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good life with alena honeycutt

Alena Honeycutt Good Life in Louisiana

Part of cultivating a good life is to love your “now.”

Four years ago, we moved 500 miles from Oklahoma to Louisiana, away from all of our family, friends, our church, and anything we had ever known, to a new state, new town that we knew nothing about. To some people that may sound fun, exciting, and like a great adventure, but to me, it was the complete opposite.

Our son had just turned two and I was five months pregnant with our second son. My mother and father-in-law helped move us, and the day they left to go back home, I remember feeling so sad, lonely, and already looking forward to the day we could go back.

The next few years were full of a lot of great memories. I got to be a stay-at-home mom, of which I had always dreamed, our son Griffin was born, we adjusted to life with two kids (one who never slept), the Lord led us to a wonderful church family, we started to meet new friends, and really I had nothing to complain about. Still, so often I would find myself thinking, “If only we were back in Oklahoma,” “I can’t wait to be closer to our family,” or “Things will be so much better when ______.” I wasted so much of my time with those thoughts when everything that mattered was already right in front of me.

I have a wonderful husband with a great job, two healthy children I get to spend my days with, a great church, a place to live, food to eat — so much more than we deserve. I was always looking ahead and sometimes not really enjoying the “now.” And the “now”… rocking my boys, picking up toys… so many toys, cleaning spills, making snacks, going to the park, or watching Toy Story ten times a week… those are the moments I will look back on and truly miss someday.

I believe the Lord has put us exactly where we are because this is where He wants us and until He moves us, I’m going to love my “now”…. right where we are.

Alena Honeycutt is a part of our 2016 Creative Team using physical product. She currently resides in Louisiana with her husband and their two sweet boys.

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4 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    Just what I needed to hear right now. Thank you.

  2. Artful Leigh says:

    Oh such an amazing and beautiful post!! Alena, thank you for sharing your heart today and giving us all a reminder. Thankful for what the Lord has shown you,

  3. Robin says:

    What a great reminder that we need to appreciate & be grateful for our here & now! Love this! Thanks!!

  4. Mandi says:

    Thank you for reminding me to enjoy the “now”. I find it so easy to think: “I’ll be happy when ______.” Thanks for reminding me to enjoy the moment. Such a beautiful post!