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Part of cultivating a good life for me is putting first things first.

Can I let you in on a little secret and something that for me has been the key to my happiness? You ready for it?

Put first things first and then don’t worry about the rest.  

So maybe this secret isn’t earth-shattering, but in my life it has changed everything. Putting first things first helps me live with less stress, achieve balance, and find more joy in my day-to-day life.

The “first things” I try to put first come down to first God, second others, and then myself.

Put God First

In a world that’s shouting for our attention and demanding our time, putting God first helps us cut through the distraction to what really matters. It helps us find the meaning in the daily grind and is the antidote to when we feel like we’re not talented enough, pretty enough, or that we just need more stuff. One simple way I put God first is by turning to my scriptures before social media in the morning. It’s amazing to me that when I simply check in with God first, I worry a lot less about what everyone else is doing, buying, and accomplishing. I’m happier and more content, more patient with others around me (which heaven knows I need with 3 toddlers and a newborn!), and more motivated to keep trying to improve. When God’s first, life is good.

Put Others Before Self

Just two weeks ago I gave birth to our fourth child (our first little boy!). To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. That said, giving birth to and taking care of a newborn takes all that I have—my sleep, my energy, and even my own milk! Yet the love I have for my son is something extraordinary and the bond is unexplainable. In my experience, this kind of love only comes when we put someone’s needs above our own. Put simply, when we focus on making others happy, we’re happy too.

Take Care of Yourself

Although it may seem like because this is stuck at the end of the list that it doesn’t matter, but it’s so important that we prioritize ourselves too! We should learn what makes us happy and then be intentional about doing things that really give us those endorphins. For me it’s things like going on long runs, being in nature, spending time with my family, and creating. (And on occasion, indulging in my secret obsession: black licorice and gummy candies!)

I promise that as you put things first, you’ll make room for the good life in your life. And those things that really don’t make you happy will be left in the dust!

What about you? Is this something you already do? I would love to hear your experience and any ideas you have (including fun things you do to prioritize yourself!).

a note from becky

Lizzy is one of those women that I’ve watched and thought, now that right there is an example of how women should be. Seeking for truth and light and doing all she can to share that goodness with others. I also think we should just be neighbors already. I admire her for a million reasons and her influence for good is infectious. Lizzy is behind The Small Seed, one of the most beautiful sources of faith, hope, and inspiration.

Connect with Lizzy :: Lizzy’s Personal Instagram | The Small Seed Instagram | Website

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  1. Ashley Schultz says:

    Beautiful message and beautiful photo to accompany it. Thank you for sharing! I agree about reading scriptures before social media as well. It makes a big difference. :)