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good life with jamie rieger

Good Life with Jamie Rieger

Part of cultivating a good life is being present in the big and little moments of the everyday, and appreciating and valuing the importance of both.

I have so many wonderful memories from my childhood. Vacations to the beach and to Disney World; weekends on the lake swimming, boating, and camping with friends; dance classes and recitals; birthday parties; Christmas mornings; and so many more. We have album after album filled with pictures of these significant events and I love pouring over every detail of them. 

I find myself, however, having the fondest and most vivid memories of the everyday moments growing up. Flashes in my memory of the little things envelop me in nostalgia, always causing me to smile. My pink canopy bed with my stuffed animals tucked in the rungs, my Strawberry Shortcake bike with training wheels, laying in my grandma’s bed at night, windows open and listening to the sounds of the cicadas and the passing train, and my mom cutting our peanut butter sandwiches with cookie cutters that hung as decorations in her kitchen.    

When I first started Project Life® in 2010, I thought I needed to create huge memories so I would have the perfect pictures for my album. I felt so much pressure to capture big moments that I neglected to focus on the ordinary activities of our family. It wasn’t until a few months in when I had that aha! moment that revealed to me what this system is truly about. It’s Project Life, and life is not only the big events; it’s made up of so many little moments that weave together to create the memories that shape and mold us as individuals. 

This realization lit a fire within me and gave me the freedom to record those ordinary moments with the same passion and attention to detail that I honored the big moments with. I become much more aware and present in the activities of our day. A picture of my daughter in her favorite black tutu, on the floor with her Playmobile people lined up in our hallway as she does so often now is just as important and meaningful as the picture of her at her recital. It helps tell the story of her right now, and someday it is my hope that this picture will invoke happy memories of her childhood for her to share with her family. 

Of course my albums are filled with many spreads from birthday parties, first days of school, and vacations. But my most treasured pages and the pictures that I am the most proud of are the ones that tell the ordinary stories and capture the everyday moments of our family.

Jamie Rieger is a part of our 2016 Creative Team using Stampin’ Up! products. She currently resides in Ohio with her husband and high school sweetheart Ryan, her two sons, and one sweet daughter!

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