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good life – by vicki allgaier

Part of cultivating a good life is taking time for yourself even with a crazy busy schedule.

The year was early 1969. I was a new bride. I had just found out I was pregnant with our first child. I was sick…very sick.  My husband was in medical school and the hours were grueling. That meant he was not home much. He was obviously very busy with school and he was also working as much as he could as an orderly in a local hospital.

It was during this time that I realized I was going to need a hobby for myself…..to keep myself occupied and busy so I wouldn’t go crazy! I saw some yarn on sale in a local dime store. After talking to my husband to see if we could manage $4.99 to purchase some yarn and a crochet hook (loved the prices way back when), I was on target to teach myself how to crochet! Of course my husband was so thoughtful and very supportive in my desire to do this.

Fast forward to 2014……after 45 years of marriage (and still counting….happily), I think back on that time with fond memories. I didn’t realize then the importance of what that $4.99 purchase would mean to me. This was the beginning of my “taking time for myself” and learning how valuable that would be for me. From the crocheting, it was on to teaching myself to do counted cross stitch, embroidery, crewel, scrapbooking (well, I learned that from my wonderful daughter, Becky Higgins!) and other fun handiwork things. I have come full circle back to crocheting.

Life is good. Life is difficult. Life is full of ups and downs. It just goes with the territory of living on this beautiful earth. There are times when we need to take a break and do something that we enjoy doing and recharge ourselves. That is what these hobbies have done for me.


Note from Becky

She’s “Mrs. Allgaier” to some. She’s “Sister Allgaier” to friends at church. She’s Mom to me. (Why on earth do I get choked up just writing that?) My mom is a remarkable woman. She gives and gives and gives. And then she gives some more. There’s not a day that goes by that she’s not doing something for someone. She is either baking a triple batch of cookies to take to a town council meeting or crocheting a blanket for a grandchild or visiting someone who is sick.

And all the while … she prioritizes taking time to keep up with her hobbies. Hobbies and service are pretty much synonymous in my mom’s world. They’re intertwined. So while she’s constantly thinking of others, she is also feeding her creative spirit. It’s the best of both worlds – and it’s the perfect blend that I’m constantly striving for in my own life.

Oh – and that fantastic picture of my mom in the 80s? Yes, that’s a dog in her lap. And a Redskins blanket. And beautiful composition by my dad who has a gift for documenting life. Together they have cultivated a very, very good life. They are preparing to serve another mission for our Church – their 3rd one in fact. They’ll be headed to Atlanta, Georgia, in June to serve the people in that area (and the surrounding region) for a couple of years.


24 Responses

  1. Addie says:

    Great post, inspiring woman!

  2. Ruth says:

    I love, love, love this post. I’ve been told by my doctor to slow a little and it hasn’t been easy, because of the guilt I feel. Your mum has inspired me, thank you for asking her to share a little of her story.
    I also love how the dog in the photo blends into the blanket and is barely noticeable at first glance.

  3. Your Mother sounds like a very giving, caring and loving woman. You were very blessed to have her as your Mom. I’m certain that she was and still is your role model, a huge part of the reason of who you are today. Love the photo of her.

    Mary from NH

  4. dawn says:

    I love everything about this post, especially that darling photo. She is amazing and looks like it passed down to her lovely daughter too. Thank you Becky for always giving a part of you to us and showing us ways to give to others but still finding time for ourselves. Happy Sunday!

  5. Leslie says:

    That is a wonderful post. Enjoy your parents every day. I have lost both my mom and dad in the past 8 years and I miss them both so much. I know I’ll see them again and that is what keeps me going. Thanks for sharing your mom with us.

  6. mary langan says:

    lovely post… thank you for sharing. you’re blessed to have such a wonderful mom.

  7. Lacey Charlesworth says:

    So excited for your parents what a great example they are to many.
    My son served his mission in Atlanta,Spanish speaking, a year ago, He loved it.
    Thanks for sharing so much of you and your family’s life.

  8. Monica says:

    I am privileged to have one of “Beckys Moms” Doily that was hand crafted by her – – it’s so beautiful and when I read this and look at this doily it brings to mind what beautiful heart she has! Thanks for sharing with us and thanks for serving so many!

  9. Lynda Jeffs says:

    Good luck to your parents on their mission – my husband, son and I went yesterday to the Reno, Nevada temple to help them with the “yard work”!!! I had prayed this week for peace in my life – and was asked by my bishop to go! With my husband not being a member – and I am…it was great to have him with me serving God! May your parents have a wonderful time!!!

  10. Suzanne says:

    I love this post! So simple but very strong message. Thanks Vicky and Becky. Good luck Mr and Mrs Allgaier on your mission trip. May you be blessings to the people of Atlanta.

  11. Debi says:

    First of all, congratulations to your parents on choosing to serve another mission. I love the Atlanta area (that used to be my temple district; in fact, I was at the original temple dedication), and I’m sure they will, too. Secondly, thank you for this inspiring story. Sometimes I catch myself doing projects just to decorate my house (I bought a 1941 rambler a few months ago), and I forget that these things are actually my hobbies because I find them RELAXING. I think I need to focus a little more on the relaxing part….

  12. Lydia montgomety says:

    Beautiful! Now I know where you get your dtive and passion for life!
    Truly blessed with extraordinary parents !

  13. Heini says:

    I admire, miss and love Vicki! She’s one of the kindest woman I have ever met. Great post!

    • Vicki Allgaier says:

      We miss you Heini….and your wonderful family! Love to everyone….can’t wait to get back to Finland again!

  14. Selena says:

    Such beautiful words xxxx

  15. LB says:

    just lovely. I have to remind myself sometimes that taking time or myself is better for everyone around me, but it makes me feel a little guilty at times being off by myself doing what i love. My husband supports my hobby reminding me I am documenting our families life..Thanks for reminding me of that and for helping me do it so well.

  16. Laura G. says:

    you are very lucky to have such a wonderful Mom and to still have her here…I lost my Mom almost 8 years ago and I miss her ( and my Dad who passed away 18 months later) very much…I love what your mom says about life…that it is good…AND that it is difficult…funny how life can be those two things at the same time!!!

  17. Carrie says:

    Your mom sounds like the kind of Mom and Grandma that I want to be. I love reading about her, and seeing her take so much pride in your work (straightening the PL displays? PRICELESS!). You hit the Mom jackpot, Becky!

  18. Whitney says:

    Love the post, the photo and the advice. Sometimes as moms we forget to make time for our own hobbies. Thank you for the reminder! :)

  19. Karlee Fuchs says:

    My family is so very very thankful that such an Amazing woman raised such an AMAZING family. My heart will be forever filled with thanks and love for all she has brought in to this world. I have still yet to meet her face to face here in Phoenix but in a few months when we move just south of Atlanta it will be my mission to share a big round of hugs with my family. Please know my life is not the same after knowing your daughter for so many reasons.

    • Vicki Allgaier says:

      I surely hope we can see you in Atlanta! That would be great Karlee! We will probably be south Atlanta as well!

  20. Heidi says:

    Love this post! I definitely have to remind myself that it is okay to stop and take time for me during my hectic schedule! And i’m excited your parents are coming to the Atlanta area!!! I am from Columbus GA which is about 100 miles south of Atlanta! Maybe i will have an opportunity to meet them :)

  21. I loved reading about her memories of being a newlywed and newly pregnant. Great post.

  22. Amy Bonner says:

    Your mom is awesome! I am so excited to hear they will be serving in my neck of the woods soon! Congrats to them! They will love the south! (though I can’t say they will love the Atlanta traffic) ;)