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good life with tim stumpff

Part of cultivating a good life is not letting the responsibilities of adulthood steal your happiness.

Adulthood comes at you hard and fast, and once it starts, it never lets up. Every day is filled with a multitude of responsibilities and it often feels like our lives are completely dictated by our everyday must-dos. While our daily tasks do shape a good part of how we maneuver through each day, they do not have to influence how we think about each day. Our responsibilities as adults are mandatory. There’s no real way to get out of paying bills or taxes, work, or feeding your family (or in my case, my cat). These are our absolute, no go-around, duties that we as adults must fulfill.

If there is one thing I have noticed about myself and those around me, it’s that we like to complain about these responsibilities an awful lot. Don’t get me wrong — venting here and there always makes me feel better, but when I complain long-term about these unavoidable tasks, it tends to only make me feel worse. If I let my responsibilities impact my thinking negatively, it’s keeping me from the happiness that surrounds me each and every day. A lightbulb came on when I thought — why am I complaining when these responsibilities are not going anywhere?! No amount of hatred for these tasks will make them go away, so why even pay them any attention?

In all of these realizations, I came to adore Peter Pan. Peter Pan is childlike and I found myself wanting to emanate this. Think about the life of a child. They have responsibilities too! The biggest being getting up and going to school. They may not love it and they may complain about it here and there, but look at the rest of their life. It is generally unaltered. They come home and they play. Their everyday responsibility does not stop them from enjoying their moments of happiness.

Here’s what it boils down to: All of us have a to-do list each and every day; that is a fact we cannot change. Let’s check each item off and not give it another thought. When we remove the negative thinking, we are free to enjoy moments of happiness in our everyday life.

Tim Stumpff is a member of our Creative Team using the Project Life® App. He currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his polydactyl cat, Thumbs.

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2 Responses

  1. Laura G. says:

    I love the last comment!!! Actually I love the whole article!!

  2. Julee says:

    Thank you for that reminder, Tim. I have been down lately because I have to listen to my employees complain about their to-dos… in their personal life. I do not do well with complainers in general, because I have chose to look at life as FULL.. not half-ful, but FULL. Full of all the joys we have in life, the beauty given to us by Mother Nature, the laughter of our children.

    I also wanted to share my thoughts (or views) on my to-do list. I had a similar ah-ha moment when my boys were younger and I had an arm long list of things to get done in a day. I decided then that the housework I had to do represented my ability to afford my own home, the dishes I had to do represented my ability to feed my family, and the endless mess and laundry means I have the privilege of being a mom.