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good life with angie hyde

Part of cultivating a good life is pushing yourself today, harder than you did yesterday! But remember, life is a marathon not a sprint — pace yourself!

A good life is a balancing act and finding your rhythm.

I have been asked for years about my running and how I have progressed to the place I currently am — running wise that is! It always makes me think of how long it has taken, how many days were hard, running in the rain, running in the sun, sweat running into my eyes, running on ice, running against the wind … and days that were a BLAST! And through this all, I have learned to find my rhythm. I have found the silver lining — the importance of the process. We all have so many “processes” going on and are we learning from them? We all have hard days, days we want to stay home and cry or days we are happy and feeling accomplished. Are we finding the balance we individually need to run our race for the day and finish? Don’t be afraid to recognize that your rhythm is different than someone else. Find your rhythm and run hard!

A good life is keeping our own personal finish line in mind.

We have all heard the old adage “you can’t judge another person until you have walked in their shoes.” (Well, we will say until you have run in their shoes today.) This is beautiful and true. With our lives as fast paced as they are today and with social media being such a huge part of our lives, we all need a gentle reminder of this. I feel so strongly to focus on this more and more every single day. The distractions and comparisons that come just with life are difficult, but now we have a dimension with social media that can give us a sense of not feeling enough! We need to remember our own personal race, to remember we truly don’t know what others have gone through. Or should I say what race they have run. We have not run in their shoes so we cannot compare. Maybe instead of comparison or judgment, give a compliment and use kindness! Focus on our own finish line and help others along their way!

Remember we are all choosing different shoes to run in and we will all run at a different pace in our race of life. Let us help each other and encourage each other and cheer each other on! Help someone out who has a need to “stop for water” or needs to just slow down. Focus on the finish line — what matters most — and that everyone needs to finish and will finish!

I’ve always used running to help me keep balance in my life. For exercise, stress relief, and challenging myself to be a little better each day, but then the most important lesson immediately follows: life is a marathon not a sprint — pace yourself! Enjoy the process!

a note from becky

Meeting Angie was one of the most dramatic “customer encounters” of my life. No, seriously! My team and I were in Texas for Pinners Conference last year when this ray of sunshine, looking all cute and accessorized, waltzed into our booth and hugged and squeezed me so hard … the BIGGEST smile on her face … and went on and on about being our biggest fan and how obsessed she was with the Project Life® App … and all things BH … and on and on and on. She just couldn’t get over her excitement to meet me / us and to be honest, I was a little overwhelmed at first. I wasn’t exactly sure that I could respond with the level of enthusiasm she had! LOL But that overwhelm quickly turned to sheer LOVE. As we got chatting and chatting and chatting, we all just fell in love with Angie. That energy I spoke of? That’s so Angie. I’ve seen her a couple times since and that IS her energy. She’s a lover, a cheerleader, a family-oriented, God-loving, faithful, loyal woman. She oozes of kindness and positivity and LIGHT — and I pretty much wanted to take her home with us from that show! Thankfully Instagram helps us stay in touch. ; )

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  1. Stan says:


    Thank you for this post. I’m Angie’s brother (one of four). She is as you describe. Your words witness the truth that you have experienced Angie. A few months ago, I posted some of my thoughts about her. I want to share them. Your words and mine share themes arising from our experiences with this most remarkable woman.

    “Sisters. I have four. I’m doing shout outs to each for my next few posts. Here’s Angie @arunninchic. This capture captures her. She’s an accomplished and enthusiastic runner (I know that factoid is a bit had to discern 😉). She has run for years and regularly podiums … and is always surprised when she does. She’s a lovely wife to her husband, Matt (who is a phenomenal man … like, for real). She’s a mother of 6 children. Those children love each other. Angie exudes love, lives with an open heart, speaks peace and lives at race speed. To meet her is to be infused with an energy so unique, though so natural, to be accepted where you are, that you’ll believe that she is your new best friend … and you’ll be correct. Her friendship loyalty runs deep. My gratitude for her is difficult to communicate with these symbols we call letters. But I wager you can feel in your heart the kind of person she has created herself to be by just looking at her. Angie …. Man, I love you.”

    Thank you, again, Becky, for honoring my lovely sister. Angie fills the world with love, joy, and hope.