

    Mary from NH

  12. Ana Liza says:

    Happy New Year!
    Looking forward to a great and productive 2014!
    Thank you for the badge :)

  13. Carrie says:

    Happy New Year to Becky, the Higgins family and your entire team! Looks like 2014 is getting off to a great start for you all! Blessings!

  14. Aoife Purcell says:

    Hi Becky, thinking of setting up a project life album and going to try back track for the last few years. I take millions of pics but never print them or do anything with them. Like the idea of having physically printed pics that can be used instead of just one big storybook where the pics are preprinted onto paper so can never be taken out etc. Just wondering though, do your photo pages provide protection for the photos from ageing etc? Are the page protectors chemically friendly for pictures etc? Plan on making project life a yearly venture but want to make sure they will still be good quality in years to come! Looking forward to your reply, thanks!

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