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Valerie Barton

I was born and raised in Illinois, went to college in Tennessee and now live in Mississippi.

My family now consists of my husband of 27 years Mark, our two (close to being grown) children: daughter Kaitlyn age 24 (working with Teach for America) and son Addison age 20 (second year college student). We are currently experiencing the empty nest lifestyle.

The way I use Project Life is what I call digital hybrid with a twist. I use a combination of app and digital. Since the Project Life app has been introduced, I always start my layout in the app on my iPhone, where my pictures are taken and stored. I then airdrop an editable backup of the layout to my iPad for a larger viewing screen. The layout is finished by adding digital elements that have been saved in Dropbox. I love the ease and convenience of scrapbooking on my phone and tablet.

To me, documenting life is sharing what is important. I love anything related to nature: flower gardening, bird watching, hiking and most of my photos are a reflection of that along with time spent with family. I used to call myself an event scrapper but to be more accurate, I’m really a moments scrapper. I document the moments that move me.

Three things on my bucket list are:
1.Visit/hike every National Park in the United States (have currently been to 8 with 6 more scheduled for March 2017)
2. RV road trip through the contiguous United States
3. Visit an Instagram friend that lives in another country

Cultivating a good life means investing my time and effort in the young people that will be our future. This involves helping my own children become responsible adults and capable of making their way in the world. As a school administrator it also means investing daily in the lives of my students, helping them realize their true potential.

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