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good life – by brandi nielsen

Part of cultivating a good life is stepping away from technology once in a while.

We have 3 young kids. So two years ago, when my husband decided to head up our church family campout, I thought he was crazy. In our 10 years of marriage at that point, we had never been camping. Now we wanted to drag all 3 kids on a two-day campout? As you can imagine, I dragged my feet the entire way up there. I just knew it was going to be misery.

Fast forward two years and camping is my all-time favorite family activity. We camp year-round, averaging once a month. While camping, we have a rule that we turn off our phones. The iPads don’t make the trip with us. We disconnect from the world of technology unless we’re taking pictures. And you know what? It is lovely.

Our kids play. Play like the way I used to as a kid. No TV, no Wii. We’re just outside all day – exploring, building, catching bugs, getting dirty. And the kids don’t fight! It’s a miraculous affect that the fresh air has on the kids. They are happy.

Our little campouts away from the world are just as fulfilling for my husband and for me. We have “campfire discussions” about pretty much everything. It has become such a wonderful way for us to reconnect – to discuss topics with each other and our kids – that are important to us. With no bedtime rush, we are really able to open the lines of communication.

I will be the first to say that I am grateful for technology in so many ways. I wouldn’t want to live a life without it. But every few weeks, it is nice to step away from technology and reconnect with nature. Reconnect with my kids. Reconnect with my husband.

Note from Becky

Isn’t this such a good reminder for so many of us? Setting technology to the side from time to time is so good for the soul. I completely agree with Brandi on that and I so love that she chose to address this in today’s “good life” message. Brandi was my personal friend before she “unintentionally” ended up becoming a member of our team. For the past couple of years she has been representing the customer service portion of our company, so many of you will recognize her name for that reason. She has addressed countless emails and questions on my social media – and I am forever grateful for her dedicated work.

If Brandi has been helpful to you at some point and you feel inclined to leave a note of thanks, this is a great time to do that (in the Comments below). Brandi will always be a part of the Project Life® family (and she’s a very devoted customer, too), but she’s no longer managing customer service for us. Her sweet family moved away from Arizona last year and as our company grows, our need to have our team here, local to us in Arizona, is ever-apparent. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We recently added Toni Chase to our team to take over customer service and she’s already diving in and very excited to serve our customers. Brandi – we adore you so much and for a hundred reasons!

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20 Responses

  1. ana roat says:

    Thank you Brandi for doing such an awesome job. Wishing you many happy weekends camping in your “new backyard” wherever that may be!

  2. I *love* that you disconnect from the outside world when you and your family go camping. What fun it must be to see your children playing outdoors and experiencing the beauty of nature. Thank you for sharing a part of your good life. :)

    Mary from NH

  3. Sherri says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. It reminded me of pleasant memories as a kid of camping trips. We would meet up with extended family on some of them and it would be fun to see my aunts, uncles and cousins! Sitting around the campfires at night was one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes we would sing and other campsites would join in. Thanks for giving me a chance to remember!!

  4. kay cogbill says:

    So true! We do the same, but not as often. Thx for sharing!

  5. Kelly Hudson says:

    This is a great reminder to take some time to relax and reflect with family. Thank you!

  6. Rachel says:

    Thank you Brandi!…

  7. Gale V Cardenas says:

    Thank you Brandi!

  8. Kristy Stewart says:

    Thanks Brandi! Anytime I had a question or an issue, your customer service was awesome!!

  9. Mary says:

    Hi Brandi, Thanks for answering all of my questions over the years so quickly and completely. Best wishes on all of your endeavors!

  10. jenn gent says:

    Thank you for this timely message! I need to be better.
    And thank you for your awesome customer service! Your kindness always came through in your responses to my questions. :)

  11. Lauren Pepin says:

    Being the mother of Brandi has been a joy. She was always a go getter! She was always open to new ideas; and never hesitated to share her opinions whether positive or negative. I appreciated here reading her honesty that at first the thought if camping was not a thumbs up idea…. But because she has always been willing to give things a try and then reassess her opinion (whether it confirmed her first thought, or changed her thinking) and honestly speak her voice. I have always appreciated and admired that quality in her

  12. Cara says:


    Thanks for all you have done for Becky and Project Life! Thanks for your kind notes you wrote back whenever I updated you with pictures for Becky. We will miss you and best wishes to you and your family!

    Cara, MI

  13. Denise Hunter says:

    Thank you Brandi! You have always been so helpful with answering any questions and I love your videos with Kari!

  14. Enid says:

    Thank you Brandi for always answering my questions and helping me resolve with any issues I had with products. You are the best!

  15. Monica says:

    The news of Brandi made me happy for her family but so sad for all of us that know how important Customer Service is – – Everyone who is in business needs a Brandi – – and coming from someone who gives presentations on Customer Service, I would say Brandi is an A++ – I would hire her in a heartbeat!

    So Thank You Brandi for your professionalism and your awesome PL voice!

    • Brandi says:

      Monica you are so sweet. I am sad to have left the PL family but still get to rub shoulders with them as I work with Lisa Bearnson.

  16. dawn says:

    I loved reading this, we are campers and love it! It is becoming crazy here with our teens and their phones glued to their sides. We usually try to go without tv/computer for a week every April, during no tv week. I want to go even further and have more weekends with no electronics and spending time together before they are out of the house in a few years. Going camping and being outside is the most fun and easy way to be together. Thanks so much for sharing this, happy camping days to you !

  17. Hailey says:

    Oh Brandi, I miss our days in AZ together! You were/are a great friend even though we are far apart and only connect a few times a year. Tell your adorable kids and hubby hello. Wishing you the best and hoping you’ll text me if you make it up to the NW area! Love Hailey

    • Brandi says:

      Hailey I share those same sentiments as you – I just adore and miss you! Of course I will reach out when we make it up that way!!

  18. Megan says:

    Brandi, great reminder. Hope you and your family enjoy many more campouts in the future.