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flash sale!

Friends don’t let friends miss out on what’s happening today!

We are putting our entire shop on sale for just 4 hours today! This Flash Sale will be hot, hot, hot, so if you happen to experience a little lag time while you’re shopping, that wouldn’t be a real shocker knowing that thousands of shoppers are on the site at the same time. Just be patient and keep trying. The last couple sales we had ran rather smoothly, so we don’t expect the site to crash or anything.

WHAT: 30% off everything!

WHERE: Right here at BeckyHiggins.com! Physical product AND digital product! Sale does not apply to the app (which by the way, is just $0.99).

WHEN: Today – April 21 – from 10am to 2pm PST / 1pm – 5pm EST

WHY: In honor of an upcoming holiday (one of our very favorites) – National Scrapbooking Day on May 2! We want you to be able to stock up so you have time to actually receive the product in time for that weekend.

NOTE 1: If you are in the continental U.S., you get free shipping if your order is $35 or more! That’s a standard thing we do in our shop and definitely worth considering.

NOTE 2: Keep in mind that the sale prices apply only during the Flash Sale — not to your earlier purchases and not to your purchases that happen later.

NOTE 3: We already had a Blowout Sale (50% off) going on for a handful of items – and a Retirement Sale (60% off and those items are just about gone forever) … so definitely check out those items while you’re in there. We are not able to add the additional discount on top of those Blowout and Retirement items, sorry.


All it takes to get started and to complete a 12×12 Project Life scrapbook is a Core Kit, an Album, and Big Pack of Photo Pocket Pages. Pair these with your photos and journaling to create a complete album. That’s it! If you’re a beginner, I encourage you to keep it ultra simple so you can feel the joy and success that comes when you knock out lots of pages in a short period of time! Once you have your three products, check out this blog post that will walk you through the steps to set up your album. Also – we have a whole FAQ section that will answer most questions that come to mind.

Alrighty. Get ready to shop! And... if you think this is fun, just wait until next week! There are fantastic things to look forward to – all during that week leading up to National Scrapbooking Day!


14 Responses

  1. Jennie says:

    You are AWESOME Becky! Thank you for this sale!!!

  2. Dianne says:

    Just ordered a few things at the sale, but only ordered about half of what I wanted. FIrst an item would show at its 30% off price in the cart, but then went I went to checkout it reverted to its original full price. This happened twice, so I decided to just go ahead and order what I had in the cart asap. Also, the items that were on sale before the promo did not show an additional discount. I went ahead and ordered a couple anyway, but was disappointed that they did not have the additional discount as they were supposed to have.

  3. Emma says:

    I have the same problem. I have things in my cart that had the sale price when I added them but now several of the items show that they’re no longer on sale.

  4. Tara B says:

    I’m having the same problem with some items not showing up as 30% off and some of the items not showing an additional 30% off if they were already on sale.

  5. Silly me for putting an order in last night. I will have to start paying better attention. :)

    Mary from NH

  6. Barb says:

    Gotta say I’m a little frustrated. Had my order submitted within 15 minutes from the beginning of the sale & the Fuse is already sold out. Loss leader??? :( Darn! Was hoping for a Fuse for my bday.

  7. samju says:

    Did not order any physical products, already sold out at 2pm EST, new baby collection not on site, feel like Project Life purchases are becoming piece meal, hard to keep up with it.

  8. Carmen says:

    Very disappointed you still haven’t figured out how to ship to Canada….Michaels’s just isn’t cutting it!

  9. Scrapper says:

    Too bad it was over by the time I got off work :( I wish some of these super deals were at night for those of us that work days.

  10. Holly says:

    Hard to come home after a long day at work to find you missed a sale. Very discouraging!

  11. Gale says:

    Oh no, I missed it! I was teaching during this time…

  12. Katie says:

    Sigh, the international folk were asleep! :-(

  13. HannahL says:

    Friends, getting too goofy here

  14. Pamela says:

    My items that were eligible for a bundling discount lost their 30% discount when I bundled. I sent an email. Hoping to get a response to ensure I get the 30% off.