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got old photos?

old picture sizes

Yep, I thought so.

Me too.

Most of us are sitting on old photos. Photos from our childhood, photos from our parents, our grandparents. And if we’re lucky, we have photos even older than that.

Ideally, I think it’s best to get them all scanned. Share them with family (another reason technology is so amazing). And ultimately we want to get those originals safely preserved in an album where they can also be enjoyed (hello, Project Life).

You guys know I’m a fan of creating products that are truly solution-based. So here’s the thing. Those old photos? That is so pre-4×6. They’re not 4×6. They’re odd sizes. And there are a LOT of different sizes.

So in order to help you … in order to be smart about the Photo Pocket Pages we design that will best fit your old photos … I want you to have a voice. I am asking you to get out the ruler. I am asking you to MEASURE those photos. Not every single photo. Just pull out a few of the sizes that seem to be the most common photo sizes in your stash of old photos that are not 4×6.

Tell me your measurements. Be exact.

In order for your “vote” to count, I’m inviting you to email projectlife@beckyhiggins.com (in the next few days if possible) and tell me your photo sizes. Use the subject “old photos”. And if you have more product requests that would help you specifically with those OLD photos … by all means, we’re listening.

We’re always interested in what you want, and what will help all of us have a more successful memory-keeping experience. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks for taking a minute to add your input.

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