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favorite wrapping paper


Wrapping paper frustrates me sometimes. Actually … a lot of the time. You know when you’re cutting a big piece and you go to slide your scissors through the paper and then … snag. And … another snag. Ugh. Yes – sharper scissors help. I know. But I also have discovered that all wrapping paper is not created equally.

Today I’m sharing a wrapping paper that I can safely say is my absolute favorite. It’s probably been a couple years since I accidentally discovered it. I picked it up at Home Goods because it was cute. And then when I went to actually use it … dreamy.

The brand is Loft|213. I’m not really familiar with anything else they do. I just know I’m in love with their wrapping paper (no, this is not a sponsored post). I think they have material options like traditional paper and 100% recycled kraft paper … but I’m talking specifically about their “compostable limestone based paper.”


Say what? Wrapping paper made from stone instead of tree? I totally don’t get it, but it sounds awesome. And it FEELS awesome. And it CUTS awesome. Plus … hello, cute patterns.


I’m not sure how to explain how it cuts so beautifully, but you can’t tear this stuff very easily. It doesn’t snag. It cuts just as easily as putting a butter knife through … well, softened butter!


It’s a beautiful thing, my friends. I love to give gifts, but the very specific component of cutting wrapping paper was a frustration for years. And now I know which paper doesn’t give me those hassles. I’m such a fan and that’s why I wanted to share it with you today.


I wish I knew where else to tell you that you can find this besides Home Goods. I’m not seeing much information on their site. Certainly, if anyone knows more or has tips on where else to find this fantastic wrapping paper, chime in with your comments.



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33 Responses

  1. Leslie S. says:

    So pretty! I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Taylor R. says:

    I have found this wrapping paper at Tai Pan Trading.

    • Kimberly says:

      Good to know…we don’t have a Home Goods anywhere near us. Tai Pan is just 25 minutes away, though! I’ll have to check it out!

  3. Karen says:

    Wow…impressive from stone and so cute! Thanks you have such neat ideas on your blog!

  4. Jen says:

    I have a wrapping paper obsession….this is great info thank you for sharing!!!!

  5. Maritza says:

    I’m going to have to search for this next time I’m in Home Goods. I once bought a composition book from Target made out of Stone “paper” and I love it. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. NKP says:

    “We are so glad to hear that! Stone Wrap is selling at local TJX, Home Goods, Marshalls, Tai Pan, and with Nashville Wraps.” A comment from Loft 213

  7. Yes! I have a roll of this paper in navy+white chevron, and I LOVE IT! It is by far the nicest wrapping paper I’ve ever used. It almost felt like vinyl when I was cutting it, but I know it’s not. I got mine at Home Goods too.

    According to a comment Loft 213 made on Pinterest, “Stone Wrap is selling at local TJX, Home Goods, Marshalls, Tai Pan, and with Nashville Wraps.” From this pin: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/554013191630942207/

  8. Jen Gilchrist says:

    Tai Pan Trading has this awesome paper. I use it cover bulletin boards at my kids school! It’s the best!

  9. Tune says:

    I love their paper too! It’s very nice and thick!

  10. Laurie says:

    Tai pan carries this. And I too love it for all the same reasons!!!

  11. Rachel says:

    How about some gift giving suggestions for people like me who would love to give but seldom know what to buy.

  12. Kirsten J says:

    Ok – yay! We just got a Home Goods. I needed another excuse to go :)

  13. Amorette Gwynn says:

    looks like they don’t have a lot of choices to buy, per their FB page, “You can find our products at some of our retailers: TJX, HomeGoods, Marshall’s, Tai Pan Trading Co., and Christmas Tree Shops. All of them carry our Kraft and StoneWrap. We are working on getting more retailers set up soon!”

  14. Marna says:

    cool. Thanks for sharing!

  15. The next time I go to Home Goods I will check it out. I do like the the Sea Foam and white paper that you picked up. It’s very pretty. :)

    Mary from NH

  16. Julie P says:

    I love that paper! I will definitely be hitting up Home Goods.

  17. Beth says:

    This is my absolute FAVORITE wrap! I, too, bought a roll because of the fabulous patterns and textures and it is the best wrap I have ever used! I try to pick up a new roll everytime I go into Home Goods!!

  18. Heidi C says:

    I have almost all of these patterns in my stash :) I love the quality of this paper too! I buy it at Tai Pan. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Lisa Golub says:

    Found this information on that wonderful thing we call the INTERNET :) This sounds like great paper and it’s green to boot!

    Stone Wrap® Treeless Gift Wrap available in resale roll assortments. 30″ x 8′ – 20 sq feet per roll. Made in the USA.

    Stone Wrap® Treeless Gift Wrap is made from 75% Limestone – 25% Polyethylene. The limestone is a by product of mining which would normally be discarded. Instead it is salvaged and made into this material without water or bleach. This luxurious gift wrap is waterproof and recyclable. It has a high quality matte finish, smooth surface and the ease of folding and cutting are unlike any other. Made in USA from imported material. This unique paper offers a great profit making opportunity. Wide rolls are 30″x8′ – 20 sq ft. Assortments contain 24 rolls – 4 each of 6 designs. Rolls are shrink wrapped, bar-coded and pre-priced @ $4.95.

    Hope I can find some local..thank you for the post as I always enjoy hearing from you.

  20. Rosa says:

    Oh, now you’re talking my language! I always buy thicker wrapping paper because I don’t like the tearing of the paper! I get that. Wish we had a home goods store near me! I’m not even sure we have one in Maine!

  21. Luanna R says:

    Wrapping paper is a pet peeve of mine!! It has to be thick or I give it away! When you have a family with lots of kids, you do not want thin wrapping paper around the holidays. LOL Thanks for sharing Becky, I feel a shopping trip coming on ;)

  22. Michele says:

    I found a few rolls at Tuesday Morning. Not a lot, but maybe other locations have more.

  23. Latrice says:

    I have all those!! Love those wrapping papers from home goods. I just had to run over and check mine out to see if they were stone as well and YUP!! Great stuff.

  24. HELEN says:

    We bought this at Winners (TJMaxx version in Canada). My son and I just find this so ‘dreamy’ soft and easy to cut. I am sure paper cuts will be the least of my concern here. I highly recommend this for us who enjoy using beautifully printed gift wrapping materials.

  25. Lisa says:

    This is the best wrapping paper I have ever used! It cuts like a dream and wraps so easily… I am going to buy more of it. I found mine at Home Goods and it was on clearance, which made me like it even more! If you ever see any for sale, pick some up…you will be glad you did.

  26. Tracey D says:

    The Container Store has its own line of stone paper. I bought the yellow Casablanca pattern there and found the same paper in blue at Homegoods by Loft 213.

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  32. Mickey D Clewell says:

    Good to know the name!! I picked up some at Ross for Christmas………fell absolutely in love with it, but threw away the wrapper without looking at the name! I am now using regular paper, and not loving it….I got spoiled on two rolls!!

    Thank you!