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explaining project life

So you’re new to Project Life. You keep hearing about it, but what exactly IS Project Life? Most of you know, some of you still remain curious. Well, here’s a short video that will give you an overview of how it came to be and what this memory-system actually IS. I explain it very candidly in this video, like we’re chatting face-to-face.

When Scrap Time (out of Toronto, Canada) showed up in our booth at CHA with a camera, they simply requested that I tell them about Project Life. This is the result.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 8.28.55 AM

Now to see the product in action, I invite you to head over to our Inspiration page where you can see the different editions of Project Life actually put into albums with real photos & memories.


8 Responses

  1. Jan says:

    Okay, Becky, I may be the dumbest person on the planet! I have heard talk of Project Life for a very long time now and thought it might be a neat thing for my niece, who is expecting her first child. She has never scrapbooked before, but this seems simple enough. I went to Amazon and got confused. I want the baby girl kit, but I really couldn’t figure out exactly what I need to but. Obviously, the kit itself and some page protectors. Which style of page protectors should I buy and what kind of album? Do I need anything else? And will this be easy enough for a very busy working mom with a pretty high powered job?

    • #1 – You’re not dumb. If you see the graphic on our Products page, it shows that there are 3 components to complete an album (along with your photos and a favorite pen). This includes the 3-ring album, the core kit, and a big pack of photo pocket pages. It’s totally up to you if you want all Design A or if you want a Variety Pack for more versatility in photo orientation and layout.

      #2 – You’re an awesome aunt getting the Baby Edition for your niece. Seriously the best idea ever for a mom-to-be or new mom (or mom with kids getting older like mine … I’m totally using this to go back and catch up!).

      #3 – Yes, Project Life is DESIGNED with the very busy working mom in mind. That’s me. That’s my life. I’m busy. I work. I’m a mom. And I use Project Life because it’s the simplest way to keep up with my memory-keeping efforts.

      The end. ; )

  2. Joanne T says:

    All of the new kits are beautiful! Decisions decisions. :)

    • The beautiful thing is that we all probably have multiple scrapbooks we’d like to make (going back to our childhood, current stuff of course, perhaps a tribute album…) so there’s no harm in picking up more than one edition. ; )

  3. Tina says:

    Hi Becky just wondering if the new kits will be available as digital as well ! Loving the look of the midnight collection ;0) Thank you / Tina , Australia

  4. Marie says:

    I’m starting my second year of Project Life, so let’s say that I know what it is… So why do I love watching you speaking about it? Probably because you are so enthusiast that you make me even more enthusiast about PL!! :-) I wish I could meet you one day, that would be a dream becoming true. Thanks for everything Becky. :-)