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good life by lynley johnson

Part of cultivating a good life is dedicating time and talents to those who matter most… family.

It’s been said that in families, love is spelled T.I.M.E. I believe family relationships are developed and strengthened through time spent together. In my family we enjoy going on lots of walks, bike rides, and drives. On our little adventures, we enjoy noticing the simple beauties of life with one another. Nothing makes me happier than an evening walk out on the family farm with my husband, son, and dog. We grow closer together as we discover and appreciate the beautiful world around us. My husband shows us the secret hideaways and huts he played in as a child. My son runs through the tall grass, stopping to observe the tractors and collecting sticks as he goes. And I keep my camera close, documenting the details and pausing to take it all in.

Creating a happy family life requires commitment and care. It means putting family first. Life can pull us in so many directions, but I’ve learned to be selective about how I use my time and energy. I reserve my best efforts for my family and sometimes that means saying no to other things—things that could advance my career or get more followers or likes on social media–things that don’t actually matter as much but can seem so alluring if we allow them to distract our attention. I love sharing my artistic and musical talents with my son and find my greatest joy creating artwork and composing music for my little audience of one. His smile and claps of approval are better than any worldly accolade. In the simple moments of our day, we share smiles and laughter as we color pictures, sing, and dance in circles around the living room. It’s truly the good life.

Lynley Johnson is a part of our 2015 Creative Team. She lives in Utah with her husband Danny and her son Max.

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2 Responses

  1. Heather says:

    My daughter’s name is also Lynlee. So fun to find a match!

    But I thought this author’s name was spelled Lynley?

  2. Becky says:

    I love this post highlighting my cousin. Her name is spelled Lynley :)