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Part of cultivating a good life is to stop comparing yourself to others.

In the past, I found myself falling into the comparison trap quite often. My mom always taught me to not be jealous of other people and instead to appreciate what I have. But, you know, we’re human, we aren’t perfect and, despite my mom’s teaching, I couldn’t help myself. I compared my life to the super polished and perfect ones I spotted on the internet. This led me to a sort of perpetual sadness along with silly thoughts like “I’ll be single forever,” “I’ll never finish university and find a job,” “These girls are my same age, but they are all so happy and successful,” and so on.

Then one day I decided to follow my mom’s advice and I started paying attention to what I actually had in my own life — the little things. What really helped me was taking photos of my everyday life and in December 2014, I decided to commit to a full year of photos to document my boring, average life in 2015. I started practicing gratitude everyday and I journaled a lot about what was happening in my life, even if it wasn’t something big.

Stopping comparing myself to others and recording my everyday life really helped me to better appreciate what I had. So I invite you to write one little thing you’re grateful for today in your planner or a Post-it note or wherever you prefer. Do not stop at the big picture; think about the little things, like one of your house plants that bloomed today or eating that great pizza for dinner or your cat’s silly way of playing. Try to do it for a week and then go back and read what you wrote. It will help you to appreciate even more what you have.

Alice is a member of our Creative Team using the app. She currently resides in the Italian Countryside (dreamy) with her parents and her cat!

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  1. Katrina says:

    I’ve been doing that all this year. I try to be specific and to not repeat anything, or to at least explain a different reason why I’m grateful for that particular thing or person. It really is amazing how many little things we all have to be grateful for.