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good life – by kari holt

Part of cultivating a good life is continuing to learn and try new things.

Several years ago I asked one of my closest friends – who also happened to make the world’s best cinnamon rolls – if she would teach me her secrets. I had always wanted to try and make them on my own from scratch but was intimidated by what seemed a more complicated process. With our toddlers running about, Monika and I spent the day together laughing and whipping up a large batch of cinnamon rolls while I asked lots of questions, took loads of notes, and soaked it all in.

Fast forward a few years and her sister – who is also a good friend of mine – started teaching cooking classes in her home. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from the best! Alisa has an incredible talent in the kitchen but also has a gift for sharing her passion for food as well as healthy cooking. Session after session I have sat in her kitchen learning all about how to choose different types of produce, seeing a variety of ways to prepare meats, discovering spices I had never heard of, and trying new kitchen gadgets I “had” to add to my collection.

Not only have I come home with fantastic new recipes and a renewed love for spending time in the kitchen, but I have also made lots of new friends and tried many foods that I normally would have passed up. One rule I gave myself when I decided to take these classes was that I would try everything that was made in class. That meant “no tomatoes” was not an option and you know what? I’ve actually liked more things than not! I still make some modifications at home and don’t necessarily stock my fridge with mushrooms on a weekly basis, but the experience has helped me expand my palate and feel more adventurous with food.

Taking this time for myself is not easy with the crazy schedule we tend to keep, but it rejuvenates me and challenges me to “do something more” than what I normally fall routine to. Not only has it blessed my life to attend these classes, but it has blessed my family as I’ve prepared a more balanced and broad menu. It has also trickled down to bless others who I have taken meals to and/or shared these new recipes and skills with. On top of that, I now have more ambition to search for new recipes to try on my own and we’ve added lots of favorites to our “approved meals” list.

So decide what you want to learn and GO FOR IT … find a class, ask a friend for help, or look for instructions online or in books. With so many resources available to us through modern technology, the possibilities for our learning and growth really are endless!


Note from Becky

When people ask me “How do you do it all?” – my immediate and sincere response is “I don’t do it all!” I then explain how there are lots of things I’m not doing so as to dispel the myth. And I firmly believe that women need to stop looking at other women thinking that anyone else “does it all.” Because they don’t. But Kari Holt? She does do it all – ha!

Seriously though, Kari’s pretty amazing. I try to be careful about putting people on a “pedestal” but honestly – she’s a gem. A devoted wife & mother, the most loyal kind of friend, the first to volunteer, a leader in the community, a woman of great faith and limitless positivity, the most compassionate-minded person, fantastic in the kitchen (as indicated by her post), a giver, a goal-setter and goal-reacher, and such a hard worker. She’s my right hand, the other half of my brain, and my personal assistant. We’ve only known each other a few years and I can honestly say I can’t imagine life (or doing what I do in my work) without her.

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24 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    Am I missing the recipe?

    • Kari Holt says:

      There was no recipe included – just sharing my story on how trying + learning new things are part of cultivating a good life. I’ll see about sharing the recipes sometime soon!

    • Amy says:

      When do you think you will be sharing the recipes Kari? They sound great.

  2. Brenda says:

    Thanks for sharing. I recently took a Thai cooking class with a friend and loved both the time I spent with her as well as discovering some new tastes and some new recipes to spice up our home menu. Those coconut shrimp look amazing. I hope you’ll be able to include the recipe in your next ‘recipe freebie’ post. Please.

    • Kari Holt says:

      How awesome, Brenda!! I love the time I have in these classes to do the same – connect with friends and learn new skills + recipes – good for you! I’ll see about sharing the recipes soon :)

  3. I have been going back and forth on taking a cooking or baking class. Perhaps I will just “go for it” and take both. :) Thanks Kari for sharing one of the ways that you create a good life .

    Mary from NH

    • Kari Holt says:

      We’ve done a little of both in my classes! I love to bake but have really loved learning more techniques for cooking things that I wouldn’t normally. Definitely go for it … it’s one of my favorite things I’ve done!

  4. Ann Mabee says:

    Those Belnap girls have some awesome cooking skills because they learned them from their mom, Flo! They always make the best meals and goodies!!

    • Kari Holt Kari Holt says:

      You are so right, Ann … I adore them immensely and have learned SO much from them!

  5. Mony says:

    What are you making in the picture? Looks wonderful…… Care to share the recipe?

    • Kari Holt says:

      This class we made Coconut Shrimp and Asian Cabbage Salad … I’ll see about sharing the recipes soon :)

  6. mindy says:

    I LOVE kari!!! such a great example to me…

  7. Amber LaBau says:

    Agreed! Kari is one of a kind.. love her! :) xoxo

  8. maxine behunin says:

    I actually have a question regarding project life as a former CM consultant and being schooled about how important it is to use paper that is acid free and paying close attention to the ph levels of the paper and how its made I was wondering if more info can be provided about that im sure people are wandering is it as safe as formerly creative memories now called ahni&zoe which I wont have anything to do with but I am willing to try project life given that more info be included about manufacturing and processing of the products
    Thank You
    Maxine Behunin

  9. Sarah B R says:

    I remember the days over at JessicaSprague’s Up&Running with PSE classes. How far you’ve gone in this scrapbooking field! Good for you. Congrats!
    As for cooking, my mom friends rotate & we go to each others houses for playdates & cooking class. So good :-)

  10. Chelsea says:

    I would LOVE the cinnamon roll recipe!! Any chance it doesnt contain the refrigerated dough or a bread maker? I’m from California and now living in Australia and have a hard time finding certain ingredients here knowing how available certain things are in American supermarkets!

  11. Kelly says:

    Lovely post…looks good. It would be great if you could share the recipes you discussed.

  12. Nicole says:

    I just started yoga classes. I am only 2 classes in, and it was a huge step outside of my comfort zone, but so far so good! It really is good to try new things.

  13. Maryann says:

    Looks wonderful!! Would love to have the recipe!!!

  14. dawn says:

    How fun to have a cooking class given by a friend. That is one area I need help in and would love to take a class, especially taught by a friend in their home. Good for you making time for it and being blessed by what it gives you back. Thanks for sharing!

  15. teresa says:

    So fun to read this, seeing as Alisa just finished teaching a cooking class at our cabin for a group of women…so much fun.
    Happy Day