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favorite things with wendy

Hi, there! It’s me, Wendy. If you have asked a question on social media or needed some help with our app, I am the lucky one who gets to help you! Lucky because I LOVE the Project Life® App and I truly love people. When I get to help someone fix an issue or explain how the app works, it makes me feel super great inside.

I have a lot of favorite things, some of which are not even edible. ;) My inexpensive drugstore makeup and hanging out in my pajamas are a couple of them. Today I want to tell you about some of my other favorite things.


KLEAN KANTEEN. This was a gift I received from a dear friend. She loved hers so much that she knew I would, too. It’s banged up because I use it a lot! I LOVE water; it’s my favorite thing to drink. If it’s half frozen, that’s even better! The Klean Kanteen keeps my water not just cold but icy all day long. Living in AZ where our summer weather rivals the depths of H-E-double hockey sticks, the Klean Kanteen does not disappoint. I can leave my Kanteen in the car for hours in the hot summer sun, and when I pick it back up, the clank sound the ice makes gives me pure joy!

LOFT 213 STONEWRAP. Confession: I hate wrapping gifts! My poor family doesn’t usually get gorgeously wrapped gifts from me. My husband is the wrapper in the family. StoneWrap is luxurious and makes me feel fancy. The first time I received a gift wrapped in it, I was hoping that it was more wrapping paper. Seriously, it made me want to find things I could wrap. First of all, the print choices are clean, simple, and classic. Your scissors will cut like a hot knife through butter. StoneWrap has a sleek and stretchy feel to it. If you haven’t experienced this, you need to; it will change your mind about wrapping.

#LOVEUP SHIRT. This simple tee has an incredibly important cause behind it. One that is close to my heart. My husband and I were foster parents for a few years, which was a beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking experience. That is how two of my most favorite children came to us. ;) We adopted our fourth and fifth children through foster care. They were always meant for our family and we knew we were complete when they came to us. So when I heard about LoveUp, I wanted to support it. All of the net proceeds go to the Johnjay and Rich Care for Kids Foundation. Their foundation is focused on helping the nearly 400,000 children in foster care in the United States. Our country needs great fost – adopt families. Every child deserves to feel like they belong and to find a forever home.

POWER POPS. I have struggled with my weight throughout my adult years and these suckers are a treat that doesn’t mess with my daily intake. A Power Pop is one of my favorite treats! They have vitamin B6 and B12 among other things and they’re only 28 calories and 4 carbs. They give me a little boost of energy while keeping me from eating junk. They run about a buck a piece but are totally worth it when everyone else is eating Junior Mints and popcorn at the movie theater.

POPPY & DOT. One of our friends had the cutest pencil skirt on when she came into the office the other day, and that’s how I learned about Poppy & Dot. This little number is my favorite skirt right now. So comfy and stylish. I can wear it with my sweet red flats, heels, or boots. You can find them on Instagram where they feature a piece of clothing and you can purchase it by leaving a comment with your email address, size, and color preference. They will send you an invoice that you are required to pay within the hour. Shopping on Instagram? So easy it’s scary!


6 Responses

  1. Denise says:

    Love these! Thank you!

  2. Michele says:

    LOVE YOU WENDY!!!! :) Love everyone on the BH Team!

  3. Michele says:

    Where do you buy your power pops?

    You are so cute; I have loved these ‘favorites’ posts by the team!

  4. Wendy Howe Wendy Howe says:

    Hi Michele,
    You can get those on amazon. Thanks for the kind words!

  5. Krista says:

    Fun things!! One of the “Poppy and Dot” girls lives around the corner from me. It really is SO easy it’s scary! I bought StoneWrap a few years ago but my kids hated it. I loved it because it is so cute, but it doesn’t rip easily, and they couldn’t get their Christmas presents opened fast enough. Ha Ha! It was pretty funny to me, but not so much for them.

  6. AlisonB says:

    Wrapping presents together… so sweet!!!! The couple that wraps together, stays together… right?

    Totally buying my girls the Love Up shirts!!! What a great organization… thanks for the heads up!