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Part of cultivating a good life is understanding the law of the harvest – you reap what you sow.

Since our move to the country, I am now more keenly aware that sowing (planting) good seeds and weeding regularly are key to reaping a bountiful harvest and a bountiful life. I never imagined I would be a farmer’s wife. I married a promising lawyer and was living under the bright lights of Las Vegas. However, my husband and I quickly realized that the “seeds” we were sowing in our current situation were not going to bring the type of “harvest” we really wanted. My husband was working more and more hours and seeing our children and me less and less. So we did what any logical couple would do . . . we became potato farmers. It took us awhile to get the guts to do it, and even then we still wondered if we were crazy. But we felt strongly that it was the right thing for us to do.

Simplifying our lives has helped us focus more on cultivating a fulfilled life by sowing good seeds and weeding regularly. We cannot spend our time pursuing pleasure and emptiness and expect to reap joy and fulfillment in return. If we spend our time ignoring the most important people in our lives rather than giving them our attention and creating meaningful moments with them, we will reap emptiness and regret. And if we do not regularly “weed out” the bad seeds that blow into our lives, they will eventually choke out the good seeds we have sown by robbing them of necessary nutrients and space.

We see evidence of this all around us. If we fill our minds with positivity and goodness, there isn’t any room for negativity and improper thoughts. If we fill our stomachs with nutritious, wholesome food, there isn’t any room left for the “weed” food. We must always be on guard as sometimes these weeds come out of nowhere! Have you ever seen a packet of seeds for dandelions or thistles? No? That is because people don’t intentionally plant or cultivate weeds. They just creep into our gardens and if we don’t take action, they take over. Whether this is certain TV shows, movies, media, or other negative influences, we need to weed them out regularly. So ask yourself often, “What will this seed yield?” because you can’t plant radishes and pray for pineapple.

When all is said and done, I hope each of us will reap the bounteous harvest of having lived a beautifully significant life.

a note from becky

How great is this message? I love Kim. We’ve met only once, but you can’t meet Kim and not instantly know that her heart is in the right place. She exudes what it means to cultivate a good life and I so appreciate her shining example of being a woman of light. Not only is Kim a part of The Small Seed (one of the most beautiful sources of faith, hope, and inspiration), but she also has a children’s quiet book company called Lulu Books

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