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favorite things with david

Hi — this is David, AKA “Becky’s husband.” When we started this company, I helped Becky do all the logistics and accounting. Basically, I did all the stuff Becky did not want to do. Luckily, the team has grown and my workload has dramatically decreased. Now I can stick to my main gig as a full-time anesthesiologist. And writing posts about my favorite things. :)



BOSE HEADPHONES – If you have ever been on a flight and the hum from the jets makes it so you can’t hear half of the dialogue on a movie, these headphones are the answer. They don’t have the best bass for headphones, but the noise cancellation demolishes the competition and makes them worth the money. I sprung for the white ones because they are so much easier to spot, so you don’t leave them on a hotel desk somewhere in your travels.

ORANGE THEORY FITNESS (OTF) – From Orange Theory’s Website, “Base. Push. All Out. Fitness, meet science. The idea of Orangetheory is this: a 60-minute workout designed to push you into the Orange Zone. This creates ‘Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption,’ or EPOC. It’s what burns calories after your workout and gives you noticeable, lasting results with Orangetheory Fitness.”

My take on Orange Theory Fitness can be summed up in two words: it works. Be ready to go there and have your butt kicked for 60 minutes and leave feeling exhausted and invigorated at the same time. The best part of the workout is that you are never wondering what you should be doing. The group trainer will kindly remind you to push yourself even harder. Great workout with great results.

APPLE WATCH – I just love all things Apple. The watch is really an extension of the iPhone. The aspect I like most about it is that it lets me disconnect from technology. For instance, if I am talking to someone and am into the conversation when the phone rings, I would typically pull out my phone and see who is calling. Now I can just glance at my wrist and see that I either need to take the call or not. It allows me to stay in the conversation without feeling like I may be missing a call from Becky or the kids. There are many more fun things I could point out about the watch.

SANUK FLIP FLOPS – These flip flops are a staple in my wardrobe. They are the most comfortable flip flops I have ever owned. As an Arizona native, I have worn many, many flip flops over the years. They are the Yogi 3 Model SMS2166. The Yogi 4 are the new models for this year. The footbed is made from a real yoga mat. They are great for dry use, but my only complaint is that they get squishy in water. If I know I am going in the water, then I will use a different type of sandal that has a more solid rubber footbed.

LULULEMON ATHLETICA – I did not even know that they made men’s clothing until a friend of mine wore a cool-looking shirt. I do not love the price. However, the saying that you get what you pay for applies here. The fabric type and cut of the shirt is better than other brands I have worn in the past. Even after wearing my one shirt all the time for about a year, it is still holding up like a champ. After realizing that very few of my other t-shirts “sparked joy,” I decided to get a few more shirts.


4 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    Hi David. I’d love to hear more about your Apple Watch. I’m a court reporter (don’t hate), and I’d like the ease of seeing who is calling without having to pull away or being distracted in a job.

    I love how supportive you are of all things Becky :)

  2. Olga says:

    I love this post as I appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into helping each other and starting this company together. As a wife myself, who struggles to “get” her husband things he likes (because he NEVER shares what things he loves, he just gets them himself!) it’s good to see what a guy’s favorites are! My favorite is your “sparked joy” comment, which reminds me of the task that you two went on together or reading and following Marie Kondo’s book! I mentioned to my husband that we should read the book together… maybe I need to show him this post!

  3. Thank you so much for doing the My Favorite Things featuring David. My husband is impossible to buy for or surprise. David has now given me some great ideas for my guys Christmas!

  4. Desiree says:

    I am an OTF fanatic! Awesome workout indeed!