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good life with becky – easter edition

Happy Easter!

What’s up with the book — and what does that have to do with Easter? Hang tight. I’ll happily explain. What I’m sharing today is a very big piece of my heart… something very near & dear to everything that I hold valuable.

Easter is a time when many of us reflect on what the Savior did for us. He lived and loved and served perfectly. He is the ultimate example of how to be, how to treat others, and how to live life… which is why I try to keep Him central in my thoughts and actions each day — not just at Christmas and Easter when our Redeemer tends to get more attention, oftentimes overshadowed by commercialism and candy.

In the deepest part of everything that I am, I know that Jesus Christ performed the ultimate act of love — for you, for me, for each one of us — when He atoned for our sins. Every one of our mistakes and failures? He paid for those. He felt those. He knows every awful feeling you or I have ever known but on a tremendously deeper level. I love my Savior. He is everything. He is the reason I am so happy, even through the darkest trials. He is the reason I can be with my family eternally and not just during this brief moment we have together on earth.

So — back to the book.

I call this book my go-to guide on how to cultivate a good life because I actually mean it. I love The Book of Mormon, which is a companion to the Holy Bible and also testifies of Jesus Christ. To understand more of what I’m talking about and why this book is so significant to me, I invite you to visit this page where I not only expand a bit on my personal thoughts, but I’m also offering to send you a FREE copy of The Book of Mormon. I’m personally covering the cost (the book + the shipping) and it’s worth it to me to share this treasure with you.

No one asked me to do this. I have felt very impressed to share; that’s all. I’m doing this knowing full well that some will be turned off by my invitation or disagree with my faith. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. If you happen to feel offended that I’m sharing so much of my faith and you’re not interested in hearing more — that’s okay. I have no interest in forcing my beliefs on anyone. That’s not the point of any of this. I will continue with my regular sharing about Project Life® and our team’s favorite things and ideas on how to document life and photo tips and other fun things.

The thing is… I’m not shy and my faith does shine through the work that I do (at least I hope it does). I feel that by offering a copy of the book that directs me in knowing how to best cultivate the life that I deeply desire for me and my family… there is a chance that some of you might be curious enough to learn more and receive a copy of the book with no strings attached.

On this Easter Sunday, I’m going to leave you with 3 of my favorite video presentations about our Savior. May you feel whatever it is that you need to feel in your life right now and may you feel His love for YOU.


31 Responses

  1. Vicki Allgaier says:

    Thank you for sharing these near and dear thoughts and feelings with everyone Becky! This is exactly why Dad and I are serving our 3rd mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are deeply grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The world today certainly needs more of the Gospel message and less hatred. Happy Easter…..We love you……Mom and Dad

  2. Monica says:

    Beautifully noted! You’re right….not all will agree…however….everyone has the right to choose what to believe esp when it’s so neat and dear to you! Keep Shining Bright😊

  3. Janice Carl says:

    I have studied many religions and welcome the opportunity to see your view.

  4. Katrina says:

    I was raised Catholic and now consider myself a Buddhist. When I was working as a tour guide in high school, a man on one of my tours gave me a Book of Mormon. It was a gesture I’ve never forgotten – he wrote me a long note and was very kind.

    In my many moves, I think I’ve lost it now. I would love to replace it. Thank you so much for your generosity. Happy Easter!

  5. Jene' Asay says:

    Becky, I am grateful for the love you show to everyone, always, through your work and through your beliefs. I admire your words on your blog and acknowledging that everyone has their own choice in what they believe but that you are not afraid to publicly stand for what you believe. This last July I finished reading this precious book all the way through for the first time in my 31 years. What a testimony and strength. The stories are amazing! I found myself cheering, hurting, fighting, crying for many of the individuals in the book. The church of Jesus Christ in true! The savior loves us!!! I would love a copy signed by you. Much love!

  6. NICOLE says:

    Wow! What an amazing gift and heart you share. I was just thinking about your posts on your faith for a few days and thinking about how it may answer my questions on my faith. Thank you!

  7. Neisa says:

    While not Mormon, I absolutely love reading the things you share about your faith. It’s something I tend to struggle with at time, and would love to receive a copy. Thank you for your kindness and continuing to share your faith. Happy Easter.

  8. Sara says:

    Thank You so much for sharing Becky and be willing to share the Book of Mormon with us.

  9. Viv says:

    At school, many years ago in our religous education lessons (I am C of E) we were taught a about other religons and to both except and respect their beliefs though different to our own. I always find it iinteresting to read your posts and this one is no exception and appreciate the opportunity to learn and understand more about a faith I have limited knowledge of.

  10. Ericka says:

    Hi. I would love a copy of the Book of Mormon. Thank you for your offer.

  11. Staci says:

    Hi Becky!
    Happy Easter
    I filled the form for a book. I’m Christian but so many women I follow that inspire me every day are Mormon and I am quite curious about it. I have looked on the website that everyone has linked on their sidebar but still don’t fully understand. 😊
    You’re so generous.
    p.s. I’m loving the android PL app! My husband finally asked what all the dollar charges were on Google 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Jalyn says:

    Thank you Becky for again being a wonderful example. I was in tears (the good kind) by the time l was done with both your testimony and the videos. Thank you for all your hard work. May the Lord continue to bless you and those around you. Love a sister in the gospel. 😇

  13. Lori Manicho says:

    Thank you Becky and Happy Easter.

  14. Great idea, and inspired and courageous.
    I was Buddhist but me and my husband get baptized in LDS church few month ago in Switzerland, where I live. All that happened throw scrapbooking and “she” sent me a booklet about Temples. I was admiring the Church but as soon as I saw that booklet with the picture of the salt lake Temple I know that I wanted my marriage sealed for the eternity and I know that will be happening even if I didn’t know how that would be possible. I went to Church, meet the missionaries and opened the Book of Mormon. I prays to know if it was true. I received my personal testimony and I get baptized last November. My husband follow me in January. Our life changed. That’s happend from a scrapper sending me some books.
    I really hope that with this book your life could be changed in better as mine.

  15. Mireille says:

    My mother died a few weeks ago and ever since I feel I lost my direction in life. I have been thinking about this book for a longer period in time and when I saw your post I knew I had to fill in the form to receive a copy of the book. Thank you for your great work and generosity! Happy Easter!

  16. Beth M. says:

    Yesterday during our Easter service the children put on a short skit talking about how Jesus lives and loves and how we should do the same thing and not just on Sunday’s or at Christmas and Easter but everyday of out life. I think that is part of cultivating a good life. I love reading your blog and posts. You are such a wonderful role model, and in this world we need more like you.

  17. FELICIA says:

    I would like to thank you for sharing this. I have been brought up catholic and as of late have questioned my faith I do believe in the lord I for what ever the reason just have not felt at peace after mass . I am reading this at work on a Monday after Easter and I am very excited to read the book of Mormon . I thank your humble heart for the receive a free copy of the book. Bless you, your family , and your team!

  18. Em says:

    Dear Becky,

    I’ve always believed in God although I’ve never received any kind of religious education. I simply believe. For the longest time that was enough but lately I’ve grown interested in actually reading the Bible and finding out what it’s all about. (Let’s be honest: that envy stems from the Illustrated Faith trend that carried over to the planner loving world I’m a part of.) So just last week, I spent quite a few hours on the Internet researching Bible editions/versions and finally ordered my own: it’s a pre-illustrated version (of course) and it’s taking forever to arrive. Actually it hasn’t even left the States yet (!) so I better get patient.

    Anyway. There are quite a bunch of LDS ladies in the scrapbooking community and you all regularly share your faith with passion (but also with “restraint”, which I appreciate) and I’ve always wondered what exactly do you guys believe in, what are the differences/parallels with other branches of the Christian faith, etc. Well, I’d be delighted to find out by reading the Book of Mormon alongside the Bible I’m about to receive. So I’m taking you up on your generous offer and I’ve filled out the form to receive a copy of the Book of Mormon.

    Thanks again, Becky, and Happy Easter to you and your family.

    Em (from France)

  19. Tracy says:

    Wow! What I struggle with the most is this, “He is the reason I can be with family eternally and not this brief moment we have together here on Earth.” Suddenly losing my lifelong best friend at the young age of 31, and my father-in-law taking his own life just 4 short weeks later, having faith is something I struggle, I strive, and I struggle to have. Thanks for sharing. I also follow your dear friend and fellow LDS Heidi Swapp, and my heart breaks for her but she too is such an inspiration! Hugs!

  20. Angie says:

    You are amazing and an inspiration in every pillar of life. I’ve been a fan of yours for as long as I’ve been scrapbooking (25 years), but your reach in my life has gone so far beyond pictures and page protectors. Thank you for what you do everyday. Your stamp on this world is so bright, and so needed in these crazy times.

  21. Jodie says:

    Hi Becky

    THANK YOU I have curious about the Mormon faith since becoming a scrap poker some 20 years ago. I very close friend of mine become a baptised Mormon I think around 5 years and is loving the faith and beaming happiness. You are a truly generous soul and you have inspired me to cultivate a good life for many years and I can’t thankyou enough. I promised myself I would read 20 books this years and I’m looking forward including the Book of Mormon. Kindest Regards and many Blessings Jodie xx

  22. Wendy Orme says:

    I am in awe of your courage and great example…and so impressed by the comments on this post. Gos bless you for your efforts.

  23. Cheryl Balmas says:

    Always felt you were as as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside and this is another example. Thank you for offering the book, your faith and the videos. Hope your Easter with family was blessed. I look forward to receiving the book. I’m always interested in learning other viewpoints and religious views, especially when it’s offered in Christ’s love. Thank you for being a light in the world!

  24. Betsy Potts says:

    Thank you Becky for sharing your faith. I had just told my husband how impressed I was with you and how wonderful it is that you share your love for our Lord. I love reading about your life, your family, and your faith. Thank you for being such a generous person and I know you love your job…..it shows in your posts and videos. May God always bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.

  25. April says:

    Bravo to you for sharing God in your life. In this day and age when so many are hurting and looking for something! I cannot help but wonder would the evil forces of the world have a lot less holding power on our people of the world if faith had not been pushed so far down. I am not old enough to have witnessed the 50’s and family but in my imagination faith was dead center in most homes. Now we have to practice behind closed doors for fear of upsetting someone! How sad no wonder people are wondering aimlessly unfulfilled and looking for something. My personal belief is God is real and anyone who believes irregardless of wich branch you choose so to speak may the light of God lead you. I pray for peace in our families, the world. Please keep being the light you are and if someone chooses to go a different way then yes they can ignore these post. If they want to it is there right . But keep sharing I am truly grateful!

  26. Kay says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am so impressed and encouraged that you have always been so honest in your expression of faith. I think that you are such an example to me, and I appreciate it. I love Project Life and you even more now that you have shared this. I am grateful for your testimony.

  27. Sandy says:

    I’m Catholic, but we have a gorgeous Morman temple a few miles from us in Kansas City, Missouri that can be seen for miles. Since it was built it has peaked my interest in the Morman faith, so thank you for sharing your faith and The Book of Morman.

  28. Katrina says:

    You are awesome, Becky. I kept thinking that the whole time I was reading this. I love your words here. Thank you!

  29. Elder Allgaier says:

    That’s so cool Becky, I love studying the Book of Mormon and in my life it has personally helped me through the most difficult times, knowing more about the Plan that Heavenly Father has for all of us. This Book really answers many questions of the soul that become more clear the more I read it. Love you Aunt Becky! See in about a year!